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Glucosomine Hydrochloride versus Sulfate?

October 30th, 2003, 03:12 PM
One of my wonderful dogs, who is eleven, has had arthritis for a few years. Recently, I put him on Glucosomine Hydrochloride however I have difficulty finding it. I was told to use Glucosomine Chlorotine(sp). however I noticed there is sulphate in it. Is it o'kay to be using this?

Also, I recently adopted another dog from the Humane Society. he is a sweet boy and has had a miserable young life. He is great in every respect except one big, big problem. I love to hike, mountain bike and ski and have taken my older dog for many years. With my new guy, he goes after people. He is not biting but it's more of a nervous anxious reaction. He has frightened a few people which has caused violent reactions against him and myself. Should I continue to keep introducing him to a variety of people? Surprisingly, he is fine if people have dogs but if someone doesn't, he doesn't trust them. By the way, he is part border collie. HELP!

October 30th, 2003, 05:09 PM
Hi there,
my dog is also suffering the onset of age and arthritis. my vet reccomended a human product called Glucosamine Chondroitan, but check dosages with your vet before using anything. But check it out apparently my vet uses it himself and also gives it to his horse and dog, and he says its great. but do speak to your vet before giving it to the animal. there is also a great dog psychology book you might want to check out for the other problem it is called 'Think Dog'. i cant remember the author but its a very distinctive name so shouldnt be hard to find. Hope this helps....

October 31st, 2003, 12:14 PM
:D Thanks so much. Yup, that is exactly the med I am giving my old boy. My vet says if it helps, then do it but I was concerned about the sulphate. I don't know the difference so I'm hoping he'll be fine. He's a big boy and I give him the tablets twice a day.

As for the book suggestion, yes, I will check it out. Again, thx. for your response.