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Cookie - free to roam at the Bridge

February 8th, 2006, 11:18 PM
My after-dinner dog-walk around my area tonight turned out be a most upsetting one, has me feeling sad and upset. I hope you dont mind me sharing with you, I know as petlovers you can understand.

Along the way, I spotted something lying in the road, something not moving.

Please... dont let that be a dead cat, I thought. I called ahead out to it.. thinking maybe it was playing a game with my small dog.
But unfortunately, it was what I thought.
This gorgeous fluffy long-haired black cat must have been hit only minutes before. A small amount of blood was running out it's mouth.

My heart just sank as I picked it up carefully to get it off the road, and to check it over. Was it still alive? A sick feeling washed over me as I realized the rib cage was broken. This poor cat was intact, but had internal injuries, and a look into it's little face told me it was clearly gone.
I'm pretty emotional these days. Tears welled up in my eyes - such a sad and needless death. :sad: I dont "know" this cat.. but I felt crushed.
And why didnt the driver stop? Maybe didnt even realize..

I removed it's collar - the tag had a phone number and the name "Cookie". Someone's lovely pet, I couldnt just leave it there, all alone. It surely lived close, somewhere on this street.
Some young girls passing by told me the house it came from, so I picked up Cookie and walked to their home with him.

I couldnt shock them with the sight of their dead cat in my arms.. so I placed him on the ground out of sight first.. and rang their doorbell. Dreading to be the bearer of such terrible news, but wanting them to have their baby back.
Turns out it was not their cat, but one who looked very similiar. They called the number for me, and the owner came at once.
He was pretty stoic about the whole thing, said Cookie was a year and half old. He mentioned that it would be hard to tell the kids, and offered that it was usually a "quiet street".
But it only take one car.

The decision to allow cats outdoors is a personal choice,but I would just like to offer this plea to those who do:

The quietest street gets a flurry of activity in the early morning and early evening when people are coming and going to work.

If you let your cat outdoors unsupervised - PLEASE avoid these times to reduce the risk factor, as well as whenever its dark out.
A small cat making a dash across the road may run out of luck.
Cookie's ran out tonight.

Thanks for letting me vent. We've all come across dead cats on the road, at the side of the road, etc. and I have before too. Some are in a pretty awful state. It just never fails to disturb and upset to see these animal lives cut so short, doesnt it?

February 8th, 2006, 11:26 PM
So sad. What a hard thing to go through, Shamrock. You're a great person to look out for Cookie's owners though. That took a strong heart.:love:

I always feel horrible for any animal on the road because they didn't do anything to us and here we go paving their habitat and driving hunks of metal through it.

But I so wish people would keep their kitties inside. My boyfriend's friend had one of the best cats I have ever met and he was attacked by a dog or a person and had his skull crushed. He'd still be alive and loving them if he had been kept inside.

doggy lover
February 9th, 2006, 09:09 AM
It breaks my heart to see dead animals on the road and as we drive to the cottage alot it happen almost every time. I know up there some cats are wild but still I feel for them. When I see dead dogs I wonder why someone doesn't know where their dog is, Tucker is never allowed to run near a road and we always watch him when he is running loose. My neighbours lost Tuckers sister from a previous litter to the road and I cried when they told me. Like you said it only takes one time. As for my cats they stay indoors.