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Do dogs clean themselves

January 7th, 2006, 09:52 PM
Does anyones dog clean themselves? Joey will lick his fur like hes cleaning it like a cat.

Is this normal. I hope he doesnt get fur balls. :p Perhaps its related to his collecting behavior.

January 7th, 2006, 10:08 PM
lol my malamute puppy does this to. even licks his paws and washes his face. He also gets fur stuck in his throat and will gag and cough for a min. and not to be really gross but u can see the fur in his daily poops:yuck: I asked the vet about this when he was younger( i thought it might be a nervous disorder) he said some dogs do that but I should be extra careful when walking him that de doesn't go near anybodys yard that has had a fertilze put on it.

January 7th, 2006, 10:57 PM
My doggies lick a little bit but not excessively....:)

January 8th, 2006, 02:59 PM
Sophie is a licker. She licks her feet all the time. I call her my 4 legged make up remover.

January 8th, 2006, 04:07 PM
My dog also baths herself like a cat. Washes her paws then
her face. Licks everywhere she can reach just the same way a cat
My Boyfriends Aunt's pomeranian also does the same thing.

January 8th, 2006, 09:44 PM
LOL hes doing it right now. :D