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slimy green in poop

February 1st, 2006, 01:42 PM
Hi guys

Luna and snoopy, I brought them from syria 3 weeks ago, and now we live in the Netherlands. We love it, dogs too, so many parks etc. so clean. I thought dog problems were over here, but seems to be a problem.

ok, we dont have a car so we buy the friskies from the supermarket as market is close (they ate friskies in syria). snoops is pooing slimy poops, soft, very soft, but not diarrhea. so i changed his diet to eukaneba (top quality dog food, everybody recommends here) as was told friskies is really bad by the vet. just hours ago I fed him a bit of that.

but just now, he went for a poop and there was green slimy stuff on the poop, the last bit of the poop. poop still slimy but there is no way the new dog food was already digested. luna's poops are always pretty good, well formed, same dog food as snoopy.

i am so worried.

for your info, they got all vaccinations (inc rabies) and were dewormed yesterday.

shall I take him to the vet? what can it be? I dont want to shoot the gun too quick, so shall i wait a few days or what?