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Visits from "beyond"?

January 4th, 2006, 04:23 PM
An online friend of mine believes that her deceased daughter makes 'contact" -sends various messages and signs to her and other family members - that her spirit reaches them in a real and tangible manner.

She certainly is not the only credible person to believe that their loved ones who have passed on are "here" from time to time. A lot of people have experienced events that they sincerely believe was their loved one's presence.

The area of the paranormal is fascinating, but of course a very gray area where there can be no real "proof".

Those who believe in other-worldly contact often say that one must be "receptive" in order to receive such messages.
I have never been a 'believer", likely never will be... and so I just cant be receptive.

As nice as the notion is, I view this as a result of the longing and desire of what one "wishes" to be the case. If it offers comfort and reassurance,there is certainly no harm.( unless you are paying money to some con person to "help" you) :sad:

I strongly believe that the human spirit lives on in another realm - but just dont feel they come back to earth for visits.

On the other hand, many things in this world defy logic.
Who can say for certain?
Have you ever encountered such a phenonemenon? Do you believe it is possible?

January 4th, 2006, 06:48 PM
My mom died shortly before I turned 16. It was a rough time to lose my mom as things were just happening in my life slowly that needed a woman's touch. Anyways... I was having a particuliarly blue day one day and shopping for groceries when I had the most calming feeling and could smell L'Air du Temps in the vegetable section. I of course looked up and around but couldn't see a single person near or around me.. I chalked it up to somehow mom came along to just let me know she was watching and it would be ok. I am definitely not a believer in the paranormal per se but this was very unexplainable and did the trick. Maybe it was just my mind playing tricks on me but the scent was undenyable and the calm feeling as well.

Lucky Rescue
January 4th, 2006, 06:55 PM
Who can say for certain?

Right. I"m pretty open minded about these things, and have had several such experiences occur out of the blue.

BMDLuver, I'm sorry you lost your mom so early in life. This is a great loss at any time but especially for a young girl.:(

doggy lover
January 4th, 2006, 07:28 PM
I believe that people that have passed on are our guardian angels, and are there when we need them. My grandfather passed when my daughter was 2 weeks old, he and my nan had come from England to see the birth of my daughter and a few hour after their arrival I had her, I always said that I was waiting for them to see my tummy. He passed suddenly of massive heart attack in a cab on their way to the airport to go to Florida, it would have been his first trip there he never made it. So his body was returned to England and I never seen him again as my nan would not let me fly after having a baby so soon. On the day of his funeral I had a dream that I was sitting talking to him and he told me that he would always watch over my daughter not to ever worry for her. I woke from the dream at 6am on the button, with him telling me he must go as he must be somewhere else, I begged him to stay but he was gone. I found out weeks later that at the exact time the car carring his body had showed up at my nans to take them to the funeral. It was a strange feeling.
Also my husbands grandmother died when I was pregnant with my son and she had told me that I must have a son as he would be the last in the name. When my son was 3 months old he suffered from SIDS, most babies don't survive he did, I think she didn't want him in heaven so she made sure he stayed here by watching over him. I know that this all sounds crazy but I think that they are still there for us watching over us and when its time for us to go they are waiting for us to join them.

January 4th, 2006, 07:45 PM
I do believe in them but not if the people are "looking" for them.My dad died when I was 13 yr old.I "told" him he could come and see me but not as a ghost because I would be afraid.I was the only one in my family who dreamed about him.Then,2 years ago I lost one of my best friend.He was a really cool guy that I highly respected because he was very positive,even when he was dying of cancer.A couple of months after he past away,an insect came to my screen door,it was like a "menthe religieuse" but brown.(sorry I don't know how it's called in english) it's an insect that looks like a twig.I had never seen one,it was long and skinny (like my friend!) and kind of stared at me.It stayed there for about 10 minutes.I was sure it was him,trying to make me laugh.

