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Unimaginable Animal Cruelty in China

January 17th, 2006, 10:36 PM
I accidentally read this story on the web.

I cannot believe somewhere in the world (specificly China), people can be so cruel like this to animals.

Besides calling to the China embassy, which I am sure is useless, because of their notorious stone-walling strategy, is there anything else can we do ??


THE BEAR BILE FARMS OF CHINA -- Read this story then ask your Chinese friends for help.
World Journal, Wednesday, April 15, 1998
(By Youn Show Lee & Translated by Vicky Ho Lynn from Chinese version).

The animal cruelty as reported in the following eyewitness story is unbelievable and something must be done to stop it, urgently. Please do anything you can to publicise and stop this insanity!!!!!!!!

A few months ago while on a business trip, I had a chance to visit Angel Bridge at the foot of Long Day Mountain in China. At that time, we also went to explore a large bear farm that is surrounded by forest and beautiful scenery --- it is truly an isolated paradise. All of sudden I saw about fifteen large cages with bears in them. The farm owner told me this is a gall bladder farm, the purpose of which is to continuously extract fluid from the bears' gall bladders. Because of the high demand, it is an extremely profitable business.

When we arrived at the farm, the bears and the caretaker seemed to be getting along very well, all was calm. Suddenly four huge men showed up and the bears suddenly started screaming fearfully and rocking their cages hard as if they saw a ghost. The caretaker told me every morning at eight o'clock liquid is drawn from their gall bladders. Around seven-forty-five, the bears become agitated and have no appetite to eat and they start screaming and crying desperately for help.

In white uniforms, and without any emotion on their faces, the four men went into one of the cages. They quickly used a steel wire to snatch the bear by the neck, at which point the bear's eyes bulged out and it started gnashing its teeth and crying. They are so scared to death and this trauma causes them to defecate at the same time.

In the bear's stomach there is a hole with a steel tube inserted directly into the gall bladder. Outside the area there is a plastic tube connected to the steel tube for drawing the liquid. The area is covered tightly with surgical tape. When the time comes, the tape and cover are removed and a syringe is used to withdraw the green liquid from the gall bladder. Three big men went in and pressed bear's 4 legs with force and inserted a syringe into plastic tube. When the dark green gall bladder juice was sucked from bear's body, the poor bear opened her mouth so big, her two eyes were bulging and her entire body was trembling so hard throughout the whole procedure.

This kind of severe torturing went on for about two hours until all the bears had been subjected to the same torture. The crying and screaming was so hard and loud and echoed the entire mountain and valley. It frightened me so much, my heart ached and my head started spinning.

After this unthinkable torture, the bears used their paws to hold their stomachs. They curled up and shivered and I could see tears in their bright little eyes.

Around 10:30, someone cried out that there had been an accident in cage number 5. We followed the owner to rush into the bear farm and were shocked at what we saw. A brown bear had managed to pull out his own intestines and was holding them up in the air, roaring and screaming, as if he were madly "protesting" the cruelty and insanity of the humans. There was blood all over the cage. It was so difficult to watch such a suicidal scene. Never in my life had I been in such shock or so devastated. At that time , someone rang the security alarm, immediately people rushed into the bear farm and waving the sharp axe and big steel hook.
The owner shouted: "Hurry to 'rescue' the bear paws! "
The man in the cage was reluctant to continue to go forward.
But the owner stamped his feet and kept yelling: " You have to cut them off while the bear is alive. That is the only way they are saleable! " Right after that, I saw the sharp axe swung and the number 5 bear's paws were immediately chopped off with blood gushing out.

Perhaps the killing smell filled in the cage number 5. The other bears then suddenly started to cry and scream sadly and desperately again and had the tendency to be violent. It shook the whole island. The farm owner had a butcher background. When the bears appeared ready to act violently and workers were panicking and running away, the owner stopped them and ordered them to put "steel jackets" on five of the most aggressive bears and give them a shot of morphine. As soon as the bears saw the "steel jackets", they immediately became quiet. It seemed the bears all got the painful lessons from the "steel jackets", otherwise they would not calm down so quickly.

This whole unbelievable incident affected me so deeply that their sad and innocent faces haunted me day and night and will continue to haunt me until the day I die. I felt a strong need to expose this incident to the world. Please widely distribute this true story and hope that everyone who reads this will do something to stop this kind of insanity from Chinese bear farms and to help these desperate poor creatures. Definitely, the Chinese Animals protection law needs to be improved, urgently.

