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Then and Now.....

February 15th, 2006, 07:46 AM
As some of you may know were recently added another Berner to our family. Our first day/night went reasonable well all things considered.

Our new addition is 6 and from what we've heard has had quite a rough go at life thus far.

Hubby and I are optimistice that with regular excercise, a proper diet, consistency and love he will adjust to his new family.

So since I am on the one end of the spectrum with a newly adopted addition, I thought it migth be fun to start a topic for other adopters to hear their stories.

What were things like in the beginning (good and bad)? How have things chaged? and anything else you want to add.

I'm lookign forward to the responses. :D

February 15th, 2006, 08:30 AM
I'm so glad it all worked out!:)

As for the then and now...

Boo came from the SPCA with thin red fur and sores all over. His ribs were wavy. We house trained him in a day. He wandered around all day, aimless, just trying to get his bearings. Then he threw up all night. For about 3 months. :rolleyes: By the end of it, I had spent a couple thousand dollars, just to figure out that he was intolerant to chicken and had anxiety attacks. His fur eventually was replaced by thick black fur. He was so hard to train. That's one of the main reasons we think he has weimeraner in him. He behaves like one exactly.:p

Jemma came 6 months after Boo. We were told never to bring her to dog parks because she was so vicious. Very early on, we became the alphas of Jemma. She did fight quite a bit and growled at people as she walked by them. Now, nobody would ever think she had ever been like that. She mooshes up against people all the time. She's an affection junkie. She still gets into an occasional argument at the park, but she comes when you call her even in the thick of it.

From the start, Jemma and Boo got along pretty well. Jemma put Boo in his place and he was her humble servant. When we moved into this house, Boo got way more confidence, and the ranks might be changing. But Jemma still kicks his hiney every chance she gets.

They're both healthy and relaxed and taking us for granted- the way it should be for second hand doggies.

It'll all work out.:)

Aren't they so shiny and healthy? :love:

February 15th, 2006, 11:46 AM
Charlie was my first. He's the cat! His family left him behind when they moved back to England. I was suppose to be babysitting but they are not comming back and he's not going anywhere! He came to me with thick mats all over and so so scared. He's now a super soft and cuddly guy. I estimate him to be about 4 years old. He still has his grouchy days but thats understandable with 3 dogs in the house now!

Our next is Belle (spaniel X) She came to us in terrible condition. She was tied up outside for about 3 years, terrible mats, very dirty, extremely underwight and dehydrated. Also terrified of people, especially men. Our first three days of having her all she did was drink water and then hover i nthe corner, poor girl. Then the potty training fun began, she was 6.5 years old. Now she is confident, happy, healthy, potty trained, beautiful old gal. We have a list of people who would like to have her if anything happened to us. There has also been some attempted kidnappings but all in good fun! She has been with us for 1.5 years now and will finally cuddle with my bf no the couch. She has learned to play with toys, humans, and the occational dog!

Shadow (German Shepherd X) came to us 6 months later. I seen her picture on the internet and went down to meet herMy boyfriend had never had an animal growing up and was a little disheartened that our first 2 animals were terrified of him. Shadow was in the humane society and came from a reserve. She was so smart and loving we took her home the next day. Shadow was also an outside dog so she needed to be potty trained also. She was 7 years old at the time and we were experts at potty training old dogs. Shadow took to my boyfriend immediatly and I swear they are the best of friends. She had some health issues but is completly healthy and happy now and way to active for a senior!

Wolf (the Pomeranian) came to us about 3 months later from a family that no longer had time for him. He was so happy when he came to out place, finally no longer spending time in his crate. He was already potty trained and loves to go for walks. The only adjustment was us, we had to find ways to cope with his unending Pomeranian energy! Some days it is a bit much but most the time he is fun!

Out of all the dogs, the girls came from homes where they were outside all the time and now run out to pee and run back in! The hate it out there, where as Wolf was never allowed outside and hates it when he has to come in doors. He loves to sniff around and play in the grass and snow. He is 3 years old!

This is Charlie in his favorite sleeping spot. Belles crate!