January 4th, 2006, 07:53 PM
Wow Doggylover, I got goose bumps reading your post.I think its easy to discount these things when you here the stories from other people but what you know in your heart, you know in your heart! I did have a "ghost story" that I was posting but somehow got logged off, nothing paranormal, it happens whenever I take too long to post, but after reading your post, I feel like I know what you mean. Somethings you just know, especially around your babys, like when I was pregnant, i woke up one morning and knew my baby was a girl, it wasn't like intuition, or an inkling, l have had that many times before, it was just an absolute, it was knowledge, Its not exactly what were talking about I know, but still, its inexplicable, there are "connections, energys, souls, spirits, I don't know what but I do believe theres "more" than we can explain with logic.

doggy lover
January 4th, 2006, 08:03 PM
I know what you mean, when I was pregnant with my daughter I bought pink things and girl announcements, with my son blue things and boy announcements. My mum still swears that I asked when I had the ultra sound and I swear on their lives I never did. I just had this strong feeling of what they were. I also never try to predict friends babies, I was never right when I did. The only other strange thing a friend of mine had a baby born with cancer and through out her pregnancy I had a bad feeling that the baby would die. It was hard on me when it actually happened I always wondered if I should have told her. Even before she went into labour she was leaking a funny yellow kind of fluid not the normal kind when your water breaks, I knew something was wrong but I told her to go to the hospital and thats what she did, I didn't want to scare her so I never said anything, not even to this day as it would have never brought the baby back or saved it at the time. I guess that is why I was always there for her after she lost the baby, we are still very close friends.

January 4th, 2006, 08:43 PM
Thats so sad Doggy Lover, Im glad she has a great friend like lyou to stick by her, and I think that you were right in not saying anything, what good could have come of it?

January 4th, 2006, 08:53 PM
I was always a skeptic - and still am, ever the scientist - but withoput getting into too many details - I have encountered two such experiences with people that I loved who visted me at the exact hour that they died. Both had been people U had often discussed death with, who wondered about the beyond and were quite spiritual (one was a Roman Catholic nun who taught theology and courses about death) and the other was my grandmother. Initially I felt I was dreaming but they were there talking to me - as if alive - the next morning in bopth instances I discovred it has been the exact time they had died. One had been killed in a car accident, my grandmother died in her sleep - she had breast cancer but had not been expected to die that night and I was away!! It was not a scary experience but I still wonder if it really happened and almost never talk about it lest someone think I am a little crazy.

I have however heard many people who have had similar experiences - given that I meet so many people who cope with death and dying.

It does give me hope.

January 4th, 2006, 11:19 PM
The problem I have with spirits watching us is the idea that they're watching us when they fell like it. You could be in a compromising position and there they are! So I prefer my privacy.

I've never had any ghostly encounters, but I know so many who have that it makes it less unbelievable. I believe more in spirits and in "animalism" than in dogs telepathically talking to humans (even though Byrd makes a very compelling argument and hearing it firsthand is more convincing than anything else).

The problem with spirituality is that it fills a void, lessens a pain, brings hope and answers unanswerable questions, but for those of us who have never had any safety net at all, it's hard to believe there is a giant metaphoric one out there anywhere. My grandmother died and any feeling I have about her I chalk up to memories and parts of her spirit that live on in me. If there was a god he would not be so nice to me as to let my grandmother come for a visit. It's just how I feel.

January 5th, 2006, 08:54 AM
I have enough stories to fill a book. That being said, I do believe. I remember a dream I had about my deceased grandmother, and at the end she said she had to go, and I begged her not to. She said she had to and to tell my Grandfather that she was okay. I found out later my sister had a dream with the EXACT same ending.

