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Bully Cat

January 21st, 2006, 07:37 PM
I really need help on this topic. I have 2 cats, one almost 4, the other almost 1. The younger, a Siamese is a great cat. He follows us around like a puppy, super affectionate and is really playful.

The problem is that he's way too rambumctious with the older cat. She's a laid-back, easy going cat who has been around younger kitties, strangers and dogs before. Never had any problems and always got along with everyone. The two wrestle a lot and chase each other down the hall like crazy. Most of it is initiated by the young one, the other one doesn't enjoy the rough housing too much.

The other night we discovered a healed over scar just over one of her eyes. A few months ago she had a mouth-shaped chunk of flesh bitten off her shoulder that took months to heal. We notice that many times he'll bite her unprovoked. Sometimes he walks up from behind and will chomp on her legs, hindquarters and neck.

We try to stop them from rough housing. He knows "NO!", "AH!", we stomp on the ground and throw pillows in their direction to break it up. He knows he's not supposed to but he still goes after her.

We're at our wits' end. We don't know what to do because we don't want to just ignore the problem and hope it goes away. But at the same time, he's not stopping. I don't know if he's being malicious in attacking her or anything. When he's calm they get along fine. They have the run of the house during the day with lots of toys, and short of locking one up in a room, how would we stop the attacks?

I just can't help thinking what if he really hurts her next time? What if he punctures her eye? I am thinking about getting rid of him and sending him to a family with no other pets, but I would miss him like crazy. On the other hand, the older cat is our first baby and we don't want her hurt either.

I should also mention that she's got a permanently clogged tear duct from recurring eye infections caused by stress. She's always got the goopy eye we have to clean, but she was fine before we got this cat. What should we do??? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Lucky Rescue
January 21st, 2006, 08:54 PM
Your young male is a typical young tomcat - rough and annoying. He's full of energy and is releasing it by attacking your female.

Another young tomcat would fight back vigorously, put him in his place and he would learn to calm down, but your female is a victim for him. Most mature females do not like playing roughly with males.

Unfortunately, the only answer for this is time for him to grow up and calm down, but in the meantime, try playing with him yourself to try and tire him a bit. Use feather wands, smurf balls or anything else he'll chase or play with.

I would lock him up at night, or other times when you're not home and can't surpervise. This way, you'll always be there when they're together and if you see him stalking or bugging her, you can stop him.

It's not fair that your female should be terrorized or injured. This is what I did when I had a young male cornering and harassing my older female. It was the only answer I could find, and he did stop it with time.

I have a young male at the moment, and my older female despises and fears
him. Luckily I also have an adult male, and the two boys play together very roughly.

January 22nd, 2006, 03:19 PM
This is an upsetting situation for all. Siamese cats are noted for their high activity level, though as noted, many young males love to engage in such rough play.
I had almost the identical problem with my new and rowdy young male and my older, demure female cat. He was not injuring her though, a much more serious issue. However, she was under "siege" - an unwilling target of relentlesss chases, stalking, and being jumped on. Clearly this wasnt fair to her -she was on edge and nervous.. not free to move around her own home.

Following the advice that Lucky offered is the best recourse, and it's what I did. I can say that now, months later - there is noticable improvement. I get right "on him" with loud reprimands if I find him harassing her, I have an evening "play-time" (his most active and energetic period) and he does seem to be settling down more now. I'm hoping as more time goes on, this problem will gradually subside.
She still hates him, and I think always will, but they can even share a room now - though a good distance must be kept.
When I go out, or go to bed.. I seperate them to ensure her peace and quiet.
It's not ideal, but it's workable.

Good luck with this!

January 22nd, 2006, 03:52 PM
I have 3 males,one Chico(7yrs) who is totally aloof,hates the younger one Vinnie(3yrs)but will rough-house with my 10yr old Rocky,who also wrestles with Vinnie,but never so anybody gets hurt.
If it gets to the point that one is hissing or growling,because he's had enough,I will most certainly interfere and I have a little water spray-bottle just for that purpose,they'll quickly scatter.

January 24th, 2006, 08:46 AM
Sigghh... I guess as with anything there's no quick fix for this. He is definitely a little more "sane" than when he was younger so I'm hoping the craziness keeps dropping a little bit more as he ages. For now when he gets the "zoomies" we sometimes put him in the basement for awhile, it seems to calm him down a little. There's also a ton of toys down there too so if it helps him use up some energy that's a bonus.

He's a smart boy too, so we know it's not like he doesn't understand. When he knows we're not pleased or we start yelling he runs down to the basement coz he knows there's a lot more places to hide down there. Their food dishes are side by side too and he doesn't eat from hers. They both wait for their scoops and dive in at the same time.

The older cat used to growl and cry a lot when he abused her, there's not as much of that anymore although she will growl once in awhile to keep him in check. Sometimes I wish she would just take him down and show him who's boss. Maybe that would help... My poor kitty, she used to be so pretty. Now she's got a big ugly scar above her eye like she got in a street fight. :0(