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Greyhound has bad diarrhea

October 28th, 2003, 07:11 PM
I have a 5 year old Greyhound that has just come down with a bad case of diarrhea. The past two afternoons I have come home from work, and she has had an accident in the house. At first, I was very frustrated, but I have been going out with her when she uses the bathroom. As soon as she tilts her butt down, she has diarrhea, and it seems that she is straining to get something out. I am now concerned for her. I gave her a very bland dinner tonight, and also gave her some pepto bismo. Any other suggestions...please advise. Thanks in advance.

October 29th, 2003, 05:12 PM
Is she throwing up too?

Try giving her boiled rice with a little cooked, drained ground meat, 2-3 smaller meals. You can also add canned (or cooked) plain pumpkin. These often help settle a stomach. Is she otherwise healthy - pink gums, no swelling or pain in her abdomen, acting & eating normally?

If it lasts more than 3 days, I'd get her to a vet...oh, and you also want to make sure she's drinking enough water.