Please call or write a polite to the Chinese Consulate or Embassy and let your feelings be known, some of the Chinese officials are really trying to help.

VIC. Chinese Consulate-General of the Peoples Republic of China -
77 Irving Rd Toorak 3142
Phone: 03 9822 0604
Fax: 03 9822 0320

NSW. Chinese Consulate-General
539 Elizabeth St Surrey Hills 2010
Phone: 02 9698 7929 or 02 9699 2216
Fax: 02 9319 2430

Chinese Embassy
15 Coronation Drive Yarralumla ACT 2600
Phone: 02 6273 4780
Fax: 02 6273 4878

January 17th, 2006, 10:51 PM
Doesn't WSPA work on these bear issues too?

January 18th, 2006, 12:16 PM
I just can't take any more of this horror from China. I am nauseated all over again, just as I was after reading about the caged animals that were secretly filmed by the SPCA. I feel so saddened for all of these animals, large and small. Does PETA know about this place? Perhaps they can be contacted as well and they can film and expose this despicable farm....

January 18th, 2006, 12:17 PM
sorry for the goof....

January 18th, 2006, 12:24 PM
WSPA has a commercial on TV about this. It's horrible and disgusting!! I hope the people involved die a slow painful death!!:evil: Humans never cease to disgust and sicken me!!:mad:

January 18th, 2006, 04:36 PM
please do not assume this is restricted to china, every country in the world from australia to canada have many incedents of animal abuse and cruelty, its not restricted to china and realistically are no worse than the rest of the nations, its just more widly advertised. our countires have little if incredibly poor protection asnd respect for animals.

to fix these problems i think you should start in your own worlds, that is fight for animal rights in your land and the appropriate treatment of animals, this is the best start. force your own countires to pull up their socks and set standards. there is no point harassing another government when our countires do no better and abuse just the same. yes give money to those who fight for these animals, god knows they need cash, but lets all try and fix ourselves first....

remember that old saying 'clean up your own backyard before starting on someone elses'

January 18th, 2006, 11:42 PM
please do not assume this is restricted to china, every country in the world from australia to canada have many incedents of animal abuse ...

... force your own countires to pull up their socks and set standards. there is no point harassing another government when our countires do no better and abuse just the same

You are right. Every country has some kind of animal abuse, more or less. But the big difference is that in US, there is PETA, Canada has WSPA, which can work freely, has talk-shows, buy advertisements on TVs, organizes campaigns, hands out leaflets, ...

In China, the first minute you plan to start a demonstration, secret police will jump in quickly, and 99.99% is that, from now on, your family will NEVER see you again. Everybody who ever reads newspaper know that I do not lie or exaggerate this fact. Just remember the way they (Chinese secret police) treat Falun Gong members, and you know what I mean.

So telling Chinese people in China to stand up against this cruelty will not work. Simply because China is a police state.

In my opinion, the only way will work is pressure from democratic governments, like US, Canada, ... US has a deficit of ~100 billion with China. The same as with the trade war of clothing, or of shoes, ... if the Chinese government see that they will get the punishment if they keep on letting such cruelties happen, then they will stop it. That's the only thing they will listen to.

The point is that what/how can we do so that our government will raise the issue to China government ?

If you can, please, please forward the article to every friend you know. Millions of western people travel to China every year, bring dozen of billions of dollar hard cash to this police state. If tourists know such aghast cruelties, I am sure they will never go there.

Bring awareness to people. They will decide. Maybe some of them are congress person, senators, high-level government employees, ...

Or, if we (actually those bears) are lucky, if an actor, or actress awares of this, and call for a campaign against travelling to China, then it will be tremendously helpful.

