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Muzzle issue

January 9th, 2006, 11:59 AM
Hey ya'll sorry I have been in and out of the loop lately. Hope everyone is doing good and keeping well.

I have a small not big issue but one I wonder if I can fix. Capone doesn't like his muzzle but he does not bother with it anymore. I noticed when I walked him with me and my stepdaughter he at first would not move once outside and then constantly tried to take it off. My SO says that he does not do this with him at all. My SO then took capone for a walk this weekend with his daughter and again wouldnt move at first and attempted to take off his muzzle numerous times (he usually walks capone alone) . So in conculsion when we walk my SD with capone he will take off his muzzle, won't move and runs (whether I like it or not) to catch up with her or stops in his tracks to wait for her. I think it is quite sweet considering I believe he is protecting her or wants to be able to.

My question though is what can we do to put capone at ease that we are able to protect his human sister and that he doesn't have to worry. The thing is he is with some serious tugging able to get his muzzle off. It cannot go any tighter and I will not tighten it anymore so basically is there any way I can make capone more relaxed with his muzzle and in protecting his sister?


January 9th, 2006, 12:13 PM
Welcome back!!:) We missed you!!

I'm wondering, who is higher on the totem pole? Your SD or Capone? I think maybe Capone feels he is higher ranked and therefore feels he must be her protector when they are out. My only suggestion would be to reinforce the pack order. Maybe your SD can give him commands when they are walking together and when Capone puts up a fuss about his muzzle, your SD can tell him "No" in her best alpha voice. I dunno, just my thoughts. My Zoe is protective over me and it can be hard to deal with at times!

January 9th, 2006, 12:47 PM
Any other time he is not protective or maybe we never noticed. Capone is so good with SD that I also don't want to jumble anything up. At the same time I would like to be able to take the both of them. I think copper'smom you could be right about this so i will give it a try.

Ill have her even hold on to the leash (while I am actually holding it) and let her tell him heal, sit ect.....

Thanks Coppers'mom give my love to zoodles and copper!

January 10th, 2006, 12:57 PM
Is your muzzled a wire one? If so, they have special straps that hook over the top. Then the muzzle is hooked around his neck and around the top of his head. Thus making it near impossible to get off. I'm pretty sure that SuperPet carries the wire muzzles now.

Also, another thing that you can do is sit with Capone and show the muzzle (maybe make him touch) and give him a treat so he knows the muzzle's a good thing. Then you can upgrade to putting the muzzle on without tying it up and then putting it on fully. Muzzle = treats. I'm pretty sure he'll start liking it after a while. It took Sadie (my youngest one) a while to like wearing hers.

January 28th, 2006, 08:39 AM
nokia at first hated it outside so i would put in on and let her run in the house to get use it reinfirming pack order as well but play with capone while the muzzle is on in a comfortable place like inside or if you have a fenced yard were they can run ::grouphug: :clown: :ca:

i also dont like muzzling bulls to due it makes them look vicous