This is the same woman who, on the way back from the hospital from cancer treatment said, "Schwinn got a red car". My grandfather replied, "What??" "A red car...Schwinn got a little red car. I don't know what kind, but he got a little red car". Chalking it up to the morphine, he ignored it. He later had a call from my uncle, and hung up and said to my grandmother, "Scott's going to give Schwinn thier old car", to which she replied, "I told you". Apparently my uncle and his girlfriend had talked about it then called him right away to let me know they were going to let me buy thier old car...a red Honda Civic. (D'oh! Now I'm all veklempt!)

My dad tells me that when he and my mom were together, my grandmother used to "do things like that all the time". Some say I got that from her, because I've had many freaky incidents myself (from something as silly to seeing the set for a new TV show before it aired, to dreaming about a fire in a factory that later burned down near my house).

So, in summary, yea, I believe. But I'm skeptical of the professional psychics. If they are so good, why have they not won the lottery? And why do I need to call THEM to make an appointment? If they're any good, the should call me before I know I want to see them! "Just calling to let you know I have you booked for February 18" "I wasn't planning on coming to see you" "You will".

January 5th, 2006, 10:46 AM
I have a great interest in Ghosts, spirits and Psychics. I don't think even half of the paid psychics are real. One I believe in is Sylvia Brown, shes on Montel a lot. She seems to really say things that are off the wall and not generic. Not sure if I would bet my life on her authenticity but most of me believes she is true.

I have also had weird feelings and things that drive me to do certain things without knowing why until its done or hours later. Call it intuition but what is intuition really? Right after my mother in laws sudden unexpected death l;last year I found pennies around. What was even weirder is that I would put hubbys change away and go back to that spot and there would be another coin. I usually shrugged it off as just missing one but it happened alot and I would have to be really blind to miss what I missed.

My hubby was sitting with his friend in the garage with the garage door closed. Hubbys friends dad was in the hospital and they had lit a candle as they sat in there just chatting. The candle blew out and as far as they could tell the doors were closed and no draft was present. The candle wasnt flickering before at all either. 10 minutes later the phone rang and his father had died. He swears this story is true and feels very strongly that it wasn't a draft. I even though believing in these kind of experiences I always look for the logical explanation first. COuld have been a draft but it was very unlikely.

One experience I had that was very clear cut was that I was at a friends house, we were swimming with my step daughter and friends kids. We were inside now getting ready to eat when the little girl after being sent downstairs to get pop came back up after a long time. I asked her what took her so long. She said the little boy wanted me to play. What little boy? The little boy downstairs, he asked me to play. Well about 3 months maybe earlier we had done a Ouigi board reading and let me tell you no one was moving the board and it the "spirit" said that he was 7 and a boy. It knew personal questions about the family. It was the most convincing experience of my life.

So when she said that. I turned white as a ghost and the adults that were there that had done the ouigi thing looked at eachother. Weird thing is no one said anything about it for months. But we all agree it happened and that no one moved the ouigi board and that the child was so sure and nonchalant (sp?) about it.

Once I snuck out of a friends house (younger) and was running down the street to cacth the bus to go to a late party, she was going to meet me at the bus stop. As I am almost there something still dont know what but I had this overwhelming urge to go back and go back quick. I turned around and ran back. Had no idea why at all. Got back in, mom had called for me (which she never did espceially that late). My friend hung up on her and when I got there she was like call your mom now.

Sorry so long I have more stories but these are the ones a most remember and are pretty convinced about.

January 5th, 2006, 03:29 PM
Thank you for sharing, these stories are all just so intriguing, fascinating.
And some touchingly poignant too. I am so sorry for the sad losses that some of you have suffered.:grouphug:

What could be more beautiful and comforting that to believe that our loved ones who have passed are watching over us, and may even come to us at times of trouble? You dont need a "sign" for this... just have to believe.
I envy my friend who receives this reassurance, and wonder about the mystery of it. I've never experienced an event such as the ones you have relayed, but that doesnt mean I never will.

One thing is certain - it cant "all" be chalked up to imagination or wishful thinking. I agree with Babyrocky - what you know in your heart - you know.
The intensely personal nature of such an occurrance is not just experienced, but "felt" too. Something that cant be accurately be relayed with words.

