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hairball distress

February 8th, 2006, 04:48 PM
My cat is in major distress over what I assume to be a hairball. He has never had a hairball before, so he is not on any preventative care, and I'm getting worried about him.

It has progressed to the point where he just crouches in a corner with his head hanging so low that his nose touches the floor.

If I pick him up or touch his belly, he will attempt to throw up and make an angry squealing sound. If I leave him alone, he does not attempt to pass it.

I tried the home remedy of vaseline smeared on his paws, but he is not at all interested in licking it off.

If he is still like this or worse tommorrow, then I will consider taking him to a vet, but I'm really not sure there is anything they could do for him, other than giving him electrolytes.

I think I will try giving him some oil (mineral or olive) through a syringe, it's about the only thing left to do. I could try to give him fish, but I don't think he's interested in eating anything.

Any other thoughts? Could this be an indication of something more serious than a hairball?

February 8th, 2006, 04:49 PM
Cats will usually try to pass a hairball on their own, so him not doing so when left to his own devices is troubling. Any way you can get him into the vet tonight? I wouldn't wait on this one...