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dog behaviour query

January 14th, 2006, 03:07 PM
This is just an intersting thing that happedned today that I caught myself thinking about. It's not a big deal, I'm just curious.

I live in a basement suite. The folk upstairs have a (male) dog that lives in the yard. I appropriated the gated area (where the other dog cannot go) between ours and the neighbours house for my dog's potty area.

A day or two ago, the other dog got in there when Ky was just finished and proceeded to pee over top of the area. Ky was upset and tried starting a fight over this, but I called him away.

Then, the next time I asked Ky to potty there before going on a walk, he seemed very disturbed and wouldn't pee on the same area the other dog did. He would circle around to that corner (his preferd spot), then sort of snort and shuffle over a few steps, then circle.. etc.

I get the whole pee-territory thing, and I also get why Ky would try to warn the other dog against covering up his marks, but why would Ky be hesitent to just pee in that area again, and renew his mark.

Is it because (however much it annoys Ky) the other dog is bigger and dominent over Ky. Ky has tried to fight a few times (the other dog used to steal and hoard Ky's ball. we don't play in the yard anymore), but the other dog just stands his ground without fighting, and I always call off Ky.

When in competiton, I've seen two dogs pee over and over in the same area, rather than one warning the other not to and then refusing to pee there after.

January 14th, 2006, 04:44 PM
There must be something in his pee or his body language that tells Ky that he's dominant no matter what. When they're almost equal in scent, they over-pee, but when one is very strong, peeing on it won't change the smell. Be careful though- the neighbor's intact german shep peed on our bushes and Boo wouldn't pee outside here for a bit. :(