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I'm gonna kick someone's A** (rant)

February 13th, 2006, 08:12 AM
I have a 7.5 month alaskan malamute puppy who has a large outside pen that he spends a few hrs in everyday(2-4). About a month ago he started howling after being put in there after 20 minutes. He would howl for 10 -15min stop for 30 start again etc. We have been working to get him to stop this (btw he howls in the house when left for awhile too) he's going through some seperation issuse, most of our imdeate neighbors have been very understand of the howl and it doesn't bother them.
Well we came home last night at 6:30 to find our puppy running lose(we left at3:30) in the front yard. We were shocked. he seemed ok but very freaked out. We went around back to find our gate open and continued to the pen to find that gate open as well. There are 2 dead bold locks on that pen and a latch on the gate it became obvious that someone had LET HIM OUT.
my first thought was possible one of my son's friends had stopped by heard the dog howl, and went to pet him and he got away. We checked the ans machine and our rear niegbor had called to tell us goku was loose in the back yard(both our yards are fenced in but we have no fence between us as our children play together) she tried to get him to come to her but she said he was acting spooked and wouldn't come near anyone. This was ast 4:45. She said she there weren't any kids around because her son was at his dads house for the weekend.
About 1/2 hr after we got our dog in he started vomiting what looked like beef stew and has continued to vomit during the night.
I know a neighbor up the street had her dog POISIONED last month and had to be put down.The neighborhood thinks it is an older gentleman who is alawys complaining about dog noise and kid noise and has threatened to poison peoples dog's in the past if they "dont shut them up" I called the police last night and they said there isn't much they can do since noone saw anything.
I'm taking goku to the vet to have hime checked out and hopefully he just got into somebad grub while loose and noone has hurt him. If i find the person that let him out i'm gonna have to kick his/her a**. in the meantime i'm going today to buy a padlock for my gate. I'm really pissed:mad: . We don't even lock our doors in this neighborhood.
Has anyone ever encountered anything like this and any ideas what to do or who to call? I mean if you want total peace and quite 24/7 move out to the country.

February 13th, 2006, 08:27 AM
I'm out in the country and if I'm out my dogs are in the house safe.I also have a boarding kennel with inside/outside runs, my outside runs all have locks on the gates.If I go out even for an hour or so I put any dogs I am boarding inside.I had a malamute for eleven years and I wouldn't have left her out if I wasn't home even in a run.If you've got someone around who has threatened dogs and possibly poisoned one why would you take a chance with your baby?Just my opinion

February 13th, 2006, 08:30 AM
I don't blame you for being furious. Unfortunately, since no one saw anything, there really isn't much you can do other than take steps to prevent it from happening again. We live in a very quiet neighbourhood as well, but we also have a padlock on our gate. You might want to put a padlock on the pen as well. I know it might sound drastic, but a security camera might be a good idea, too. You can get the systems for a reasonable amount at Costco these days. I wonder what would have happened if Goku had bitten the intruder? Please let us know how he's doing. I sincerely hope they just gave him some yummy treats to befriend him and nothing more sinister than that.

(BTW, did your kids name the dog? My son is a HUGE Dragonball fan! :D )

February 13th, 2006, 08:49 AM
You are lucky he didn't get hit by a car while he was out.
We had someone do the same with our horse and she wasn't so lucky. We also knew who did it but same as you couldn't prove it.
It was the same scenerio as you. She was locked up tight as well as an electric fence surrounding the whole field. They let he out and then chased her in a direction that she was not familiar with. She came out onto a busy street and was hit by a car that had just left the ski hill.

Lucky Rescue
February 13th, 2006, 09:55 AM
About a month ago he started howling after being put in there after 20 minutes. He would howl for 10 -15min stop for 30 start again etc. We have been working to get him to stop this (btw he howls in the house when left for awhile too) he's going through some seperation issuse, most of our imdeate neighbors have been very understand of the howl and it doesn't bother them.

Obviously the howling is bothering someone.

What these people did was very wrong, but I would never leave my dog outside when I'm not home, for this very reason.

Next time you (and he) might not be so lucky. Locks on your gate aren't going to stop someone from throwing poison over the fence.

February 13th, 2006, 10:24 AM
I agree, they went out of their way to let him out this time. Even if you do put locks on who says they won't cut the fence.
I would do what has been suggested if you are going to continue to leave him out and that is to set up some kind of recorder to catch them in the act if they were to try it again.

