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Effecient use of BSL for dingo protection

February 2nd, 2006, 03:40 PM
just thought i would share this with you all, im pretty happy with it and thought it may serve as a good story on the real, useful and effecient use of BSL to actually protect a breed of dog, not kill it as we have seen of late with out pit friends.

as many of you know i do not approve of wild/undomesticated or native animals being kept as pets, i think it is wrong with many a domesticated pet on the market to satisfy the need. i believe aus native animals should just be left alone.

ok in australia dingos are a wild dog, they are not nearly as domesticated as my puppy and will never be, its not in their nature. a dingo is a high requirement dog, it is highly active and needs a heck of alot of care and excersise. also if you cross a dingo you will find these characteristics in the mixed breed.

many dingos currently live in terrible conditions, too many ppl get dingo pups and do not make an effort to meet the dogs physical requirements, they wont stay in a backyard, they like to roam. so often these poor dogs are tied up or locked in sheds/garages due to their owners not being able to control them and keep them in the fenced yards not to mention dietary requirements and such.. to me this is a total tradgedy and a horrid way to treat a wild animal, and to date it has been perfectly legal to do what one wnats with a dingo with no requirement to fullfil the dogs natural desires or provide adequate care. they have been placed under the normal domestic pet legislaiton, highly unfit for a breed of this kind...

BUT things have just changed. now i know BSL is horrid for you guys, your pets are in danger. BUT i do believe when used correctly BSL can be an exceptional trool for control and protection of certain breeds. DINGOS ARE NOW BEING PLACED UNDER BSL AND I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER ABOUT IT. for the first time in history these dogs will now get adequate care and protection, the new legislation clearly states the housing, care, excersise and mental requirements of a dingo, and anyone with a dingo of pure or mixed breed in its care must obey and adhear. they must also have the dog registered and be placed on a list of owners and their locality known to the authorities.

now i for one am stoked, finally ppl may be swayed from taking these natvie dogs and trying to turn them into lassie ( a dingo crossed with a wild dog say of german shepherd breed is a scary cross i assure you, one state of australia the breeding of wild dogs and dingo is so bad you are not allowed to take a dog across the border without it being desexed, in case it gets away from you). now these are wonderful highly intellegent dogs, and finaly this has been recognised. i also feel that by doing this the govt is directly recognsising the problem of out of control dingo breeding and taking.

if this legislation provides one dog with a good comfortable life then i am totally happy for the use of it, i am sick of seeing native dogs kept in horrid conditions until they either go crazy and hurt themselves or a person, or worse, the owners have it put down as they consider it 'uncontrolable'. (they should never have had it in the first place). these dogs are also high on the dog fight breed list....

these are incredible and beautiful dogs, its high time they had adequate protection, even if it just means one person gets prosecuted for the poor treatment of a dingo, its worth it. if it means one beautiful puppy is protected and left alone, or not taken to fight in the rings, or not take to be dumped in a back yard or tied up, or just not have to live a life of frustration, i for one think this is a great move.

make ppl more responsible, thsi is what BSL should be used for, not the harassment and forced death of millions of kind and innocent household pets.


February 2nd, 2006, 03:46 PM
That's great Mel,I too think they are beautiful animals and they certainly should be left alone and live the way they are supposed to,in the wild.

February 2nd, 2006, 05:07 PM
That's great Mel,I too think they are beautiful animals and they certainly should be left alone and live the way they are supposed to,in the wild.
Agreed as long as they are protected in the wild too , unlike our undomestic dogs {wolves and coyotes} That are still living with a bounty over their heads.