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Releiving himself in the house. My fault?

February 5th, 2006, 02:28 PM
I'm a new dog owner, so I have a LOT to learn. I adopted my dog from a shelter and have no information on his history other than the fact he was a stray. When they took him in he was not neutered, so they neutered him - and because of this we thought maybe he had been born a stray, however the shelter advised us he was already housebroken when they took him in.
He obviously had an owner once, one that trained him not to go in the house and to wait by the door when he has to go.

Well, I work 40+ hours a week and so does my boyfriend (we live together) so we take turns taking the dog out each morning and coming home "on time" (after 8 hours) from work. The dog is not trained enough yet to wander our entire house by himself all day so we keep him in our bedroom. He feels safe in there, and it's his space. He has plenty of room to play, and it's very secure.
9 times out of ten, we come home to an accident free room. And even when we do come home to him relieving himself without us taking him outside, I can't get angry because he is a smaller dog and has to hold it all day.

Anyway my point is - sometimes, when we ARE home, he goes upstairs and goes to the bathroom in the room. Yesterday, my boyfriend took him outside , it was very cold and windy, and all he did was urinate and then my boyfriend brought him back in. They had only been outside for about 2 minutes and I thought that was odd. Within 10 minutes of coming inside the house, I smelled that the dog had pooped upstairs in the room. Sure enough I walked into the room and there it was. I think he is going to the bathroom in there because he is comfortable in the room to the point that it's his domain.

Should I have been mad at the dog? Not in my opinion. I was mad at my boyfriend, who should have given the dog MORE time to go to the bathroom outside. Or should I be upset that regardless, the dog should know better than to go in the house, no matter the circumstance?

Every time he goes in the house, it's because of one of us - either we didn't take him out long enough (yard doesn't have proper fencing so he has to be leashed and we must walk him), or we aren't here to let him out in time.

I got the look from my dog - the "I am guilty of being bad" look. But I didn't punish him. I just cleaned it up and moved on. Am I doing the right thing when this happens? Or am I completely off base?

February 5th, 2006, 02:41 PM
I think you already answered your own question... it's not the dog's fault he has mistakes but rather the human members of the family. Learn to be more vigilent and advise your boyfriend that 2 minutes is definitely not enough time to allow the dog to do it's business.

Lucky Rescue
February 5th, 2006, 02:45 PM
8 hours a day is a very long time even for a completely mature dog. I always suggest to people who expect this to try and hold it for 8 hours themselves and see how it goes.;)

You've only had this guy 2 months and I think he's doing wonderfully well.

For now restrict areas of your home with gates and keep him where you can watch him. Take him out more often and wait til he's done then praise like crazy.

NEVER scold or punish him for going in the house.That would be very unfair. IF you catch him in the act, make a noise to distract him, then RUSH him outside and praise for finishing there.

The best solution would be to get a dog walker or neighbour to come in and let him out during the day.