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How Geeky are you?

January 16th, 2006, 10:13 PM
It often occurs to me that I'm a huge geek.

I quite seriously told my BF that he could get me a REAL Storm Trooper costume instead of an engagement ring.

I know what an AT-AT is.

I like to have people creat calculus problems for me to try and solve (oh yeah..don't forget chemical equations!)

one of my favorite websites is

I know why this phrase is funny: "There are 10 types of people in the universe. Those who understand binary, and those who don't"

I have the iPod font.

I collect fonts.

I have more email addresses than shoes.

I want to buy the scrolling LED badge from

I have been with

I am always the first person people call/email/frantically run to when they have computer problems.

I own more video games (and am better at them) then my BF.

January 16th, 2006, 10:57 PM
now that I have worked in the cell business for a while I took an online quiz and was classified as a cellphone geek. I know what MNDs, ESNs and MSIDs are
WLNP compatible, upgradable and non upgradable
also of course 2g and 3g

but I have no idea what At-at is

I have no interest in video games but my kids love them and they are better at them then I am. :D

January 16th, 2006, 10:59 PM
I'm an English nerd. I hate it when people mix metaphores and when commercials have either spelling or grammar misteaks.;) But I'm clueless for computer and cell phone stuff. (I'm one of the last people alive without a cellphone...)

January 17th, 2006, 05:57 AM
this is an AT-AT from Star Wars:

Rick C
January 17th, 2006, 09:37 AM
You really need to look into Geek Chic and take the Geek Test at the Rocky Mountain News . . . . .,2777,DRMN_23960_4177038,00.html

I'm obviously a geek for even knowing about the above link and for posting it . . . . . . and for being obsessed with the new Battlestar Galactica (So Say We All!!!).

Not a big Star Wars fan though but I can probably tell you the colour of the planet the Enterprise is circling if you name any of the episodes from the original series made in the 1960's.

Rick C

January 17th, 2006, 02:03 PM
Here's a cool test that explains the difference between a Nerd, Geek, and Dork and has an on-line test that ranks you.

I qualify as Pure Nerd (65% nerd, 8% geek, and 13% dork).

I am an engineer! ;)

January 17th, 2006, 02:19 PM
I'm "Joe Normal". Apparently I scored about 1/3 of each Nerd, Geek and Dork (slightly more Dork than the other two ... should I be admitting that in public??:o ).

Hey, JJ, were you the one I was talking to about Ducatis once before?? I lost track of that thread.

January 17th, 2006, 02:22 PM
I am Joe Normal according to that test. It shows I am more nerd then anything else.

So I knew it... all my life I knew I was cool.... This just confirms it:p

January 17th, 2006, 02:23 PM
37% on nerdiness

14% on geekosity

15% on dork points
I guess I'm Joe normal...or Jane normal:D I guess my kids are right:p

January 17th, 2006, 02:28 PM
LOL! Cpietra - according to your percentages, you're not all there! You're only at - like - 66%. OMG!! :eek: Does the fact that I added that up make me more of a geek?? :p

January 17th, 2006, 02:54 PM
:D well there is not a geeky bone in my little ole body, i swear there isnt... but that stupid test is a liar, its saying that im over 50% nerd, nah im not, i just liek to be aware to put in a nice way.... stupid test, its a dork really...

quote- 'I quite seriously told my BF that he could get me a REAL Storm Trooper costume instead of an engagement ring.'

and there is absolutly nothing geeky about such a request, if i had thought of it i would do the same, nothing about starwars is geeky, its all just rather cool actually:D

i must admit that i find myself rather cool to an extent, i am very much the individual living way outside the mainstream, and to me thats just very cool.

and as a scientist i have found the real geeks are mainly botanists, yep their a bunch of geeky nerds, have you ever seen one run, its a cak, and i find it does not matter the nationalilty either, they seem to have this arm in, duck waddle run about them, its like their trying not to run but trying to walk at a faster pace, odd really but funny to watch. i have always derived joy out of watching groups of botanists run, you gotta see it, its hilarious (and no apoligies to any botanists out there, you think your cool and thats what counts really)...

and to me if i think im rather cool, thats all that counts. couldnt give a rats arse what the world thinks, and i think thats even cooler really. so bugger the test, im a friggin legend in my world, ha ha oh yess i am......

but as for the rest of yas, what a pack of geeks and nerds, lol:D

January 17th, 2006, 03:05 PM
This is what it told me.
Tri-Lamb Material
52 % Nerd, 39% Geek, 65% Dork
but it gave me a paragraph about being a nerd and didn't say anything about dork and the percentages don't add up???

