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New Leash !

January 14th, 2006, 03:31 PM
I have bought Declan a new leash 1 month ago which I'm quiet pleased with and thought if anyone else needs a new lead you might look for a "Smoochy-Poochy". Mine is a leather-like wide and flat poly-vinyl which so far has withstood Ceili the-grab&tear-tugger, being stood on by me when Declan decides to meet&greet a passing pooch with his customary lunge and Bridie's full-body-roll-in-smelly-wet-mud-tickle-my-belly with nary a tooth or boot mark and being poly-vinyl dirt & slobber just wipes right off. It has a sturdy clasp at both ends and several grommets along the length if you want to adjust it from 6 (or 7) feet down to about 3 (or 4 ?) feet. It also has a sewn on mesh bag holder which is handy. Now before you think I've bought stock in the is not inexpensive. I bought mine in Rosedale so the price was likely jacked up considerably but, it was still about $72 with tax. I know they have a nylon version which I imagine is considerably less. For those of us with more than one dawg they have a shorter secondary lead to attach to the primary lead. The website gives you a phone # or email address to call for stores which carry their goods. I've already told the grrrrls they need to start looking for jobs if they want one of their own.
Happy trails are us....