February 13th, 2006, 11:30 AM
I wouldn't leave a dog out in the country like that. Sure, you think there's nobody around and I'm in the middle of nowhere or whatever, but nearly every poisoning or stolen dog we hear about on this site is a dog outside alone in the country. Just my 2 cents.:)

February 13th, 2006, 12:22 PM
ok i'm back from the vets. He doesn't think he's been poison but feels it is still to early to tell. I have to watch for any signs of renal failure. I gave his cooked ground chicken and rice to settle his stomach which he inhaled so the vet says thats a good sign. He hasn't vomited since 7am this morning and he is pooping ok all be it smushy:yuck: The vet said it could be anything from somegave him or he got into something that disagreed w/his tummy or it could be poison but wait and see.
Writing4fun- thanks for the camera tip my hubby and i thought about that last night. I'll check out costco this week. Also YES my then 10yr old son named him goku because he too is dragon ball z fan. I have to explain his name to everyone who doesn't have a 8-16yrold boy-lol His offical name is Snowbarron's Goku Kenobi. We are also Star wars fans:D
Thank you all for your support. Just to clear a few things up. We live in the subburbs. Goku is kept, when outside, in a kennel inside a fenced yard. The kennel can't be reached by looking over any fence. I did buy a pad lock for the fence gate today which hubby will be installing after work tonight. Because he is a puppy (and a very large puppy 86lbs,25in at the shoulder at the vet today) i don't like to leave him long inside in a crate. We are still working on house training him. I confine him to our front foyer right now when left alone inside but as of last week he still would chew the rugs and rip open the shoe bin when left for more than 1hr so i dare not give him the run of the house yet or by by leather sofas:eek: . For that reason if we need to leave for more than an hr outside he goes. He likes his outside pen it's large and has a dig pit and lots of toys. He loves outside right now because of the snow, but he likes his people, hence the howls. He howls when left alone inside too.
I checked w/the spca and noone called in any complaints of noise over the weekend. The grumpy old man up the street is over 65 and 4houses. He's our first suspect but who ever it was has alot of balls to go into the back yard in broad daylight and take a chance that a large pup won't go after him. Goku won't mind u he'd kiss u the death if anything but most people wouldn't take that chance and honestly u never know how a dog will act if u break into their territory and the owners not around.
I have talked to 3 of my neighbors and they didn't see anything. the one next door didn't even know he was loose but everyone seems generally upset and a little unnerved since most have young children who play in back yards as well. I'm gonna talk to a few other neighbors tonight and proable get that video system. I'll let u all know if i findout any more and how the pups doing
thanks to all again

February 13th, 2006, 04:17 PM
We had a beautful Siberian Husky when I was a young child and we lived WAY out in the country (not a suburb around - I do mean THE COUNTRY, farmland et al) - tho my folks had quite the commute. Even then our dog was NEVER allowed alone outside when we were away - it was less dangerous then but it is much worse now (more people, more dogs, closer quaters - etc, etc.) I would recommend keeping him inside when you are away - designing a run maybe that is away from where anyone can get to him or even see him.

I am glad he was unhurt this time!! Hope it all works out well - good luck!!

February 13th, 2006, 07:04 PM
If you have serious reason to believe someone purposely went into the backyard to release your dog, I would strongly suggest contacting either the police or animal control.
Ensure you write down what time the dog was left outside, time you came home, and time of observations from other neighbours (ie. you indicated your neighbour left a phone msg saying the dog was out, but in the backyard).
The more info you can give the police, the better - and since they may not come by to take the report for days, make sure you write it down, so you don't forget.

Make sure your locks cannot be opened by the dog (ie. they are not bolts that slide across, that can be easily opened).

It is good to hear the vet does not feel the dog has been poisoned - if this occurs to your dog or another on the street - take a sample of the vomit to the vets for testing - they will be will be able to determine if the dog has eaten something.

Many of us w/in the GTA will remember someone purposely put poison out in a park frequented by dog owners - and several became very, very sick.
I don't believe they ever caught the person, but the park was closed down for weeks while they combed it for more poison / evidence.

The police may or may not be able/willing to help - but if you believe this is the second incident in the neighbourhood, I would strongly urge you to at least have the report on file. At the very least, they might be willing to give your old neighbour down the street a visit....


February 13th, 2006, 09:20 PM
Obviously the howling is bothering someone.

What these people did was very wrong, but I would never leave my dog outside when I'm not home, for this very reason.

