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swelling after surgery/

February 23rd, 2006, 05:56 PM
my cat who is approx 12 had surgery for a broken femur..dr was unsure whether to do or not but did do it and the first week she hid under the couch..shes been up and around on it, slight limp but doing good..that was on jan 2nd. asked the vet if she was able to do stairs, he said yes just this last weekend..she shot down the stairs and layed around all day, then on sat night she started to cry/growl every so often..on sunday the leg was swollen and she still had the cry every so often and could not put weight on it..took her to the vet, he did an xray..the titanium rod is ok, said the xray looks kind of moth eaten but thats to be expected of an older cat..gave her a shot then on tues had to call him first thing, said she was no longer crying and walking around without putting weight on that leg..he said i could bring her back in for another shot or pick up prednisone for her..i opted for the pills since shes so traumatized going back and forth to the he says she may have just injured it or so could possibly have a tumor somewhere in it..wouldn't that be seen on an xray, or when they did the surgery? any ideas would be greatly appreciated..she had no temp and dr said their was no infection, looks like the swelling went down slightly on the bottom part of the leg but foot is still swollen..shes still up and around and eating like no tomorrow..appreciated any suggestions or comments

February 23rd, 2006, 09:49 PM
Sounds like she needs to be kept quiet and not to be walking aroundd on it till it heals!! Find a small place where she can be quiet and place her there until she is better - I know it will be hard for her but it is much better than a poorly healed fracture. Then, if she still cries and has probs, I would call the vet again. Dd your vet say she was capable of running around on it???? That make no sense to be honest unless the vet did not think it was a break.

February 24th, 2006, 12:19 PM
thanks for the answer, the cat had a break, a bad one..her femur was split in half..she has a titanium rod and wires holding it together..dr didn't want to do surgery since she was so old and losing weight..bloodwork showed all was fine..she was kept in one room, quiet, no jumping..etc for 6 weeks..has been walking around fine, with slight the swelling started..that is what i am worried about...went down a little today, but shes still not putting weight on it..dr thinks she may have just reinjured it after allowing her to do the stairs..dr said with medication, swelling should go down in 7-10 days but worried because she is not putting weight on it..still hobbling around, just allowing her to go into the living room and kitchen when we are home, when we are out she stays in the extra doesn't seem to be hurting her but still worried...