January 19th, 2006, 08:09 AM
I did not read the story,do not want to ruin my day:evil:
As for other countries and cruelty,sure it exists everywhere,but nowhere as bad as China:evil:animals are suffering for all the stupid backward beliefs in China.
We've had this discussion on several occasions to no avail,I would ban them from the worldmarket until they learn to treat humans and animals,humanely:evil:

January 19th, 2006, 08:26 AM
I had the displeasure of coming into contact with a bottle of spirits at a friends-friends house years ago. It was like sake, and was made from Bear Bile. I was horrified. They also had a similar bottle made from snake bile.
This friend got is a present from his chinese girlfriend.
This world is so cruel!
Sometimes I wonder if the chinese are so inadequate in bed that they need remedies to get-it-up! They kill rhinos in africa for their horns, eat tiger b*lls, extract musk from deer, and do this to bears for bile...and the list goes on...
It makes me furious! :evil:

January 19th, 2006, 03:01 PM
dont get me wrong, the chinese govt is very sad and are just as awful to their ppl, who sadly have little rights and cannot do anything on a large scale about this issue (doesnt help the aussie govt getting in bed with them) but there are many orgs that are currently doing wonders with the bears, many are being brought by the various orgs and either saved or PTS due to the animals condition.

BUT i think it is up to our countries to pull up their socks and set a standard, once we have done that i think only then can we go to other places and hold our head high and help.

Quote - 'In my opinion, the only way will work is pressure from democratic governments, like US, Canada, ... US has a deficit of ~100 billion with China'

and that is correct to an extent, but we cannot punish the ppl of china and hate to say it but our own governments let such atrocities happen on our own lands, in australia right now our govt has a practice of killing kangaroos for housing developments, and its not nice, they round up the roos, put them in pens where the roo will kill itself, yes they kill themselves by bashing themselves into wall of the pen, they do it so violently due to stress (known as capture myopathy) the animal in effect kills itself, (saves the govt a motza in cash im sure).

for example in your own land the govt allow the slaughter by bashing to death of little seals...... and the list continues...

in my eyes we are no better or worse than the chinese situation. our govts abuse animals in a grotesque way and to me its poor form to say that another govt or country is wrong when our own govts commit the same crimes, daily.........

Quote- 'As for other countries and cruelty,sure it exists everywhere,but nowhere as bad as China'

well i must disagree, the disgusting slaughter of millions of kangaroos as stated before is jsut as bad if not worse, due to the fact that its only for housing development in prime areas, there is no cultural reason, it is just greed. and the animals pay. we treat them as if their dirt, they have no respect for these roos and many ppl here dont care. we are conciously doing this for dollars. how is that not as bad or if not worse than draining bile for supposedly cultural purposes. the chinese do not have access to our informaiton sources, they do not have the freedom to say no, yet we do and it still continues.

to me that is a crime that is the equvelent of a moral sin of there was such a thing, to be aware and do nothing is a sad crime....

im not saying dont support these fighters, WISPA, WWF, and all the other orgs that are currently on the ground in there doing their job, they need money. i think thats the best way to help, give money where it is truly needed... yes make ppl aware, but the majority of ppl are aware of this practice and that of other bears such as the dancing bears... (bear is strung up by its nose with a hook and beaten to dance to the music for tourists, eventually the bear dances when it hears the music without the beating, simply due to the previous torture).

give cash, its the best way to help. give cash so the workers can stay there and help, give cash so they can buy the bears, give cash so they can establish sanctuaries for the animals..... CASH CASH CASH CASH is the best way to help.

if you aint got cash tell ppl and help your own country to raise its standards and respect animals.

ifo ur nations had higher standards of animal treatment, then we can set the example and do it the right way.....

Quote - 'I would ban them from the worldmarket until they learn to treat humans and animals,humanely'

but if we did this we would starve their ppl, not the govt, so then it makes the whole vicious circle worse while starving ppl who have no choices.....

fix our own problems, then force our govts to work on them.... or force our govts to pay for all the bears, help reinstate good tourism and other ecologically sound industries for these ppl in china, so there will be no need for them to make the money in this way.

and the bloody howard govt is in the position to do this to china, but sadly my priminister does not have a backbone at the mo (were hoping it will grow soon:rolleyes: ) its ppl like johnny howard who can help, its jsut forcing him against the wall is what is needed.....

intyerestingly how many ppl from our countries will go to the olympics in beijing??? the fact is that ppl supprot these countries in many ways including this. i say ban the beijing olympics, if their going to be so crap to ppl and animals in their countries then they should not make billions form the sports.

and a quick suggestion, on my car i have a large banner stuck to the window, it says 'boycott the beijing olympics, human and animal rights before sports'...

i drive everywhere with it, i dont care what ppl think, and if it makes one person wake up and care, then its worth while. consider this type of action, make ppl think, force them to and it may make some difference....

