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When (and how) should I ease my dog out of the "puppy pad" phase

January 24th, 2006, 12:16 PM
Hi everyone,

My male golden is 5 months old and he's more or less potty trained inside the house. The problem is, he will only go on the puppy pads; if I put news paper or other paper products there he will rip the paper up like a 6-year-old opening his Christmas presents. I don't mind buying the puppy pads for him to use even if that's all he's willing to go on for the rest of his life, but it just seems odd if he's still using it at, say, 7 years old. So what do you guys recommend I do to ease him out of this puppy pad phase, and at what age would be the best time to do this?


P.S. - Some of you are probably gonna suggest that I train him to go outside, and I do. I take him out on two 30-45 min. walks per day, once in the morning before I leave for school/work, and once in the evening when I get home.

Lucky Rescue
January 24th, 2006, 12:25 PM
You never should have used puppy pads at all. While fine for toy breeds, big breed dogs should learn to go outside right away. Now your dog thinks eliminating in the house is okay and it will be much harder to break him of this.

You need to get rid of the pads and start training him to the outdoors only, since I don't know anyone who would want the smell and the mess of a 65+ lb dog eliminating in the house or even a puppy like yours doing it. Not to mention that when he starts lifting his leg, you're going to have a real problem.

If you can't come home during the day to take him out, there are lots of pet sitting/dog walking services around and this is what I would suggest.

January 25th, 2006, 08:39 AM
If he's used to the pee pads, taking them away too quickly can lead to him going on things, such as rugs, carpets, basically anything that's on the floor and looks like a pee pad.
I would move the pee pad closer and closer to the door everyday, eventually taking the pee pad outside and allowing him to eliminate there. When he does go outside congratulate him extensively, maybe a special cookie. Do not put the pee pad on the floor inside again. You can still use the pee pad when outside until he fully understands that that is the area that you want him to go. At this time you can also work in a command like, "hurry up" or "go pee". This command is very useful especially when you have to leave and don't have time to take a longer walk. :)

January 25th, 2006, 09:40 AM
Ditto - Lucky.
We only suggest pee-pads for people who intend for their 'little' dog to use them for life. Other wise you are doubling your training efforts and it will be much harder for him to be successful. You are giving mixed messages - sometimes its okay to pee inside in my territory and other times its not.
2 outings to relieve himself is not even close to enough. This is a young dog and most Goldens are rabid drinkers. He needs to go out frequently and then start spacing it out more so he can learn to hold it longer and longer. Right now he doesn't have to learn to hold it because he goes when ever he wants to. This needs to be taught.