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Getting Money back from Hartz

February 15th, 2006, 05:21 PM
Ok, here's the rather sad lead in to my question.

Last month, in preparation for going away on vacation I bought from Harts One Spot flea stuff for my small dog. The reason I bought that instead of the vet stuff (stupid, I know that now) is that he is treated with Revolution during flea season and my parents had supposedly treated their animals and house for fleas around Christmas so this was a just in case measure.
So I used the Hartz stuff on Charley on January 22nd and delivered him and his toys and beds to my parents' house on January 26th. He stayed there until I picked him up on February 4th. Still on the just in case line of thinking, I re-treated him this past Monday (because the active killing agent in Hartz is only good for 21 days.) Today, I saw 2 fleas, live ones, in his fur while I was brushing him.

I've already called the vet and have ordered Revolutions for both cats, the dog and have made arrangements with my parents' vet to get the same for their dog and cat. Both houses will be treated as soon as we have the meds.

So my question is, has anyone ever gotten their money back from Hartz? Does anyone think there's something I might have done differently to prevent bringing the fleas home (i.e. is Hartz going to say its my fault and they won't return the money?) I know its only $15, but its the principle of the idea I'm concerned with, I mean they sell a product which claims to kill fleas yet it very obviously didn't... And yes, I'm the squeaky wheel by nature... Thanks for your thoughts,
Shannon and her flea ridden circus

doggy lover
February 15th, 2006, 05:29 PM
I called them years ago about worms in some cat treats, they more or less said so cats eat bugs. Never mind my:eek: freek out about bugs in the house. It went in the garbage and that was the end of it.