January 17th, 2006, 03:22 PM
43 % Nerd, 13% Geek, 30% Dork = Joe Normal...
There might be some overlap in the criteria? Like some geeky stuff is also nerdy? and maybe some of you isn't any of the above? Maybe? But then analyzing this probably makes us more nerdy...:o

Rick C
January 17th, 2006, 03:33 PM
I'm 60% nerd, 60% geek, 47% dork.

I'm a Modern, Cool Nerd.

So . . . . . I got that going for me after all.

Rick C

January 17th, 2006, 03:37 PM
LOL...BIG TIME.... Writing4Fun....real big time Geek....:D :thumbs up
Actually that's the first thing I I wonder what the other 34% is....:cool:

January 17th, 2006, 04:25 PM
I'm a mix between literature geek and computer geek, I help out with editing papers, read books all the time, enjoy Chaucer best in Middle English but am on call computer support for all of my family and friends. I also still play Ultima Online and occasionally Guild Wars or Star Wars Galaxies (do you play raingirl?).

January 17th, 2006, 04:29 PM
Modern, Cool Nerd
69 % Nerd, 52% Geek, 21% Dork

LOL, I think that is how I would consider myself.


As soon as I read that you wanted a REAL Storm Trooper costume and you knew what an AT-AT was, I almost fell off my chair laughing. You are a rare find and your BF is lucky to find a high quality GEEK like you. My GF has accepted what I am, but still looks at me with a blank face when I talk about some stuff.

January 17th, 2006, 04:41 PM
Hey, JJ, were you the one I was talking to about Ducatis once before?? I lost track of that thread.

yup, that was me. I currently have a 2001 Monster Cromo 900, which is under constant modification (as most Monsters are)...much to the dismay of my wallet! :p

January 17th, 2006, 04:56 PM
Joe Normal
30 % Nerd, 4% Geek, 39% Dork

Well I think I fall mostly under the dork category. I had to answer yes to the one that asked if anyone occasionally commands if your shoelace is undone, or if you have food on your face. :D

I also trip lots especially over Joey, I actually tripped over Joey once in the kitcen fell on the dishwasher door and broke it off its hinges. So I think I would fit well under klutz category.

January 17th, 2006, 04:58 PM
69% nerd
34% geek
26% dork

That sounds about right to me. I actually thought I might be a little higher on nerdiness and a little lower on geek and dork. But I'm not surprised to favor nerdiness. :)

January 17th, 2006, 05:10 PM
Joe Normal - 30% Nerd, 4% Geek 0% Dork :cool:

jesse's mommy
January 17th, 2006, 06:47 PM
I'm definitely tri-lamb material. I'm such a dork!!

40% nerdiness
48% geekiness
93% dorkiness

January 17th, 2006, 06:52 PM
JJ, I've pm'd you to avoid hijacking this thread. ;)

Papillon, I think you should retake that test. There's no way anyone can be 100% dork-free. There must have been a glitch in the system. :D ;)

January 17th, 2006, 07:35 PM
aparently I am a "Modern, Cool Nerd"
69 % Nerd, 100% Geek, 34% Dork

I guess I answered all the "geek" questions correctly! I told you I was a geek!

January 17th, 2006, 08:12 PM
I ranked as a Modern, Cool Nerd (65 % Nerd, 56% Geek, 21% Dork ). Now my Atari t-shirt IS cool! :crazy:

January 17th, 2006, 09:36 PM
Fun quiz!
Pure Nerd is my ranking.
52 % Nerd,
13% Geek
47% Dork

As I scored low in the geek dept, and am not in the "cool modern" grouping of nerds:sad: .. I also have a question.
What's a tivo? phone?:o

January 17th, 2006, 09:50 PM
lol, A tivo is a recorder for TV. The Canadian equivilent is a PVR.

January 17th, 2006, 09:55 PM
oh....:D :o
Thanks for the info, Never heard of either...

Sigh..guess I'm just hopelessly nerdy;) .

January 17th, 2006, 10:14 PM
I absolutly know what an AT AT is. Star Wars is one of my favorite movies, I do have fights with my kids about episodes I, II and III. I don't think they live up to their potential but thats just me.

I am a pure Nerd

56% nerd, 47% Geek and 30% dork

That's a good thing right?