February 15th, 2006, 11:47 AM
Belle and Shadow trying to get some rest and relaxation!

February 15th, 2006, 11:48 AM
And crazy Wolf!

Dog Dancer
February 15th, 2006, 06:14 PM
Okay SarahLynn, so which one is it that hogs the remote? Belle or Shadow? Cute pictures.

February 16th, 2006, 11:13 AM
Cool topic! Helps me get to know everyone and their fur families a little better.

This is Daisy Mae, she was our first foster. She was thin, had a bladder infection, not spayed with cysts on her ovaries and some severe flea dermatitis. She had horrible breath and tartar on her teeth so we decided when she went in to get spayed to pay to have her teeth cleaned and adopt her as ours. With her looks and personality we figure she is a Lab/Beagle mix.

She is such a good dog it's hard to remember her issues. She has always been good in the house and not destructive. She would only stay on the main floor of the house and would not sleep on furniture or enter bedrooms or climb stairs. We figure she was a farm dog that was outside most of her life. She was nervous about being handled, terrible on a leash and bad with other dogs. She had very little obedience and only knew "sit" and "sit pretty". Now all of her issues are gone or under control and everyone tells me what a great dog she is. She is relaxed, good with people and well behaved!


This is our new edition Charlie:

After fostering several dogs I decided I would go on a hunt for a rescued beagle to adopt. Charlie was rescued by some nice people on a farm that had him for 3 months and couldn't find him a home. This guy is all nerves, barely housetrained and whines like you wouldn't believe when you are out of his site. He has NO obedience whatsoever and has obviously spend his life outside. The vet thinks he is 3-4 years old. We have decided to keep him unless we can find a home that can spend more time with him. We work full time and he seems to need more time with his people. We'll see, I am already attached to him! Love the beagles...he is so gentle and sweet

February 16th, 2006, 11:35 AM
I have a whole fur family of cats too!

Tasha was a stray living in a factory, my husband wanted to bring her home but I am allergic to cats. I told him if I was okay we would keep her.
This is Angel, a cat given to me by a co-worker. I brought her home thinking the 2 cats would be buddies but they fight constantly. Angel is a cranky one!
Sully was a cat I adopted from a foster home that was overloaded. I went to see him because I wanted a male cat to hang with my girls. They said he liked female cats but he beat both my girls up:mad: He spent 5 years in a foster home and was totally frightened of us so we took him to give him a better life. One year later he is still skittish but doing better. Tasha and Angel avoid him like the plaque. We hired a behaviourist to deal with the problems, it didn't work and the cats figured out for themselves how they would deal with hating each other.
And this is my precious Serafina. She is my only cat that is not fearful of cats or dogs and will hang out anywhere she pleases. She was given to me by someone I knew who's daughter could not keep her because she hated the husband and was urinating on him, his things and running at the site of him. I have NEVER had a problem with her and she isn't scared of anything!
And these are my sister girls with no names at this time because I can't come up with any I like! They are semi-feral cats I brought home from a shelter that was having no luck socializing them. Sully finally has cats to hang out with an play, they aren't scared of him. The three of them live upstairs but the girls are getting so brave that they venture downstairs only to be chased back up by Angel, Sara or Tasha.

I am at a point now where everywhere I turn I am tripping over an animal, so for now I am maxed out!

February 16th, 2006, 01:42 PM
Simon came from a no kill shelter where he'd spent the better part of his days after Fairfax County Animal Control found him a muddy ball of nearly hairless pup on the side of the road. They'd approximated his age to be 2 yrs, though he was so underweight, had demodectic mange, was nervous, strung out, VERY shy and battling heartworm that there's really no telling. His ears have 2 patches of fur missing, identical spots that look like rubs or burn marks, one on each side, that have since darkened up, even if the hair won't grow back. He used to curl into the Simon ball, the saddest thing I've ever seen a dog do, which is he would make himself as small as possible and hide in a corner. He was 32lbs when I adopted him, very small for a Pointer, but survived 4 heartworm treatments and weighs in at a hearty 51 now, is completely housetrained (YAY!) and no longer destructive to my things (woobies are a different story). We still deal with separation anxiety from time to time, but it's nothing a hug and a pig's ear (yeah I know, gross) won't fix. That Simon even knows how to be a dog is because of...

