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An update for Farley.

February 15th, 2006, 02:00 PM
Lets try this again.. every time I write a post and go to submit it I time out and lose all the information I wrote ...

I think its been about a week since I last posted. On Friday I was home with the kids and we went out for a short visit to the library . In that time he managed to eat 2 bags of hershey kisses (foil included!) , he was a bit hyper but he was okay. On Sunday we decided to see how Farley would reacte with another dog in the house so my sister agreed to let us watch her golden retriver Titus for the week. He was excited to have another dog in the house he peed everywhere :eek: . On Sunday we left the both of them alone for about two hours and the house was fine upon our return , same for Monday. On Tuesday I forgot a tupperware on the coffee table so he chewed that but everything else remained intact. So its obvious that Farely is a dog that needs constant K9 companionship. No big suprise there as he spent the first 6 months of his life with little to no human contact locked up in the bsmt/backyard with his 5 siblings and mother. A feel a bit bad for Titus though as hes really not the rough and tumble type of dog and Farley will not leave him alone. Constant sniffing , following around and always trying to play with him. My one concern though is Farley is starting to show a little bit of food dominance. If Titus gets to close to us (or closer than farley) while we are preparing kongs & their food Farley will growl and lunge at him. He's also totally indifferent to me now in the sense that he doesnt come to me at all for hugs or love. Almost like as long as he has another dog around we fade out of the picture. Farley is a total pack dog and would probably love living in some sort rural setting where he could run around with other dogs and chase sheep or something.

Poor complicated Farley. I swear I never knew a dog could be so complex.

February 16th, 2006, 02:09 PM
You are lucky Farley is alive and well. Chocolate is toxic to dogs (depending on the strength of chocolate,the size of the dog and the amount eaten). Please be sure to put all chocolate away.

Farley is a youngster who bonded with dogs first - it doesn't mean that he can't bond with you. It just means you have to work harder at giving him good leadership and spending quality time with him learning to bond with people.

Titus will be fine - he just needs to set the bondaries that Farley needs to learn. Right now he treats everyone like his personal play toy and he needs to learn that not everyone wants to be his personal play toy.