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France bans cat/dog fur from China

January 25th, 2006, 08:58 PM
I was watching TV5(France) with hubby and France have now banned the import of cat/dog fur from China.
A major investigation is ongoing in stores,furriers.I say kudos to France and all other European countries to follow:thumbs up
We have to draw the line somewhere as what is acceptable to us,skinning dogs and cats alive,then lying about what kind of fur it is,something nonexisting like Chinese Raccoon-dog,when in reality it is a St Bernard or Shepard,or a Chinese Calico wildcat,also nonexistent.
I wish we as a country also had the guts to say no!!

January 26th, 2006, 02:48 PM
Kudos to France.

I know we probably have it here but how can we tell? what can be done? That is something that I would like to fight against if I knew where to look.

January 26th, 2006, 03:36 PM
Luvmypit,it comes in to this country as linings in coats,gloves etc..also often is called faux fur.Since the coats,gloves,hats are manufactured in China and we are being told it's rabbit-fur or some other species we've never heard of,no questions are asked.
I heard on CNN that cat/dog fur is banned in the US,but anything of less than $150 in value is not checked.
I too would like to know who to write about this horror,I'll check in on the original post.
Did you see the post from Taiwan(part of China)where 5-7 month old fetuses are being cooked and served whole in a soup for $1 US all female fetuses,having been aborted.They believe eating the fetuses will make a 67 yr old man be able to have sex with a 19yr old girl.
There are so many outrageous horrors happening in China,still the western world deal with them.It just makes me sick.
Yesterday,they did not warn about video coming up and before I could look away,there was a truck with,what must have been 200 cages on top of each other,each cage holding as many dogs as they could shove in to the cage and they were all on the way to be skinned alive.
Needless to say,I was sick over this all night:evil: But happy to know at least one country,France,cares more about cats/dogs suffering over $$$$