ok mels very long rant is over.....:D

January 19th, 2006, 03:48 PM
Mel,I would never set foot in Beijing,be it for the Olympics or anything else and I agree,the Olympics should never be held in a country like China.
In awarding them the Olympics,we are more or less accepting the human rights violations,the incredibly cruelty inflicted on animals,the killing of infant girls...the list goes on.:evil:
What also makes me angry,I try not to buy anything made in China,but I just bought myself an Italian leather handbag,it says Italian mode,but on a tiny little tag,hidden inside it says"Made in China".
I spent almost $100 on a bag I thought was made in Italy..
Another thing Mel,it's not the government that tortures animals,it's the people who have no compassion for these unfortunate creatures,be it skinning a cat/dog for their fur,or torturing bears.
If an animal has to be killed,be it for consumption or something as trivial as a fur-collar,kill it quick..skinning the creature alive is beyond cruel.
As for Australia,every time I see a travel-ad with beautiful roos hopping around,or cuddly little koalas,I think of what you have told us:evil:

January 22nd, 2006, 12:09 AM
... CASH CASH CASH is the best way to help.
Definitely, cash is king. That's the best solution. The problem is that most of people have to struggle with everyday life, hospital bills, insurance cost going up, vet's bills, ...

So what I think is if you live pretty comfortably, then please contribute money to PETA, WISPA, ... If you do not, then you can still contribute to the fight agains animal atrocity.

How ??

By spreading the words out. Raise awareness. Make more more people know about those atrocities.

Like me, I don't know about the roos situation until you say. I will not travel to Aus, and I will raise this issue in other forums.

Travel industry is a huge industry, either in China, Aus, or any country. Just imagine if people see (on TV) the steel tube is inserted into the bear gall bladder, 4 big men press the bear's 4 legs, and withdraw the bibe, his 2 eyes bulging, ..., who still has the interest to travel to China ?

Of course it will hurt some Chinese people. But in my opinion, it's like chemotherapy or radiation. It kills bad cells, and at the same time, kill some good cells as well. We cannot get everything. Something must be hurt. Or else cancer will win the war.

Similarly in Aus. We need a detailed investigation, with many pictures. If it was put on websites, then animal lovers, like us, send to friends, forums, ... It will keep on spreading out and has a far more reaching effect.

About car decal, it's OK, but I think its effectiveness is very little. Only a detailed investigation, with many pictures can persuade people minds to our causes. If the guy tailing your car see something like "No to Beijing Olympic", or "Aus is roos killing field" (I make this up !), then he doesn't understand why is that, or why he should believe in these messages.

... would never set foot in Beijing ...
That's great ! But if, for example, 400000 foreign people go to Olympic, you don't go, then there still be 399999 Olympic tourists ! No problem. Just a drop in the bucket !

Spread the words out. Make more people aware of the cruelty. Like Mel did with the roos. Then it will be more effective. I believe in the power of people. Inform people about the problem (don't exagerate, don't lie. Or it will backfire badly). Just tell the truth, and add pictures. "A picture is equal thousand of words".

BTW, I just find out that, in China, they also eat fetus as well !!!

If they treat human like that, no wonder they treat bear as such.

Here is the story (scroll down to "scarry dish")

and here is the pictures (don't go here if you are sensitive):

January 22nd, 2006, 09:21 PM
I've seen and heard a lot,but if this is actually a true story,I suggest dropping a bomb on Taiwan:evil:

I know you have a "jokey icon" next to this statement, but . . . that's really inappropriate. Not funny. Not funny at all.


January 23rd, 2006, 06:57 AM
LM1313,I deleted the post,this is too horrific for any trivial comment...sorry

January 30th, 2006, 11:30 PM
It's not wrong you disgust the Taiwanese guys. But don't forget that the scarry food is made in China. Fushan is in southern of China (mainland).

Somehow, I rarely find any good thing out of China. From invading peaceful Tibet, torturing Falun Gong members, killing baby girls, treat bears cruelly, eat human fetus, ...

Do you know that they also eat live monkey's brain (monkeys still alive when they do that) ?


I am speechless.