As for the psychics, I feel most are fakes, but believe there are some people who truly have a gift for this and who are able to sense, to 'see' what others cannot.
Even the police have been known to use them in certain instances.. and sometime the accuracy of their predictions are startling. How could this always be just a "coincidence"?

"there are more things in heaven and earth"....

doggy lover
January 5th, 2006, 07:30 PM
I love stories like these, its really makes you wonder. When my grandmother was dying 2 years ago she had whole conversations with family members that had passed on before her. She even spoke to a brother that no one knew who it was until they spoke to my nan's sister who said that he had died as an infant, before she was born.

The first day we brought Tucker home, well to the cottage as we got him up there, he went and layed on Travis's grave and went to sleep. Why he picked there I don't know, we own 16 acres he could of gone to sleep any where else. He still wonders over there from time to time and noses around Travis's head stone, its not like he can smell him he was burried 4 feet deep, I wonder if he can just sence him. I told the kids that Travis tells him what to get up to, all the bad things. Ha Ha

January 5th, 2006, 07:43 PM
Okay, heres my m ost signifigant one but in this story the ghost is me, Many years ago my unhappy childhood was briefly interupted 'the unhappiness I mean, when we spent two summers at a lodge in Muskoka. I loved this delapadated place. It was the closest thing to a "home" that I had ever felt. It was run by two familys from Ohio. I soo loved them! They took me under thier wing and I spent most of my summer helping out in the kitchen etc., bonding with these familys and staying the heck away from my own. My younger brother and sister, whom I like LOL were exploring "secret passageways" in this 120 yr old inn when we heard them screaming hysterically from one of the hall ways. They had seen a ghost and swore it was my ghost, it was me only ghostly and transparent. Always the drama queen, I was the convinced I would die before the summers end and they had experienced a preminition. Okay, i know, it didn't happen but the eeriest thing about it is for one, to this day, both my brother and sister swear that they saw "my ghost" (brothers a little nuerotic, but sister is a PHD and not in para-psychology) and the other thing is I still have recurring dreams about the lodge and the people, but in the dream they cant see me...Im always trying to communicate with them but they don't know Im there. another dimention maybe...LOL but if I were ever going to haunt anywhere that would be the place...ooooh...scary, but come on wouldnt it kinda freak you out if someone saw your ghost??? On a more serious note, I have always had a connection with that place, I havent actually seen it in decades but there is a strong sence of myself that is all wrapped up in that place and no other. Thats why them still believing , after all these years ,that they saw what they saw is pretty astounding.

January 5th, 2006, 10:43 PM
I actually have a former nurse - now living in NY (upstate) who works for state lab but her night job is a ghostbuster. She is writing a book - and I have been editing. Ohhh,... the stories!!!!

January 5th, 2006, 10:52 PM
Sounds cool and scary CK please share when your done! We can buy the book. I met a ghost buster once too! He called himself a "psychic investigator" I called him the
"night stalker", now that guy had some stories!

January 6th, 2006, 12:18 AM
Summer before last my mom's purse was stolen from her car when she went to the spa. I spent two intense days making one call after another to cancel accounts, replace documents, and change her keys. As you know, Mom passed away the weekend before Thanksgiving. Sunday after Thanksgiving I went to the mall to buy some pillows that were on sale. My arms were loaded and I set my purse on the rear bumper while I stuffed the pillows into my trunk. I drove off forgetting my purse. When I got home, the telephone rang and the mall security said they had found my purse in the middle of the parking lot. It had been run over, but not one thing was missing. My credit cards, cash, everything - all inside. My glass case was demolished but the clip-ons for my glasses were unscratched. My cellphone was undamaged. Can you believe my luck on the busiest shopping weekend of the year? Or . . maybe Mom knew I just wouldn't have been able to deal with the hassle just following her death so soon.

