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The Definition of a Woobie and other tales...

January 10th, 2006, 12:19 PM
One of my dear friends sent this to me today, partly knowing I needed the chuckle, but partly knowing that while my 2 aren't Goldens, they have WOOBIES!!

Just exactly what IS a Woobie, anyway?

As a service to non-Goldens everywhere, I'll start by explaining what a woobie is. The best definition was written by a nice man named Bill Schulz, who lives in Midland, Michigan. I quote below from his definition, which appears at Golden Retrievers in Cyberspace (along with lots of other GReat stuff!):

woobie - (wu-bee or woo-bee); n., 1. beloved object, often carried around in the mouth for extended periods of time; 2. Foul-smelling object often saturated to twice its normal weight with pet saliva; 3. Pagan object of worship, often embraced by canines of the Golden Retriever breed {italics mine}; 4. Constant companion, sometimes revered and sometimes abused; 5. All-purpose mouth-ornament, may function as pacifier one moment, and dental floss the next.

Many of our favorite things can qualify as woobies - stuffed animals, tennis balls, or even dad's old socks. (I even count hard things like nylabones as woobies, but I'm not sure other Goldens do.)

So you see, even if you're not lucky enough to be a Golden Retriever, you can still be a Woobie-Lover. If you're fortunate enough to be as spoiled as I am, you probably get woobies every year on your whelpday, or Christmas or Chanukah. If you DON'T, well it's time to give your owners some remedial training! So now that you know what a woobie is, grab your favorite one, and settle down for a nap while my mom tells us all . . .

January 10th, 2006, 11:25 PM
I love my dogs because they don't have woobies.:D :D

January 10th, 2006, 11:39 PM
I'm off on a search tomorrow for new woobies for the dogs.

All the old Woobies died in a tragic accident before christmas (they were loved to death) and need to be replaced as sons room is becoming empty. Cocoas search for a new woobie is deciminating the stuffy population.

January 11th, 2006, 08:58 AM
I thought that lil tale was a riot cuz just the other day, Simon "exorcised" 3 of their shared woobies, for what reason I have no idea. Got a call from my friend who stops in to check on them and she said my place was covered in fluff and she found what appeared to be 3 carcasses on the floor (Pointer also had bits of fluff still on his muzzle).

January 12th, 2006, 04:43 PM
New woobie search successful.

Went to the dollar store and bought three stuffed pillows Cocoa got one embroidered "DIVA". Lacey received the one with "sweetness" on it and Buster got "STAR". The trick here is to keep Cocoa away from the ones not hers. She gleefully ran off to her box when presented her Pillow. Hiding it under the blankets, then came back to try for the other two. Lacey the (sweetheart?), fended Cocoa off with growls and a don't you dare attitude. And Buster turned tail and ran to my sons room and hid his in the closet. Ah what a happy household.

January 29th, 2006, 12:21 AM
Annie, as a puppy, we gave her woobies. She picked them up, loved them constantly, and cried when ever she couldnt get to one of hers when she had been bad. Years passed, and eventually annie decided it was more fun to just smash open Woobies, normally a stuffed bear of some kind, and rip the stuffing all over the yard.
She still gets woobies though occasionally for the holidays, and only inside.