January 17th, 2006, 10:48 PM
LOL, 2 years ago for xmas, my sister got me this huge TIE Advanced x1 Star Fighter with the lil "action figure" to go with it. It's awesome, it shoots missiles out a couple feet.

Star Wars is great, but I must say I never thought about buying a costume. lol, yet.

January 18th, 2006, 05:55 AM
here is a pic we took of some people at toronto comic/sci-fi/anime/horror-con this summer:

January 18th, 2006, 05:57 AM
here is another (see...i want one of those costumes!! imagine geting to wear it each halloween!)

January 18th, 2006, 06:45 AM
Hey the costumes are cool, but I'd still go for the ring.

Unless you were going to have a real theme wedding.

Him as hummmm, Han Solo and you as Lea in disguise?!! on the beach with your dog as chewie. Yup thats it.

Of course the choice of flowers would be hard and I don't know about a veil.
Flowers in the gun barrel??

January 18th, 2006, 09:03 AM
My son got a starwars book out of the library and was reading it last night. Him and my other son seem to be into this science fiction thing a bit. Unless it is just a boy thing too. They are really into these bionicles. They are made by lego and have really stange names like Nokama and Vakama. They even know the whole bionicle story and spend hours building and rebuilding them.

January 18th, 2006, 12:02 PM
Okay I took the test again and my new score is 34% nerd, 0% Geek 0% Dork.

I'll stop telling people that their shoelaces are untied, or that their tags are showing.:sorry:

January 19th, 2006, 02:27 PM
Well, I guess my bf was right! I scored 'PURE NERD'

You scored higher than 76% on nerdiness

You scored higher than 26% on geekosity

You scored higher than 26% on dork points

Nico always calls me Nerdlinger (he got that from a Simpson's episode...) or Smartypants.

January 20th, 2006, 01:36 AM
How geeky are you?!?!...umm let's not go there shall we?? lol

I think people are geeky in a number of different ways.
I'm not one for math or sci-fi stuff or bio, but I do turn my nose up if someone i'm socializing with doesn't carry out a good conversation, with facts that I find important to discuss....such as the media role in society and how people are slowly becoming one with their cell phones. zombies I say! :evil:

and I'm particularly geeky with my art supplies and my collection of flora that's struggling with my cats over the rule of my apartment lol

I like to think of myself as an intellect not as a geek :D hehe., but then again , it's amazing how many "dumb comedy" movie quotes I've memorized. Ben Stiller's a genius!

January 20th, 2006, 04:10 AM
I am definitely a geek - a gadget person fersure but don't consider that geeky tho it is a prelude.

There was once some 25 phrase long thing to say you know you are a geek when... and I think 23 or something applied to me, it was kinda funny. Like you can list your friends' email addys but not their snail address and number one was "Your Dog has a website" - at the time my rabbit had one.

Even before that, I was in line at the grocery store and there were the ominpresent magazines at the cash (This was like 1994 , well before the days of ATM checkouts, lol) and one of the magazines was about Windows, I thought "How wonderful, I can read about Windows." I was soooooooooo disapointed to discover these windows had glass panes and ledges and... sigh!

Aas, tho,I was always a geek. I wanted to add Pascal or C as one of my second languages as a requirement for my PhD since I was not allowed to use French - it already being a langauge I knew well. And then one day when I realized I knew every word to Tom Lehrer's Elements songs. On another occasion, the waiter in the restaurant introduced himself as "My name is Tony and I'll be your server" and I sooo had to bite my tongue to respond "and my name is CK and this is L and we are your clients."

Raingirl and other geeks, you might like these jokes - I have a small collection but these are some of my favs, I actually lol at a few of them,esp the 1st one which I think really tells you who is a geek and who is not.

Have you heard about the object-oriennted way to become wealthy?"
- "No..."
- "Inheritance."

"How many C programmers does it take to change a lightbulb?"
"Three, and the bulb would have to be removed and reinserted several times before they got it to work. And no-one would be able to change the bulb after that."

: How many C programmers does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: None, they forgot to declare it first.

Q: How long does it take a C programmer to screw in a light bulb?
A: 24 hours--3 minutes to put in the bulb, the rest of the time to compile all the libraries...

