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Loud Barking

January 29th, 2006, 01:40 PM
Hi... I haven't posted in quite some time, but none the less, here goes:

I got 2 dogs, Chocolate the barker, and Honey who barks when she hears Chocolate barking.

Chocolate barks when he sees another dog, a squirrel, or cat in the back yard, sidewalk, across the street (basicially within view).

When he barks, it is EXTREMELY loud, he barks to ensure that the intruder is heard (that's what I think, however, neither of them are guard dogs, they're pointers!)

What I have tried in the past is to tell them "QUIET" firmly, loud, and calm. I have also gone to them, put my hand over their mouth, made them look into my eyes so our noses are nearly touching and again say "QUIET" firm, loud, and calm.

This has not worked to the extent I would have liked. They stop barking, until they see something again whether its 15 seconds or 20 minutes later.

Once it becomes "excessive" (meaning that they bark, stop, bark, stop, etc), I threaten them with "MUZZLE!??" and if it happens again (not for one bark but 2 or more), I put on their muzzle and then they get quiet.

I have also tried to take them to another room, or play with them to take away from the distraction, but they get SO wound up (hence the LOUD barking), that they are not interested in what I have to offer -- they want to connect w the squirrel, cat, or dog outside.

Now, on walks, Chocolate is FINE with other dogs, no barking almost all of the time (Honey is the nervous one, she barks like a maniac around other dogs on walks -- most of the time). And again, Chocolate is the one who notices the dogs outside, since Honey has no interest in what's going on outside most of the time.

How do I minimize this terribly loud barking?

My eardrums hurt!!