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Jesus is Magic - 2005

February 23rd, 2006, 07:53 AM
This is a film that features comedienne Sarah Silverman (from School of Rock, the Aristocrats) doing some of her standup routine mixed with a few skits.

Without a doubt she is THE MOST irreverent female comic that I have ever seen. If you like your jokes to be politically correct or are easily offended this is NOT the film for you. If you think you have somewhat of a thick skin but some jokes offend you, this is NOT the film for you. If nothing offends you and you can and like to laugh at anything, then this IS the film for you. Wear a diaper and go see the film.

She is as sarcastic as they come and nothing is sacred. Jesus, jews, black people, green people, asians, homosexuals, the holocaust, dead grandmothers, even dead dead babies are all fair game for her - so you've been warned.

If you are the type that can laugh at anything - you will howl with laughter.
Personally I thought the skits were a bit too stupid and did not laugh at them much, but they only represent about 10% of the film. The standup is sharp and just plain crazy. It's not even that profane - it's more nuts than profane.

It seems to me that often men and women have different ideas of what is funny. I would suggest that perhaps most men will find this film a bit funnier than women because they often like their humour raw. But if women heed the warning above and go see the film they will find it funny as well.

As a note - for obvious reasons you won't find this film at major theaters. I saw it at Cinema du Parc in Montreal. If you have a repertory cinema in your city it will probably show there...or wait a few weeks for the DVD. As with all comedy shows, it's funnier with a group so if you do see it on DVD invite some buddies/gals over and have a beer or two.

February 23rd, 2006, 10:35 AM
I LOVE SARAH SILVERMAN!!!!!!! I am running to the theatre right now.

jesse's mommy
April 15th, 2006, 07:38 PM
I finally saw this tonight! OMG, too funny. I loved it. I can seriously watch this over and over again. Jim loved it too. He says she completely took his act because he's always wanted to do something that would just offend everyone. "Rape and Aids and the Holocost". Sarah Silverman totally rocks. She is the best!