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February 13th, 2006, 03:29 PM
It's time to show your PUPPY LOVE.

This Valentine's Day, please ask ten of your friends to visit and
register their opposition to Ontario's Pitbull ban. Together, we've done a good
job so far of getting people to the site with very little advertising but we're
planning to really turn it on for 2006.

VISIT FOR VALENTINE'S DAY is our first campaign for 2006 and marks
the anniversary of last year's Puppy Love Protest Walk. Many
campaigns will hit the street over the coming months and the short-term goal is
to raise our opposition numbers at so we can demonstrate support
for the upcoming legal challenge financed by Banned Aid and fought by acclaimed
Civil Rights Lawyer, Clayton Ruby. The first court date is set for May 16th,
2006 and is planning a number of events leading up to that date
that will make our OPPOSITION to Ontario's pitbull ban LOUD and CLEAR.


And, watch for changes to coming very soon. We've reorganized at
our end to give us more time to FIGHT THE BAN and to represent you and pitbull
owners across Ontario. Short-term plans include recruiting point-people across
the province for local campaigns, new site content including downloads, and
links and information about the pitbull community and about upcoming PR
campaigns that you can help us out with. Long term plans include putting our
numbers behind Clayton Ruby's efforts and ultimately presenting ourselves to the
opposition government with a view to making sure removing the pitbull ban is an
election issue in the next provincial election. We won't stop fighting until the
ban is gone.

So, show the Ontario government that Puppy and Pitty Love is alive and well.
Ask your friends and family to VISIT FOR VALENTINE'S DAY.

See you soon and THANKS for helping us spread the word. Please feel free to
cross post to pitbull-friendly lists.
a happy dog communications project

February 14th, 2006, 11:04 AM
Thanks GP!