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Rotti Troubles

February 4th, 2006, 11:04 PM
I've had a new problem lately that is probably all human related. Kody is strictly my dog, so he's more trained then the rest of my family dogs, and he is very smart and knows lots of commands on top of the normal 5.
One of the basic ones I taught him was "Give." and he was very, very good at this because I wouldn't tolerate a growling dog having something they weren't supposed to after my last dog.
Well, I had a huge scare today. Lately when I'm at work, my parents are left alone with Kody, and they have been letting him eat tissues out of the box because its cute! :eek: I was horrified when I came home one day to a mouth full of Kleenex, but when I tell him to give me the tissues, he goes to obey and my mom just walks over me and tells him to "Finish Up" because its not fair I'm being mean to my dog she says >< Lately he just hasn't been doing the "Give" command at all, and I think its because its my mom over stepping me. Today I found him in my cat's toy box, a strict "no" zone for him, and then later he was under my mom's feet eating one of Bruce's fake mice! I told him "Give" to which he growled at me and swallowed it whole.
Although I know how to teach him to give, is there any way to help train my dog the "give" command again and maybe my mom? Please Please Please help, that Metal can't be good for him.

February 5th, 2006, 08:12 AM
I'd say first: train your mom. :mad: I would not tolerate anyone messing up with MY dog !

Then go back to training your dog from the very beginning, reinforcing all good "give" behaviours like it's the first time. Growling at you is definitely NOT something you can tolerate. :eek: Start back and work on this now, quickly and praise praise praise. Spend extra time with your dog until you feel you have gone back to what he knew and did before the incident.

Then either make sure your mom will follow YOUR rules, or else ask her not to interact with the dog when you are not there. I know this would not be easy though since from I read, I think you still live with her ? Maybe you'll have to have a talk with her so she too can have fun teaching your dog the *right* stuff ?

Hmmm, maybe you should ask your mom if she would think it "mean" to take away a box of tissues a (human) baby were eating ? :rolleyes:

February 5th, 2006, 02:02 PM
as always, thank you for the advice, and I don't think my mom is trainable. I still live with her, and she has that "Friend first, Leader of the Pack second" attitude. :(
When I have asked her to stop letting him eat the tissues, she said they'd eat worse in the wild. When did Rottis run free in the forests?! When did random boxes of tissies or worse grow on trees? Maybe its because I'm 17 and untrained in the ways this world.
Any ways, I already have him signed up for dog training classes again to go with him and help him learn the ground work again. my family's Rotti nearly choke to death on a raw hide the neighbor kids gave her and she wouldn't "give" to them. Since then its always scared me that something like that might happen to Kody, and it did. I hope the training classes and me working with him and praise training will help him return to my good, well behaved boy he was before. :thumbs up