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Joey met a Great Dane today and a pitbull cross too

February 21st, 2006, 06:36 PM
I think we may have had a positive break through with Joey and getting used to big dogs.

On our walk today - we walked past a house that a big great dane in it. Joey got excited - but not agressive or barking just pulling on the leash wanting to go see the giant dog.

Anyways I actually managed to get Joey to heel while we walked up to beside the yard. Then I made Joey sit about three feet in front of the fence. The dane just came up and looked at Joey and seemed really gentle. Joey didnt growl or bark or anything. He sort of wimpered like he does when hes excited and his whole body starts to shake.

Last week Joey met a lab-pitbull cross that friends of ours owned. Unfortunately that visit didnt go so well. They agreed to let Joey meet Titus (they knew Joey had issues with male dogs but agreed to let them meet.) Joey and titus were intially on leashes - and at first were fine - then Joey just snapped and growled at Titus - Joey was corrected and made to sit in front of titus, but then Titus was so scared of Joey he went and hid behind a chair. Joey then got even more aggressive and started growling more. We removed Joey was corrected again and made to sit. Then was taken outside to wait in the car. Just to get him out of the situation and also not to traumatise the other dog.

I am not sure I did the right thing - I wanted to correct Joey then make him be nice to the dog so I could praise him - but it just didnt seem like it was going to happen.

February 22nd, 2006, 08:50 AM
I think you are absolutely doing the right things by continuing to expose Joey to other dogs - don't worry, keep at it, and you'll see that moment when he's nice and deserves some heavy duty praising! It sounds like you're doing a fantastic job with him - he's certainly come a long way already. I would of done the same thing, removed my dog if he was being snippy to another, in fact, I have removed my dog from some situations. I think you're right on target though - creating situations for Joey to learn how to behave properly. :thumbs up