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much bleeding!

October 22nd, 2003, 12:51 PM
Since last weekend my youngest dog of two (a mixed breed of irish terier) has a viral infection.
She first started to vomit and later that day i also found blood in her stool (not sure using the right word,i mean when she ****s).
I immidiatly went to my vetinary and she could not tell for sure what was the cause.
She subcribed Metoclopramide against her vomiting and Salzosulfapyridine for her viral infection.
After a day she was only getting worse,so she also started an antibiotic course and serum for two days.
My dog is drinking enough water now so she decided to stop the serum and continue with the other medicine.
Although my dog feels a bit better now and is much more lively,she still is loosing much blood when i take her ouside for ****ting,her pee is clear.
It looks like a slimy liquid with much blood and has a dark red color.
It is her 5th day of threatment but the ammonts of blood she loses worry me much.
my vetinary said we should just continue the treatment as she still is not sure what exactly is causing her ilness.
Any ideas?
My dog (age:3) was bron in a mediterean country but has been living in The netherlands with me for the last 4 months.
My other dog only vomited the same day once but had no other problems.
thanks for any reply!

October 22nd, 2003, 06:41 PM
Hmmm...sounds like an obstruction - I wonder if both your dogs got into something. I

Has your vet done an xray to check for that? I'd think that would be the logical next step - I assume your vet palpated her stomach & got no pain response or felt anything - but that doesn't mean there's nothing there.

If your vet hasn't thought of that possibility (and not saying she hasn't) I would change vets!
One of my dogs had something obstructing her bowel - a piece of sponge. Nothing showed on film, and my vet felt nothing - but she's a real stoic dog. He operated because he thought it might be incusseption (sp?) and found the sponge. Daphne's symptoms were similar to your dog's, but with the sponge removed she was back to her bouncy self in a couple of days.