January 31st, 2006, 07:27 AM
I agree completely,if it was up to me,we would not deal with China at all.
It's ironic they now celebrate "The year of the dog":evil:

Golden Girls
January 31st, 2006, 08:26 AM
This world is so cruel! Sometimes I wonder if the chinese are so inadequate in bed that they need remedies to get-it-up! It makes me furious! :evil:I have had the displeasure of meeting people here who torture a dog for a year then beat it to death for this reason. How sad and barbaric is this. This feast is called Liberation Day. I wonder how they recently celebrated "The year of the Dog".

January 31st, 2006, 09:13 AM
A friend of mine e-mailed me this link a while back and I couldn't watch the entire video as it was too saddening and gruesome. The people in those parts of China will do almost anything to make a buck. It makes me feel ashamed to be Chinese...:sad:

Sorry if this has been posted before, and once again, don't watch it if "slasher" type movies make you quezzy (sp?)

Dog Mom
January 31st, 2006, 10:48 AM
OMG I just tried to watch the video. I am sick to my stomach and my heart hurts for the things that these animals go through.

Golden Girls
January 31st, 2006, 11:00 AM
Please do not watch these video's about these acts nor click in to any links related to these topics. It is way too graphic and it will change you. I only went in to try and understand what/why but will forever regret having done so. My nightmares will never end. But I'm mad enough not to ever give up my fight for animal rights.

Never mind trying to change China or wherever - look in your own backyard, laws need to change right here.

January 31st, 2006, 04:02 PM
GoldenGirls,I do not ever watch anything as horrific as these Videos,it would send me into a panic-attack,wanting to get on the first plane to China..or haunt me for the rest of my days,I just cannot deal with it,since there is not a darn thing I can do about it.
It is not anything new in China,whether it be animal-abuse or human rights abuses and it has unfortunately made me hate anything Chinese:sad:
The worst part is,they are rewarded by holding the Olympics,in my view a total outrage:evil:
I watched Larry King Live,where Paul McCartneys wife,Alec Baldwin and a few other celebrities were present,all trying to fight for the millions of dogs and cats,skinned alive every year for imports to the western world,in the form of fur-linings in coats,gloves etc...even called faux fur.
I talked to the owner of a little gift-shop in my local mall,selling little ornamental cats,looking very lifelike(made in China)there are tabbys,calicos and all colors.How many Calico rabbits are running around out there??
She was under the impression it was rabbit-fur,but believed me when I said it's more likely real cat-fur,taken from cats,skinned alive.
I wish we could,like in France,ban all questionable fur from China,or all fur period coming from China.
Also,you are right about cleaning up our own backyard,but the scale of what's going on in China is beyond any decent persons comprehension and the world needs to know about it.
France started and I am sure the rest of Europe is to follow,I wish we and the US,would see beyond the $$$-signs and scrutinize what we are getting from China,the human and animal suffering behind it.

January 31st, 2006, 04:50 PM
Sorry, I'm new, and I can't send private messages and I really don't want to threadjack or whatever, but Chico2, can you give me more info on this France movement your talking about? I just don't believe that there could be a "humane" way of selling/manufacturing fur?

And I agree with not watching the videos, it will definitely change you and give you nightmares...I've had sleepless nights when I first read an article about animal cruelty.

China is just a country lacking in any and all respect for anything living...whether it be humans, animals or the environment.

Golden Girls
January 31st, 2006, 06:41 PM
Ditto Chico2 to your whole post. I was also referrring to the fact that there are Chinese people who bring this kind of crap to Canada - and WE as neighbors are looking the other way. You won't believe how many times I've heard people say "oh that's their culture, what can you do". BULL - that's not a culture it's their choice to torture animals. Everything that is done is very precise, robotic, and planned out. As long as an animal feels sheer fright "pumping of their adrenaline" it's a perfect meal. And they laugh at this sight. Pure discusting people. Never mind the fur industry and that animals are literally skinned alive without any concern of their pain. Or the rabbits they stuff in jars alive - to sell as ordaments that WE buy. Education is the only chance animals have here - they need our voices. This kind of torture must stop.

January 31st, 2006, 10:29 PM
If it were up to me, I'd skin one of them alive and hang them by the animals for display so the next morning the others could see what they do to the animals :evil: ...but then again, that'd make me no better than they are...hmm...what a predicament...:yuck:

But I think the best thing to do is to reduce/eliminate the demand for furs and these type of things...*sigh*

February 1st, 2006, 07:33 AM
sorry Doglover604,it is no "movement"in France,it's a law and stores,furriers are being investigated,furs seized,if it's suspected to be cat/dog.
Unfortunately I have no link,since I saw it on news from France(TV5,Channel 65)my husband is from France and we watch the news every night.Here is their web-site.