Next time you (and he) might not be so lucky. Locks on your gate aren't going to stop someone from throwing poison over the fence.

I SOOOOOOOOO agree with this and the others.

You are taking a HUGE chance by leaving him outside when no one is home...And as you have seen,it doesn't matter if you have locks on it or not.You actually lucky that he wasn't taken..OR running loose on the roads.Or worse,found dead on the road.

My sister lives in the country..And she has 3 Huskies and a BC...She would never dream of leaving them out when no one is home...Heck,I wouldn't even leave my dog out.Mind you I don't think anyone would have the balls to try and hop the fence...:D ...Mind you,some fools have tried.LOL

If you are so worried about him being let out again or even poisoned,then I suggest maybe getting a dog sitter or maybe having a friend come over.

Also,what have you been doing to ease the seperation anxiety?

February 15th, 2006, 10:18 AM
He is a 7.5 month alaskan malamute puppy and malamutes like being with their "pack" so a certain amount of howl is expected. he also howls if he here's the coyotes in the neighborhood howling. This is some thing that started out of the blue about a month ago. It coinsided w/him started to lift his leg to pee so ithought it was just a phase. He also has good days and bad days.
I try to poke my had out every 20min BEFORE he howls to let him know that hey your fine. I've tried ignoring the howl and wait for him to be quite for about 5 min then once again poke my head out and tell him he's fine. I felt that making contact while howling would only incourage the behavior.
I'm not sure i would call this true sep. anxiety because he is not distructive to himself or anything else outside just howls. when inside he will destroy things when left alone for too long and of course howl. Alot of malamutes tend to have this "i'll show you for leaving me this long attitude." At 7.5 months i'm not sure if all puppies are expected to be house friendly at this point:confused: He sometimes willl also start to howl when i've been gone less then 5 min(ie to drop son of at school)
I open to any suggestions you have other than medications. I don't believe in that unless you have extreme cases. I personal at this point don't find his howling that troublesome. Sometimes he howls when other dogs go buy or "talks". Malamutes don't really bark so I kind of expect a certain amount of howls.
If you have some great tips please share.

February 15th, 2006, 08:34 PM
I know a few Mal owners and breeders,and I'll be honest and say that they don't have these issues with theirs.They have no problems with leaving them when they go out.No excessive howling.And they LOVE being inside.

shannon1233 has a 13 month old Kenzie(our Champion:D )..And Kenzies Uncle just won BOB at the Westminster dog show...And to be honest,I have never heard her bring up these issues with Kenzie...Maybe she could help you out.....:)

Personally I think may be bored.He seems to be spending lots of time outside alone...But what about inside time?...How many times a day is he being walked...How much playtime is he getting with the family?Where does he sleep at night?

My sister has 3 Huskies..They too howl...But she never had a problem with them being destructive when pups.Sydney was 1 when they adopted the other 2..The key is to start training the day they come home..She worked very hard with them.And even though she is on a farm,they where never left outside alone..She also has a Border Collie.ALL 4 dogs love being inside with the family.Huskies love the cold also.But that doesn't mean they need to spend most of their time outside....

Also,is he neutered?

February 16th, 2006, 07:42 AM
Thanks Mona_b, you're right, it's a problem we have not encountered with Kenzie. Loki, as you know there is a BIG difference between howling and talking. Kenzie is quite the talker, which we've always encouraged:D Although the howling doesn't bother you, I can understand it bothering the neighbours. Shannon is a barker, esp. since her eyesight is going and esp. at night because of that very reason. It doesn't bother me, BUT it does bother hubby, and I'm sure the neighbours, so we've taught her the "quiet" command. When she starts to bark, I'll stick my head out, tell her Quiet, and only let her in as soon, immediately, when she stops. This has helped, as she not being rewarded for barking, but only when it stops...Quiet, she is, then immediately comes in. We ecourage Kenzie to "speak" whenever she gets her food, toy, etc. which is that Malamute rowww,rowww, rowww, you know what I mean, that low deep soft rorrr. We have also taught her the Quiet command through Shannon as she just naturally picked it up at the same time, lol. While it's normal for a Mal to howl, yours seems to do so when upset, or wanting attention, and if I understand correctly, keeps it up. I'd try redirecting it to talking instead. It would be much better for you and the neighbours! I ran into that howling thing during a Conformation class when a hound started howling at her and she howled back. I immediately said NO, Quiet, she stopped and just started "talking" the Mal talk. Since it wasn't talking time, but time for business, I again said Quiet and she stopped, looked at me as though she was saying " holy chit, he talked to me first, can't I even talk":evil: The answer was no, it's time to focus, lol. Gosh, I'm I the only one that carries on a conversation with my dog, lol Good luck! Let me know if I wasn't clear, and I'll try again. Much like wolves, Mals are effective communicators, and must be taught how to communicate!