Miss Peaches
Peach was found running amuck in Quantico, right off the base, and was at the same no kill shelter Simon was. A loving Chow/Shepherd Mix, she was the lady they placed all new dogs with to see if they were compatible (on the leash she's a different story entirely). Even at the shelter, she was one of the most fun loving dogs, one you can just look at and know she makes the best of EVERY situation. No sooner did we get her home and she settled right in and decided to make a real dog of Simon, she's taught him to play, to cuddle, how to jump on Mom in the morning just to get the pillows, all of it. When he'd come home from his heartworm treatments, she'd lay on his bed with him and wouldn't let him alone and at one point, tried to feed him crunchies from her bowl since he wasn't real hungry. We're still working on her leash manners, which are getting better with time.

February 16th, 2006, 02:10 PM
Wow, I didn't know Simon has had such a hard life. You're such a great mom to him to get him into the condition he is in right now. He's very beautiful.:love:

February 16th, 2006, 03:28 PM
I can't take all the credit, most of it goes to Peaches :D She's an "in the fur" angel who's just so exuberant, you can't help but join in :p Boo sounds like he didn't have it so good either, but it's great to know that he found you :) So much horror in this world and as a group, we've all done a bit of good that's measured up over mountains, all for the love of our furries.

February 16th, 2006, 04:06 PM
Daisymae,for someone allergic to cats,you are doing very well with 6 beautiful cats:D Thank's for being a kitty:angel:
and Jawert,Peaches and Simon are adorable very lucky doggies to be loved by you.

February 16th, 2006, 04:18 PM
I suppose most pets are"rescued"one way or the other,Vinnie was the only one I paid nothing for,he was found at a factory,wet and dirty:sad:
Rocky comes from a barn-cat mommy and Chico from a pet-store,sorry,could not resist this lonely little kitten,crying to come home with me.
Nowadays I don't set foot in store selling pups or kittens:mad:

February 16th, 2006, 04:20 PM his younger years(now 10)

February 16th, 2006, 04:22 PM
Chico the pet-shop kitty..

February 16th, 2006, 04:36 PM
I like this one ....

I adopted my chocolate lab Jersey from a breeder - probably not a great breeder but I hadn't found this site yet and I didn't realize there were so many rescues. But I love her and wouldn't trade her for anything :) With her it was usual puppy stuff, housebreaking, training and she's always been super good! Imagine a pure bred lab who's never chewed anything she's not supposed to!

I had an older dog when I adopted Jersey who was 10 and had diabetes so maybe Jersey learnt some good behaviour from her!

About 6 months after my older one was gone I added a black lab mix Shotsy to the mix. He came from a rescue and had mulitple homes before us. He was only 5 months when I got him so in that short time he knew no stability. For 2 weeks (almost to the minute) he was so good - I couldn't believe my luck! Then .... the devil came out! :eek: His separation anxiety started - he chewed through walls and doors and crates! And I work from home so these were times when I was out for only 1-4 hours! (he had been alone with Jersey the first 2 weeks and was fine!) I tried everything I could think of ... music on, music off, toys in, toys out, lights on, lights off, Jersey in the same room, Jersey in a different room! Finally the vet prescribed meds - ClomiCalm, which I was giving for a few days (and I felt rotten about!) Then he chewed through a door while on the meds so I stopped them right away.

It wasn't until a girl at the kennel where I board them (if I'm going to be out more then 4 hours I'll board them for the day since they aren't used to that) suggested I crate them together because they're together at the kennel and he's fine. So I bought the biggest plastic crate, one of the airline approved ones, and put them both in it and it worked!