One of my Residents who is helping me with the procedures we do with robots and by distance, ie developing progarms to take vitals when I am in Halifax and the patient in Edmunston, some 9 hrs away has this sign on his office door. I think it's cute (and sad but true as the saying goes, lol)

MICROSOFT: Most Intelligent Customers Realize Our Software Only Fools Teenagers

Finally, I have this in my office, :crazy: (It came from somewhere online actually)

You Might Be a Programmer if...

you lust for O'Reilly books.

you know that "goto considered harmful".

you are looking for the "else" at the end of this joke.

you believe that making a wrong program worse is no sin.

every combination of three letters is a meaningful acronym for you.

when you are counting objects, you go "0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B,C,D...".

you can remember seventeen computer passwords but not your anniversary.

you are sure that the year 2000 is a leap year, and know why it is dangerous.

you start laughing hysterically when the topic of computer reliability(and I would add security) is brought up.

you go to balance your checkbook and discover that you're doing the math in hexadecimal.

the language you are best speaking is English, but the language you are best writing is Java.

on vacation, you are reading a computer manual and turning the pages faster than everyone else who is reading John Grisham novels.

January 20th, 2006, 03:31 PM
I quite seriously told my BF that he could get me a REAL Storm Trooper costume instead of an engagement ring.

I'd like to see a picture, but I don't know if it's because I'm a geek or a pervert. :D

January 20th, 2006, 03:38 PM
I know what an AT-AT is.check

I like to have people creat calculus problems for me to try and solve (oh yeah..don't forget chemical equations!)math kicks sand in my face

one of my favorite websites is thinkgeek.comI like that

I know why this phrase is funny: "There are 10 types of people in the universe. Those who understand binary, and those who don't"I laughed out loud

I have more email addresses than shoes.yup

I want to buy the scrolling LED badge from thinkgeek.comCool!

I have been with wilweaton.netseveral times

I am always the first person people call/email/frantically run to when they have computer problems.yes, but usually because I've already done every stupid thing possible, and they figure I done whatever they've done, and I can tell them how I fixed it

Mrs. Schwinn tells me that my SpongeBob ball hat, SpongeBob t-shirt, and SpongeBob baseball shirt also qualifies me...

January 20th, 2006, 03:59 PM
What's wrong with Spongebob? :confused:

And can someone please explain the "binary" joke to me?

January 20th, 2006, 05:07 PM
Hungh. I came out Joe Normal. Hehe...normal. I think the test is broken.

doggy lover
January 20th, 2006, 05:50 PM
I can't believe that it said I was pure nerd! How rude, I was always the cool:cool: kid in school, maybe age has made me into a nerd:D . I know that I'm dog obsessed but a nerd, no way.

January 20th, 2006, 08:31 PM
binary is the computer languate where everthing is made of 1's and 0' figure out the rest.

January 20th, 2006, 08:41 PM
Isnt 1 on and 0 is off. Eeks I think thats all I can remember isnt computer programming based on the binary system.

January 20th, 2006, 08:43 PM
Originally Posted by raingirl
I have more email addresses than shoes

actually me too but its because I forget them then set up new ones. :D

January 20th, 2006, 09:42 PM
It's so comforting to know that there are other huge geeks/nerds/dorks using this forum. It turns out that I'm a modern, cool nerd, with numbers that don't add up, 52% nerd, 56% geek and 26% dork.

For the most part my geekyness stems from Star Trek (mostly TNG and beyond). I blame my father for hooking me. In addition to owning a Jean Luc Picard (He's so sexy for an old bald guy!)collector plate, I also assembled a huge Enterprise model which I hung from my bedroom ceiling until I moved out of my parents house at 24, I collected all the TNG collector cards, action figures and own the seasons on DVD, I own quite a few of the Star Trek movies and episode books. I own other various Star Trek products as well (playing cards, key chains etc...). I have always wanted to go to a Sci Fi convention, but no one wants to go with me and I feel that if I go alone I'd be teetering on the edge of loserville. I made a life size bust of Mr. Spock in my ceramics class in highschool. I actually got offers to buy it! My parents still proudly display it.

I am also a book nerd, I love to read and I do it all the time, sometimes at inappropriate times. I enjoy music that is off the beaten track, that's somewhat geeky, I guess. I'm not a computer geek, but I know more than the average person. And for some reason I am full of useless knowledge therefore do very well at trivia games and such. Sometimes I'm embarrassed about the large weird words that I use in general conversation. I am most definitely a nature/tree/environment geek, but it is my profession.

I don't think I've ever analysed my geekosity before, I feel good about it.

January 20th, 2006, 10:52 PM
I'm "pure nerd," but that can't be right because I used to have my head shaved and pierced things and Prin says that makes me cool! I don't know though, I always thought that geeks and nerds WERE the cool ones....the ones who don't give a damn about being anything other than who they are--not about being what everyone else thinks they should be. That's pretty cool in my book.