Edited to add: I would NEVER, EVER leave my dog outside alone with no one home! Anything can be thrown over a kennel, as has been mentioned, or doggy can even chew the kenned trying to get out and I've heard horror stories of Mals needing extensive surgery after chewing up a piece of wire. If he's destructive when left inside alone, sounds like more training from step 1 is in order, leaving him in a safe room, stripped of anything that he can hurt himself with, but left with undestructable kongs or toys for instance. Please don't leave him outside alone, even for 5 minutes, just like you wouldn't a child!

February 16th, 2006, 09:56 AM
let me address some questions so u all can help me a little more.
He could be bored. This pup is by far the smartest dog i've come across.
Excersize- he walks anywhere from 3-5miles a day; He plays at the park about 1/2hr a day. He plays with my family or just our 11 yrold son about 1-2hrs a day. so i don't think lack of excersize is the problem.
He only spends about 2-4hrs a day by himself outside. I'm a stay at home mom so someone is always here. I actually thought that might be the trouble Too Much attention so when he's not getting it ,he's upset.
He sleeps at night in the house. He prefers on the tiles by the front door(coldest spot in the house) so we put his rug there.
when we are home he is a gem. He never does any "bad" behavior. If i leave him confined to the fron foyer when i go after about 1hr he will start getting into the shoe box. He knows it's wrong. He knows what is expected he just seems to be having a temper tantrum.
I tried telling him NO Quiet when howling outside. It works and he will be quite for about 20min or so but someone told me to stop doing that because it is reinforcing the bad behavior.
He is vocal and will howl/talk as other dogs go by if in the outside kennel but not really if inside.
My previouse mals i actually taught"talk to me" and we would have a "whoo whoo" conversation so your not the only one who has conversations w/dogs shannon:D .
Finally mona asked if he was neutured. No he is a show dog, all be it i don't start want to start showing him till he is past 9months. I always had rescue mals and he is my first show dog as it was a hobby I always wanted to get into and i now have the time to dedicate.

February 16th, 2006, 10:17 AM
I have two siberian huskies - not far off in temp Im sure from Malamutes, I would never dream of leaving them in the garden when I am away, one is a howler the other has never made a sound, though he has attempted to bark and it sounded like it should have come from a Jack Russel

When I am at work they are locked in the kitchen, we have had a few nosey instances, like opening the dishwasher and emptying it, opening the fridge and eating all the contents - we now have child locks on eveyrthing and they have their own toy boxes, full of squeeky toys and chews ( have even taught them to put stuff away) - if only the kids were as good. the radio is left on for them and they can see out of the kitchen window and the conservatory into the garden. They are left for a max of four hours at a time.

Im not saying they are angels as they aren't but huskies and I am sure Malamutes have the attention spam of gnats and get bored very easily and are too intelligent sometimes for their own good.

In the UK if I left them in the garden to howl, I am sure someone would report me to the RSPCA and they would be round here like a shot.

Sounds to me like your babe is bored.

February 16th, 2006, 10:52 AM
so any good ideas to keep him occupied when left alone? He goes through 2-3 toys a week. He's a de-fluffer and he is not a big kong fan. if you tell him put it away he does pick up his toys in a box. I've tried hiding treats in the area-to make life intresting. I don't want to leave him alone with a raw hide for obvious reasons. Uusally that why he goes in the outside kennel. He check things out and a change of pace. It has a dig pit and as fellow mal owners know these guys love to dig. This puppy is VERY smart. I can give you a list of things he's figured out but let's say he knows everyones name in the house and grandpa(he adores my father) one of our games is to teach him new words and go find it. Go find mom he finds me go find ball, leash, glove , toy etc were running out of new stuff. Pretty soon he'll be ans the phone. :D he'll be starrting conformation class soon so i'm hoping the new mental ativity will keep him more entertained. This behavior, started come to think of it shortly after he passed his basic obdience class. hmmmmm. Maybe i should look at agility but he's just so young and still alittle clutzy right now.