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Co Worker's Son

January 31st, 2006, 02:37 PM
I started this as a sub topic when I was talking about the mama cat who saved her kittens from a burning buisling in the thread about poor little Punky who died. But - lest I hijack the thread, my illustration turned into a rant so here it is.

I was thinking about mama cats who could teach some of us humans about aiding offspring to leave the nest.

One of the nurses has been complaing for the last year about her son who came home with 2 degrees and is still not working FT and in her opinion, is not helpi ng out with the rent (and she is a single parent, food and his room looks like it was when he was 12. I finally gently suggested to her today that perhaps she should draw up a contract and have him sign it' not that she has to treat him like a tenant and she should help him but he needs to learn some responsibility too. He is not abusive or anything, just not growing up quickly and while he still has not found a ft job in his career as a music teacher - I do know one of my Residents' spouses has been working on year long contracts for several years and finally landed a FT music teacher position at a Halifax school this year so it does take tenacity, patience and showing you really do want to work for that school board/ company/ etc.) And this fellow speaks French so he could even obtain a FT job teaching French until he landed a music post but he has it easy so does not bother. And he really is a nice kid (I say kid and he may be 28 or so, lol) yet I know some 28 year olds who I do not think of as "kids". )

It is partly her prob too for allowing him to take advantage of her even though she loves him and does enjoy his company. But surely he has to realize he is younger - he could start doing (I must be thinking in Frencg againg - making dinner I meant) dinner one night a week a work up till it is half of the time or he finds a full time job and an apartment. I do know apts are costly but one surely thinks more of turning off the lights when one pays the utility bill, lol (Tho as a conservationist, I do that everywhere, lol) .

Anyway - that is my rant - maybe it is just that we have all heard about him all year and everyone complains about it but no one would say anything to her. She did think it was a good idea - tho you know how there are employees who like to play the martyr syndrome. (They do everything, get no help or respect at home, etc.)

She is a good nurse though and especially good with older teens - prob because she knows what older sons can be like, what their intersts are, that kind of thing. So there is a silver lining, lol