Golden Girls
February 1st, 2006, 10:38 AM
If Canada would do as France does - I'm sure it would enlighten alot of people about what their actually supporting when purchasing products from China. It's really quite useless checking tags right now as it says "made in Europe" - yet it was actually from China sold to Europe then re-labelled to Canada.

I bought a coat a few years ago and the label says:
Shell 56% polyester, 44% acrylic Made in China

After watching Larry King - I'm afraid I'm wearing a few golden retrievers.

I do now watch very carefully what I am buying - and it'll never again be faux-fur!

Golden Girls
February 1st, 2006, 11:35 AM
There is a very large article in "PHOTO POLICE" (newspaper sold only in Quebec) Vol 38, #37 dated Feb 3rd, 2006 on the brutal way China kills dogs and cats for both fur and meat. The post popular breed for fur is the GSD's.

It is also said that it is getting more and more suspected that these brutal acts are going on right here in Quebec.

Sad as it is reading this - the word's out there, and for that alone there's hope.

February 4th, 2006, 11:56 PM
Never mind trying to change China or wherever - look in your own backyard, laws need to change right here.

Please, don't do that.

These pitiful animals cannot speak. They cannot know where to find help. We are their only, and last, hope.

We are all animal lovers. If we are not, we would not be in this forum. We should, and must, fight against animal cruelties, wherever they are. In China, in Australia, in US, in Canada, in France, ... ., anywhere, our own backyards included.

We should never tolerate, or looks the other way, these animal atrocities. Silence means agreeing, just passively.

If we don't do anything, it means that these unimaginable cruelties keep on happen, or even growing.

Could our conscience accept that ? Could we still live with peaceful mind, awaring that far, far away, half around the earth, many animals are going to their worst, most painful, extended death ?

Thanks Hunter for let us know the video. I will forward the link when I have a chance. Others, please (I emphasize again, please) do that as well.

You never know where these words end up. It might end up at a high-level ranking government employee, it maybe a CEO's wife, it maybe an actor/actress (like A. Baldwin, P. McCartneys, B. Bardot, ...), or it maybe just some imminent tourist.

How many Western tourists, when they walk on the Great Wall, when they sail on Hancho river, when they visit Nankin emporors palaces, when they admire the Ming's dynasty monuments, ..., aware that, besides these glistering sight-seeings, there is another, completely different, underworld, where lots of animals are living in hells, waiting for their slow, gruesome death ?

Do you know how many tourists went to China ? About 100 millions, in 2004. That brings in to them around 20 billion of dollars !

If none, or a very few number, of tourists know these horrible, horrible things, its our fault. We know and we silence. We contribute to these atrocities.

February 5th, 2006, 08:08 AM
Mycat,the celebrities you mentioned are all involved in trying to stop this horror.
Here in Canada however,not even a sideline in the newspaper,nothing:sad:
I have sent this video to all my friends,although I personally did not watch it,I've seen enough over the years..:sad:
Maybe we should send it to Mrs Harper,who professes to be an animal-lover?
I believe if people were better informed of the origins of products they buy,be it a furlined hood on a jacket or a furry ornament,they would abstain from buying it.
But how do we get this out there?

February 5th, 2006, 03:33 PM
quote - 'on the brutal way China kills dogs and cats for both fur and meat. The post popular breed for fur is the GSD's.'

hey woooo there, um now lets step back a moment, im sorry but how many ppl here eat meat, have you ever seen a cow or pig slaughtered, its disgusting, cruel and woefully painful for the animal,. or how about the poultry industry, have you seen them slaughter or abuse aniamls for the benefit of human consumption??? ever caught a fish, recent experiments show they have low tolerance to pain and experinece a heck of tourture when caught on a line?? and the lsit goes on.


the fact is ppl around me in this world eat the flesh of innocent creatures, and even here in australia their killing is not so humane, jsut because its not a cute cat or dog does not make that animals life any more worthelss or they experience less pain or cruelty (having witnessed the australian abitor industry first hand i assure you its not nice and totally wrong and inhumane). i think ppl need to get that clear, jsut because you dont like it does not mean that essentially many ppl are itno the same thing, they jsut dont get to kill it themselves.

