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dog vomitting-rough last few weeks

February 20th, 2006, 08:51 AM
Back in January I had posted a thread with regard to anal tumour on my 8 year old lab. Glad to report that she had them removed (turned out to be 3 in total) and the lab results came back clear and there is apprently no chnace they can grow back....YEAH!
Now here is what is gong on.......she was boarded less than a week after her surgery as we were going on vacation (surgery on Tuesday, boarded on Sunday) and not to worry our vet said it would be fine and she was doing great or I would have cancelled our trip. She was in the kennel for 10 days and when we picked her up she ahad a bit of kennel cough...even though she has been vaccinated. I called the vet and they said to wait a few days to see if it would clear up....which it did.
Now it is 2 weeks later and she has started vomitting on and off for the last couple of days....maybe 5 total and usually at night about 6-7 hours after she has eaten. We gave her plain rice for dinner last night but she threw that up as well. The weird part is that she still wants to eat like a lab/pig and drink as normal which why I am delaying a call to the vet.
Can dogs get the stomach flu?? and when is it time to thoughts are when she doesn't want to eat????
Any advice.

February 20th, 2006, 10:03 AM
hey booey, glad to hear the tumours are gone and all is well there. even though she wants to eat and drink normally, she's chucking it back up, meaning she's dehydrating regardless and it's time to worry. i'd recommend getting her back to the vet as soon as possible, for there's really no good way to tell (other than from past personal experience) what you're dealing with. keep us posted on how she's doing :)