That was about 8 months ago and only recently they have started to graduate from that. Well, Jersey was always good just to sleep on the couch when we were out. Now they both have beds in the basement and I leave their crate there with the door open so they can go in but they don't have to and so far it's been great! I guess Shotsy just needed to realize he's here for the long run and he's such a great dog now :)

I honestly always thought that SA was from too little excercise, I never thought some dogs were just like that!

He's still a little weird .. I call him special :p He's scared of alot of things and it can change too - just suddenly one day he's scared of something else! He doesn't like fly swatters or ceiling fans or if I say "go pee" in the backyard! All those things make him hide and cower. One thing he's really taught me is patience because that's what he needs :)

February 16th, 2006, 04:59 PM
These stories certainly show what can come out of a bit of love and patience - what a beautiful bunch of doggies & kitties :)

Mine is more of a then & shortly after then....
I'll always my first foster - a beautiful 2 yr old yellow lab cross named Flounder. He was a stray that was found in a swampy area, that had obviously been fending for himself for a while. He had some open cuts, and was def'n underweight. He was initially adopted to a family and returned within a week, b/c apparently he was 'aggressive' - then he ended up in rescue, a day before he was to be PTS.

When I picked him up to bring him home, I put a harness on him & buckled him into the backseat of my car.....I was a little unsure about how this whole fostering thing would go, until about 1/2 way home, he leaned forward, ever so gently and rested his head over the front seat and onto my shoulder while I was driving (he was just tall enough & apparently had more slack, than I thought). From that moment, I knew he was a special dog :angel:

However, what I found out on his second day, was that he was terrified of men! On our walks, he would try to cross the street if he saw a man approaching, and there were even times he would pull as far away as his leash would let him and start whimpering in fear - it was so sad :sad:

I introduced him slowly to my male neighbours and friends, and he was always very weary - to the point where we thought we might have to only consider women for his adoption. Slowly over the few weeks with me, he became a little bit better with those men he 'knew' (with one neighbour always being recruited to give him treats & praises :) )
So, when we got an application in from a family that looked really good, we thought we'd give them a chance. I was upfront with the family about his issues with men, and warned him that he may very shy and weary with the husband when they first meet. They were ok w/ this, and decided to come to my house to meet Flounder.......well, to my surprise, and everyone elses, the husband came in, and bent down and put his hand out to let Flounder approach him on his own time.....well, not only did Flounder go right over, but went right in and gave the husband a big kiss on the cheek! It was as if Flounder knew....needless to say, the adoption was a definite go!

Unfortunatley, we haven't heard much from Flounder's new family past the initial adoption stage, but I'm pretty sure he finally has the family, he so much deserves.....For me, he will always be the 'dog that got away' (my family still can't believe I didn't keep him!)

Soo....for all of you who have adopted from rescues w/ fosters.....check in with them every once in a while to let us know how our little guys are doing :D


February 16th, 2006, 05:45 PM
We got Duke from our local pound. He was found wandering around and was picked up by animal control. When I first saw him he was soaking wet laying on a wet cement floor and shivering. He came to the front of the cage a began to whine. When I looked at other dogs that were there Duke would return to the corner looking sad. I told my husband that we need to get him out of there. He was very nervous and would pee everytime my husband went near him. He couldn't even put his leash on. His first vet visit we found out that he had tape worm and some kind of parasite. When we got that cleared up we took him in for the snip, but found out he tested positive for heartworm. We went ahead with treatment and he is now heartworm free. He has also learned to trust everybody and absolutely loves cats. We used to have to lift him in the truck to go places, but now he jumps in himself and we cannot keep him out of the truck. He is currently on a diet because he got way too fat, he used to be very thin. He is very protective of us and no longer pees when we touch him.

February 16th, 2006, 06:21 PM
My first "rescue" is Bailey from a shelter.They say it's a no kill shelter but I've heard otherwise.He was dumped by the side of a country road.He was probably beaten of verbually abuse and was heartworm positive.He was approx.5-6 years old.After 2 years and a half,he now plays with the other dogs(yeah!) Daisy is my second,from the spca,she was used as a mini puppy mill,got dumped at 8 yr old because she was too old!It's her "gotcha day" tomorrow,she is now 10.Sam;my foster who stole my heart,was dumped at 8 yr old in a high kill shelter,find out about him on a friday,was suppose to be euthanize the next day but I pick him up,fostered him for 3 months and is now adopted by me.All I can say is all these dogs have become more and more "happier" and I find someone funny and new about them everyday.Rescues are the best!