January 21st, 2006, 05:02 PM
My cell phone rang and just reminded my I have Yoda as a ring tone. I'm sure that gets me a few points in the geek category...

January 21st, 2006, 06:02 PM
mine is the super mario theme music....

jesse's mommy
January 27th, 2006, 07:54 PM
So Jim is flipping through the channels on TV and does something nice for me -- he puts on sixteen candles. I look up and it's the middle of the movie and I start saying line after line in the movie because I've seen it that many times. Then he stops, looks at me and says: This is why you are a dork!!! :p

January 28th, 2006, 01:11 AM
Joey's Mom, you have the0's and 1's part right. Some woman I met once wrote a book about women in computer sci and she called it Zeros and Ones for some reason (mostly bec she started with Babbage and Ada what's her name (the one the language is named after, daughter of Lord Byron) -- Lovelace - it just came to me, lol and the difference engine I think) I am really interested in computer history but her book was hard to read - she jumped all over the map.

Anyway.. binary is kind of a numeric system (Feel free to jump in Raingirl if I don't describe this in the best way - it's late and I tend to teach more medical stuff, lol - even if I did actuallt like math (but never admitted it too often). I had an Intor to Programming that explained binary so well but it is downstairs and I doubnt the cats will go get it for me, lol

In school, we learned the ten based system 1,2,3,4 and so on. That decimenal system had 10 digets and binary (bi) has 2 (0 and 1). Computers are based on the binary system so that everything is done with those 2 digits - including all caclculations and they are like decimal only with 2 digits. So instead of Base-10, it is Base-2 so if you convert one to the other, the 1st 8 nemeric values (sorry, it's all I can think of to describe that) are:

A single 0 in binary represents zero.
A single 1 represents (2^0) or 1.
10 represents (2^1) or 2.
11 represents (2^1 + 2^0) or 3.
100 represents (2^2) or 4.
101 represents (2^2 + 2^0) or 5.
110 represents (2^2 + 2^1) or 6.
111 represents (2^2 + 2^1 + 2^0) or 7.
1000 represents (2^3) or 8

and so on.

Maybe this explains it better:;jsessionid=4MOFZIYYVP4RUQSNDBOCKH SCJUMEKJVN?term=BINARYNUMBERS%20&_requestid=906830

Or there is a definition in wikopedia surely ---

January 28th, 2006, 07:06 AM
I sincerely hope my life never depends on this its still all greek to me. I think I have to grasp the idea for a while before it sinks in. I took a test one time and apparently I am totally right brained which makes it hard for me to grasp these kinds of ideas. Although it is 5am so maybe both sides of my brain arent quite awake yet.

What about the Dewey Decimal System that one just popped into my head.

January 29th, 2006, 11:20 AM
Yikes :eek: !! How can one person be so Nerdy ?!? I thought surely the first test must have been tabulated in error (62 % nerd, 26 % geek and 50 % dork) so I took it again - I mean I can be a bit over the top sometimes but how can I be 138 % THERE ? The second-round results were WORSE - (I admitted I like to sit at the front of the class, I only end up sitting at the back cuz I'm late all the time and I actually DO read fiction - one genre natch - and only a few times a year okay ?!) but Holy Hoppin' Hats now I'm 87 % nerd, 37% geek and holdin' my own at 50% dork. So there you have it - I'm a 174% madhatter.:crazy: - something my dawgs have been trying to tell me for years...I do speak dawglish, I just don't listen.

January 29th, 2006, 12:26 PM
I FINALLY took the test - tho that question that includes both spelling and grammar (I am great at grammar, awful at spelling the easy words, tough scientific terms I am fine with, lol) needs to be divided, lol. Here is my score - sooo nerdy, lol

Modern, Cool Nerd
100 % Nerd, 66% Geek, 47% Dork

January 30th, 2006, 12:25 AM
Though I haven't taken the test >P Im not so much old school geek, as much as new school. If those of you have no clue what Fandemonium is, its an anime/videogame/science fiction/every thing geeky nerdy convention. Made for the fans, by the fans. (I have a HUGE part in it being I plan most of the events and have a habbit of buying things for can be very money draining)
I love Star Wars, but I'm more of a Video Game Nerd. If I could learn to fight with Hans Solo or learn to count frames in Tekken, I'd take the later...
But, as for the Geeky Intellegence part, years of home school and drive to learn things on my own have made me very book smart. :thumbs up