January 6th, 2006, 11:21 AM
The day my dad died, my sister, who is an RN was driving home from her night shift. She fell asleep at the wheel. My sister swears that dad woke her up with his hand on her shoulder. Believe me, my sister is the most skeptical person living when it comes to 'paranormal' things. This happened before my sister knew my dad had died..which would have been about the time she was coming home. My sister, was his first 'little girl, so maybe he was protecting her, just like he'd done throughout his life. If it's true that they can watch over us, somehow, that's not such a bad thing, is it :)

January 6th, 2006, 11:28 AM
My Opa passed away when I was about 9 or 10 years old. We had never been really close as with my grandparents the rule was "children should be seen and not heard." They were very Dutch and set in their strict ways. He was sick for quite some time and we didn't get to see him alot when he was in the hospital and then the nursing home. Anyway, when he passed, I took it really hard just because I knew I would never ever see him again. I was very sensitive as a young child. At his funeral, I wailed so loudly my mom had to take me out of the church. That night, he came to me in a dream - it was so very real - and he told me not to be sad and that he was ok and in a better place. And that was it, the dream was over. And it made me feel so much better, I wasn't upset anymore. I still can't believe to this day, it happened. And it only happened that one time., never again.
So now, I am one of those people who want it to happen so badly again - but it doesn't. The only close loved ones I have lost since have been my pets, and I do have dreams about them frequently. And when I do dream about them and I wake up and remember, I try to go back to sleep just to have more time with them in my dreams. Ok, now I'm boo hooing!!

January 6th, 2006, 12:47 PM
One of my closest friends died unexpectedly last year. ABout 4 or so days after she died I had a dream and it was the most amazing thing. I dreamt about her but I knew I was dreaming, I remember thinking to myself that this is definatly a dream because I know she died and I wouldn't ask her any questions as to why she didn't help herself (she froze to dealth on her back porch) I was going to enjoy the last time Id ever get to spend time with her, and I did. I remember having a blast in my dream, knowing the whole time I was dreaming and woke up really really happy and an overwhelming feeling of relief or peace or comfort, I cant say exactly but even to this day I still have that feeling. In the morning along with that feeling It seemed she came to say bye and hang out one last time. Im a very skeptical person aswell, if I didn't have this feeling thing then I would pass it off as just a dream.

Two years ago 12 of us from my family and relatives went to Mexico for a week. My aunt woke up in the middle of the night and said she seen me in the corner of her room giving off or infront of a really bright light. SHe said it wasn't scary or anything, meanwhile I am asleep about 6 rooms down. She is a very religious and spiritual person. This reminded me of the story above the ghost of herself!

January 6th, 2006, 03:37 PM
gosh its interesting what ppl believe. i for one am a scientist, i believe in evolution and all that stuff. i am convinced there is no after life, we just go back to the ground, and perhaps that is the after life, to feed the planet nutrients is doing something really. i dont believe in a god or anything like that, i believe in nature and the land (providing solid evidene of the magnificance of the land and its amazing abilities).

having said that one thing that has always bugged me, is that if there is so many ghosts and spirits trapped on this earth why is there such little solid credible evidence?? i have lived on earth for a long time and know many ppl, and have never once met anyone who has had contact with any thing like this, and many of these ppl are open and spiritual...

personally there is too little evidence to prove there existance to be credibly believed, wehre are they all and throughout history no credible proof has been provided either.

but then i also believe that religion and belief are only there for comfort, it makes you feel better to think there is an after life than accept your just space dust.

lets jsut say im sittin here waiting for a bit of evidence:D

doggy lover
January 6th, 2006, 03:54 PM
Melanie becareful what you wish for.... I'm not a religious person but I do believe in spirits, I work in a nursing home and have on many occasions when I'm on my own felt a presence of someone being with me. I'm never scared as I feel that I have never done anything wrong to anyone there in all the years I have worked there so why would they harm me.