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Memory lives on

February 2nd, 2006, 08:52 AM
It's so sad when my sister told me one of our cats, Monster, jumped from her new appartment (15/F) after she moved in 5 days ago. I was away for holiday to where my mobile couldn't pick up calls. My sister was devasted and cried non-stop for days. She felt guilty and stocked. However, at least she was able to find the body of Monster and held her until the pet shop sent someone to collect the body to incrinate.

I can imagine how my sister has gone through. As I and she went to adopt the kittens 5 years ago. I have lived with them for 4 years before I moved out to live on my own.

Monster was such a sweet and cuirous little thing. She has bought so much good memory to us. Had we known she had such a short life, we would have even spoilt her with things she wanted. However, at least for the time she lived with us, she was showered by our love.

I am still very upset and cannot control my tear when I think of her to die in this way. I blame myself why not I took the cats to low rise house instead letting my sister to take care of them. However, I know I cannot before of heavy biz trip.

This is the first time ever for my sister and I face death with such close distance. We don't know how to react or how to release our feeling. It's just too sad. The worst is now is Chinese New Year. It's not nice to show a sad face in front of others... we feel like we have to hide our feeling and mourning for our cat.

Hope I will see Monster in heaven...:angel:

February 2nd, 2006, 11:10 AM
I am sorry for your loss- have youi ever heard of Rainbow Bridge where the pets go to waot for their special people - she is there frolicking in the grass with other pets. Take care!!!