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Skunk Stories!!

November 5th, 2003, 12:26 PM
Phewie!! Stinky topic huh folks!

I was wondering if anyone had any funny skunk stories to tell. I have a couple myself that I'll be sharing...but lets hear a little from you stinkers first!!


November 6th, 2003, 07:32 PM
Okay you stinkers nobody wants to start so I guess I'll go first!

Picture this, a cold windy blustery day in November in a suburb of Toronto. It's 5:30 am and still dark outside, a family member lets our little westie terrier x out for his morning pee.

He returns, she opens the door and he runs in......within seconds I was up like a shot from my bed


Yup Rusty had been sprayed right in the FACE and was rubbing it all over the carpet and all over the sofa. The oil from the skunk spray absorbed into EVERYTHING in the house. The smell was worse then any skunk smell I had ever smelled before NOT KIDDING!!

OH it was killing soon as the vet I went with Rusty to his groomer for a shave down and bath.

To Dominion to rent a steam cleaner and NOBODY would come near me I STUNK too bad!

Finally getting the steam cleaner home all windows open and cleaned the carpet and all furniture and drapes. It took me hours while DRY HEAVING And snot pouring out of my nose (sorry for the graphics) it was GROSSE GROSSE GROSSE!

Okay so, finally I figure I can sit and have a cup of tea to warm up a little cause no heat in November and windows open with a cold wind, man it was numbing.

I prepare my tea and sit on a wooden chair that I didn't have to shampooo (lol) take one sip and PTHEEWIEEEE tasted and smelled like skunk!

YUP YUP YUP the odour absorbed into EVERYTHING!! Right into the dressers and closest, cupboards and everywhere. What didn't get washed 4x got thrown away.

If I had ever caught that little bugger I would have made him smell himself HAHAHHHA!

Next, someone elses turn!!


November 7th, 2003, 01:32 PM
Oh, they must have been aweful for you and your dog. When I let our dogs in the other night. I though one of our greyhounds got skunked.
It was just mud smell, thank goodness.

Murph's Mom
November 13th, 2003, 08:32 PM
Hey Luba, me too!

Aside from my Border Collie I have a 2 yr old cat and she had a tangle a couple of months ago that was pretty close but not nearly sooo bad. We had to steam clean, vet clean and clean and clean.

But....the worse part was being in the car a few days later and smelling that horrible smell. I'm looking all over trying to figure out if I'm wearing a piece of clothes that I need to wash agn but wait...that's not''s - MY WATCH!

I was wearing it at the time my cat got sprayed and I had picked her up (of course) carrying her to the vets, etc. Never did I think about my watch. The smell I never was able to get out so....guess what I want for Christmas?!

November 13th, 2003, 09:23 PM
Your two front teeth KIDDING

I know, me and Rusty both got sprayed once and then the little bugger went under my car and sprayed my car


doggy lover
March 14th, 2004, 08:40 PM
:eek: One weekend we were at our cottage, Travis goes out for his half hour wonder around, as he does every morning when we are there. Any way this one morning I'm sitting on the couch and I can smell skunk, but Travis is at the door waiting to come in. As i let him in I said to my husband can you smell that its a skunk, well down goes Travis's head tail between legs so I knew it was him. I said to him is that you do you stink mutter mutter (he liked to talk to himself probably was saying stupid bitch). Yeap it was him just on his forhead the skunk must of been hiding under something, used good old toothpaste on his head to get out the smell, thank god it was only his head could you emagine a 120 lb stinking dog?? Its funny that was the last summer of his life he also got hit by a porkipine, for beign nosy, nine years and nothing last year and he does all kinds of stupid things...