February 17th, 2006, 08:29 AM
Beautiful pics everyone, I love seeing everyone's babies!

February 17th, 2006, 12:12 PM
This is my 10 year old rescued tabby cat Dancer. I've had her for 9 years now. She showed up on a friends doorstep, which was a common occurance for cats. I think word went around the neighbourhood among cats-my friends family already had 3 resuced kitties of their own and had found homes for about 5 more before Dancer. Every time one got a home, a newbie would show up:D .

Poor Dancer was not socialized-she would come running up to greet you, tail held high, all happy-and then hiss. My friend's mother actually taught Dancer how to meow in greeting. But she was the most affectionate girl. She got her name because she would dance from foot to foot in impatience to be petted. I didn't have any pets at the time and didn't think I was in the market for one, but one meeting changed my mind. I took her in, even though my friend's mother had to pay for all the vet bills at the time (that was the nail in the coffin for my resistance-I wanted to take Dancer home, but knew I could not afford more than very basic vet costs at the time. So who can resist the world's nicest lady when she decides that you should give her newest foster baby a home? Not me!). I felt so guilty when it turned out Dancer needed more than just shots and spayed. She had a bad absess in one shoulder that had to be opened and drained :yuck:. Poor girl-any longer and the infection would have crossed into the body cavity. She was good as gold about the treatment, too.

In return, she has been the best cat. She was litter trained already, is very docile, and rarely ever gets into anything she shouldn't. She is, however, terrified of older people, especially men with white hair. Even after 9 years, she still runs away from my father, who is the biggest softie in the world. She is the only animal I've ever seen NOT make a beeline for Dad. SO I suspect she had a bad experience with an old man. I know she will not assert herself very often-I had to watch my daughter (who is my step daughter and kind of another rescue-another story there!) because Dancer would not defend herself in any way even if she objected to how she was being handled. She still never bites or scratches people. The most she will do to let you know you have gone too far is rest her teeth against your hand-and the first time she did that with me, she was cringing and terrified that I might hurt her for doing so. Poor baby was abused, i think, and then abandoned. :sad:

I hope to have her with me for many years to come:fingerscr

February 17th, 2006, 12:14 PM
Arrgh! Sorry for the large pic-I thought I had resized it better than that. :sorry:

February 17th, 2006, 12:47 PM
My other cat rescue was not quite as sucessful. I took in a 3 week old kitten who's mother was no longer feeding her. She was the last survivor of a litter of 4. My neighbour feeds strays, you see, and one pregnant cat and her four daughters plus all the neighbourhood toms caused quite a population explosion, with a high of 50 cats all hanging around. That much cat poop will test even the most die-hard feline lover, believe me!

What bothered me most, though, was the lack of treatment of these poor animals. So many sick cats, and so many died. When I found about the starving kittens, my heart rebelled and I took her in to foster her. (BTW, the nieghbours finally got the humane society to round up as many of these poor strays as possible. There are still 3 outside that he feeds everyday. Poor kitties). Side rant-I digress.

She was a beautiful little girl but the product of much inbreeding and poor health. Plus, too young to be taken from Mom, so she was never socialized. Dancer didn't know how, and usually ran from Nimby. She was unpettable, except for about 5 minutes every morning (and was very rough in her affection). She was neurotic-licked all the fur off of her paws and belly. She tore things apart, including a wall in the house. She bit-hard-and no method of correction worked.

My patient hubby put up with all of it, because I loved Nimby so much, but even I had to admit defeat when Nimh started to go out of her way to attack my daughter. Kyla would walk past Nimh 5 feet away, and Nimh would run over and bite hard enough to draw blood. Then she made a leap for my hubby's face-all claws out and teeth bared. She was literally trying to claw his eyes out. I got outvoted and we found Nimby a home with an adult man only (and with warnings about all her problems). He was an aquaintance that we have since lost touch with, so I don't know her fate.

