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Not another litter!!!!

January 29th, 2006, 01:12 AM
:mad: I am soooooo frusterated with someone who lives one town away!!!! I feel so bad for the mommy. Just have to vent here!!! Every spring and every fall these people have a litter of Rottie pups, non registered, backyard bred parvo ridden Rotties! That poor bitch every heat she has she gets pregnate:( Is there nothing that can be done??? I had purchased a beautiful little male Rottie from these people 7 years ago! (Got caught up in the idea of finally owning my dream dog, just out of college)Sadly I had my little guy for 2 weeks then he took ill from parvo and i had to put him down. I have learnt my lesson with backyard breeders!(NEVER AGAIN!!) I saw the ad in the local paper this week and just had to call to see if it was still the same parents. Sure enough it is!!!!!! (these people remember me, the stink i raised bout my puppy being sick they can never forget me) I cant believe them! think about it, that poor bitch is approx. 9 years old now, 2 litters of average 10 pups per litter a year! That is 180 rottie pups in this area, now how many do you think have been spayed/neutered?? My money is not half of them. To anyone who reads this and is thinking of breeding their dogs(even just once) please think of who might purchase the pups and that this could be one of your puppies. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE spay/neuter!!!!!!! Also please dont help keep these people in buisness buy from reputable breeders or rescue organizations PLEASE!!!!!!