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"Free to good home"

November 7th, 2003, 08:56 AM
There is another post that had an article about Animals that are just given away.

My experience. My free pup was severely abused and negleted.

I had found out the women was beating the pups cause they were crying all the time.So i went to the house and she said she had pups for free but she couldn't give them till they were 8 wks. They were 5 wks old. So i asked to see one. I held it and knew i was not letting go. Threw conversation I "Told" her I was taking the pup and that was it. That night the poor pup screamed and screamed. She has such a bloated belly. So Off to the vets the next day only to find out she had severe worms..was under weight...only fed a diet of poop...had a bacterial infection and at that point was not expect to live very long. My heart sunk! Then I was told to give the address of where this was as it was a complete health hazzard as she had 4 kids. Humane society was called. Poor Pup was in pain and had no idea why. I got a call few days later to come to vets and verify if this was the same pups. I went and sure enough. She had thrown them in the dumpster. They were very ill! It was January in -25 temps. She also had 8 kittens ...they were never found and assumed thrown in dumpster. She froze 2 hamster to the front door step and disappeared. I was sick to my stomach at the cruelty envolved here!
After 4 yrs and about 4000.00 on medical bills Motzi is a healthy pup that is very attached to me. I would never change taking her at all. But I wish I could have changed the conditions she came from.

Please be careful of the "Free" offer unless you know the person.
There are some very sick people out there that don't care about the young animals condition.

November 7th, 2003, 10:13 AM
Okay after I finish my crying I'm gonna go hug my Honey again!

God Bless your involvment with this situation, it could have been much much worse.

Big hugs to all the 'rescuers' out there!


November 21st, 2003, 08:40 PM
Oh my what a sad story...I have one dog that I took from a family friend..this litter of pups was free to a good home but those pups were spoiled rotten right from day one..I knew my dog Queenie since she was 1 week old...but when i was a child i got a puppy that was abused..she (Candy) was full of worms and in pain when we took her home...she was way underweight...but she lived a long happy life once we got our hands on for her siblings i have no idea what happened to them...such a sad world...

November 21st, 2003, 09:57 PM
Oh, that is just heartbreaking to hear. :(
Amaruq, you did a wonderful thing reporting that awful woman. Hopefully she had a brain aneurism and dropped dead shortly thereafter.
Oops, did I really just say that? Oh well.