just imagine what went through the cows head next time you chow a burger, how is this any differnt from eating cats and dogs, really i would love to know what makes them better than a common cow??? to say china must stop this, well how about stoping the slaughter in your own lands??? just a suggestion....

quote-' Somehow, I rarely find any good thing out of China' really do you truly think that is whats in your heart?? being one of our closest neighbors (australasia) we are lucky to get alot of chinese culture, and they form a very important part of our history in australia.chinas has some beautiful aspects, and especially the way they treat family and their overall history, interesting stuff.

but you may have done alot of research into their culture and jsut decided yo udont like it, i feel the same about america, i dont see the point of it and find nothing good in it but i tried to research them first.:D

this is not about chinese ppl hating animals, its about history, culture, mis information, a lack of adequate access to new informaiton and poverty forced my a communist govt that is not into equality for all among the many reasons.

as i stated before we need to encourage new industry here, such as eco tourism, this is one aspect that could take off for china whilst maintaining bear populaitons. they have great opertunity, but its up to us to set the example and then encourage them onto different things.

and lets not forget all the incedences in our lives and countries that are no worse or better than those in china. so next time you eat an animal think about the pain it suffered at death, it may make certain issues a little more relevant and highlight the cultural similarities here.

February 5th, 2006, 03:53 PM
Mel,I understand what you mean,but we DO NOT skin animals alive and throw the still living animals in a heap.
We DO NOT keep bears in a tiny cage with a a steel tube in there liver to extract their bile for some idiots sexual failures.
There is a HUGE difference..
I am well aware of what goes on in our slaughter-houses and at least here in Canada hopefully we will change some of the practises.
China has NO regard for animals suffering,or people for that matter,killing an animal for food is totally different from skinning it alive for fur,or torturing it for life because of stupid outdated beliefs.
I suppose you missed the "fetus-soup"where you can by a bowl of a 7 months old aborted female fetus for $1US,boiled and ready to eat,also with the belief a"male"will get stronger sexual prowess from the female hormons:evil:
Sorry Mel,but you are wrong here,there are things going on in China that are beyond cruel,it is evil!!

February 5th, 2006, 05:30 PM
Great post Melanie,I agree and am not surprised the usual bashing of China is going on.

February 6th, 2006, 07:20 AM
LL1,What is perfectly acceptable to some,gives nightmares to others.
It is not as much China-bashing,as inhumanity-bashing. China unfortunately is on top of my list for animal cruelty,far worse than any other nation.
Poverty or the communist government,has nothing to do with human decency.
Ignorance to the prolonged,torture and suffering of another living being,be it for fur,food or bile to further once sexual prowess,is beyond cruel.
Yes,there are many places in the world,where we humans cause suffering in animals,Canadas sealhunt,bull-fighting in Spain,Mexico,Portugal,our slaughterhouses etc..but it's a far cry from what is allowed to happen in China.
The final insult to humanity is to award the Olympics to a country where,human rights are nonexistent.
I am off my soap-box:thumbs up

February 6th, 2006, 07:26 AM
I totally agree Chico!!!:thumbs up
Your not bashing China, just their inhumae ways, all because of some ancient customs and beliefs!! It's time to get in to this century and understand that a Rhino's horn will not make you better in bed, nor will sea horses, or tiger penis, bear bile, or bear paw. Please stop the torture!!

Golden Girls
February 6th, 2006, 09:53 AM
MyCat: I agree with everything you said - I was being sarcastic, I'm sorry. This discussion has come up many times and not only on this board. To clarify, I feel 1st we must educate, then fight and stand up for what is morally wrong by not allowing animal exploitation to go on in our own country. Maybe then our voice would carry more weight. Because as it stands now, it does seem pretty hypocritical to scream and yell when many forms of animal abuse is not only tollerated but ignored right here. Our own laws are in desperate need of changing as well. I believe if people like us speak out we together can make a difference. But it is not to say that our concerns for the animals in China be ignored either - absolutely not!

February 6th, 2006, 12:32 PM
I disagree Chico.I find the posts about China generally are racist in tone and disturbing.Many people in Canada and the US also are incredibly cruel to animals,most people brush that under the rug as they eat their burgers and steaks.

White Wolf
February 6th, 2006, 01:34 PM
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