It bothers me to no end that I didn't have more sucess with her. I will always feel like I failed miserably, although I did everything I could at the time. So there is my confession of a failed rescue to go with my sucess story:( :( :sad:

Actually, it broke my heart. Here is a 3 week old pic of Nimby-I never could get one after she grew up:confused:

February 17th, 2006, 01:06 PM
About four years ago, I started feeling the crave for a dog again.(I had one previously, who died of old age) My husband wasn't to hot abot the idea, but went along. We decided for retired racing greyhounds and found a rescue group in Montreal. We adopted Saphir and Rubis (M and F) 2 years ago. They are now 4 years old. It wasn't easy at the begginning: They chewed about everything in the house, French doors, Dining table, stairs, molding, you name it!! It took a while for them to settle down, but they are now the greatest dogs!:party: So we decided to go for a smaller one, that we adoted yesterday from the SPCA. They were going to euthanize it (he is old and blind) :sick: so we took him home. So with 3, I believe I won't have more craving for a while...;)

It's fun to read your ''feel good'' stories!


February 17th, 2006, 01:51 PM
About four years ago, I started feeling the crave for a dog again.(I had one previously, who died of old age) My husband wasn't to hot abot the idea, but went along. We decided for retired racing greyhounds and found a rescue group in Montreal. We adopted Saphir and Rubis (M and F) 2 years ago. They are now 4 years old. It wasn't easy at the begginning: They chewed about everything in the house, French doors, Dining table, stairs, molding, you name it!! It took a while for them to settle down, but they are now the greatest dogs!:party: So we decided to go for a smaller one, that we adoted yesterday from the SPCA. They were going to euthanize it (he is old and blind) :sick: so we took him home. So with 3, I believe I won't have more craving for a while...;)

It's fun to read your ''feel good'' stories!


Not fair! You didn't post any pictures!!!!!!!

I have always wanted to rescue a greyhound, or 2!

Thats so great that you rescued a special needs dog, and he will have lots of company and doggies to help him find his way!!!

February 17th, 2006, 04:39 PM
Marie-France,a wonderful story:love: and thank's for seeing beyond the special needs of your third dog..
Please,if you could post some pics,we'd love to see your lucky dogs:thumbs up

February 21st, 2006, 08:55 AM
Good morning everyone,

Here is a picture of our two greys. The white and tan is Saphir, THE male and the tan is Rubis, a female. They are 4 years old. They come from a racing track in Connecticut and are siblings. As you can see they are very attached to each other! They do everything with each other, usually at the same time!:evil: Just to illustrate this, when we first got them, they found the kitchen garbage can. After a few mess, we decided to put a baby lock on the cupboard door. One night, earing some noise, I peeked in the kitchen and saw Rubis opening the door with her nose as Saphir was chewing the bottom of the bag so the content dropped on the ground!! They are greyt partners:highfive:

Unfortunately, I will not be able to post a picture of our new family member as I lent my camera for a month. Mind you, it might be a good thing, since Chico is so bony, it is not even funny.:sad: We will feed him well so that the next picture shows you a healthy, furry Bichon Frisť :crazy:

It is fun to see all those beautiful animals. Keep up the good work!


February 21st, 2006, 08:57 AM

I try again for a color one! ;-D

Lucky Rescue
February 21st, 2006, 09:53 AM
What a bunch of beautiful pets! Just love the happy ending stories!!:)

Marie France, did you get your greys from Shirley??

February 21st, 2006, 09:57 AM
Actually, We did! What greyt poeple! They gave us so much help at the begining! We would not have made it without them:thumbs up

Lucky Rescue
February 21st, 2006, 11:09 AM
Actually, We did! What greyt poeple!
I fostered for them once. They are wonderful!!

Sorry to hijack thread. As you were!:D

February 21st, 2006, 11:41 AM
Beautiful dogs Marie-France!They must be so glad you rescued them together!