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A true friend to cats

January 7th, 2006, 05:39 PM
This isn't a newspaper article but I thought it might make someone smile.

I have a friend who has several cats and birds. She was very careful in remodeling her home to keep their needs in mind. I just wanted to share a little bit about how she's been caring for her friends animals the past few months.

LB has a friend who had a stroke and has been in a nursing home for months. She has been going to her house every day to care for her cats. Not just food and water but staying there to keep them company. As she said "They had need for more than food and water." She has a demanding job and her friends home is out of her way, add to the fact that she also visits the nursing home I believe daily. The time and attention she gave the animals was more than some people give their own children let alone animals.

Well I found out that she has adopted all three of her friends cats (1 sixteen year old cat and 2 four year old feral cats who decided that the inside of the home where they were being fed looked inviting and allowed themselves to stay) and brought them to her home. And she did it over a period of time so that the animals felt comfortable with her first. And then she brought carriers to their home and left the carriers there with the doors open and treats inside so they would have time to explore them and get comfortable and so she wouldn't feel as though she were trapping them.

She brought them home and gave up her plans for a reading nook in order to accomodate the new additions and give both cat families time in their own space.

Should her friend recover enough to be able to care for them she will give them back but if not they have a forever home with LB.

I just thought that it was so refreshing after reading recent posts about animals being poisoned by neighbors and other saddening news.