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Need info on raw diet

February 1st, 2006, 03:15 PM
I have read the previous thread and didnt find my answer there so posting my question about raw diets.
Does anyone have any good recipies or links that could be useful?
Is it ever "too late" to indroduce into the dogs diet? and how should i begin if it isnt?
I feel that my dogs are missing out on some of the benifits of a raw diet.
Also what about veggies? which ones are not good and how much should they get?
Thinking alot lately about dysplacia and yeast infections and other health problems i have encountered with my dogs. My dad told me that "back in the day!" (lol) their dogs didnt eat all these expensive foods and rarely visited vets and they lived long healthy lives. My Border Collie also eats cow feces :yuck: I try to stop him but cant keep my eye on him constantly is this bad for him?? He has been eating it since he was a pup? Why could he be doing this?? Lacking something in his diet??
Sorry for all the questions but have to know! LOL