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My limping kitty

October 13th, 2003, 11:45 AM
I have just adopted my first pet a 10 week kitty about 7 days ago(Monday). I got all the supplies and everyday still I follow her around to make sure she is safe. I took her to the vet the following Wednesday and the vet checked her for ear mites, fleas, worms and checked her all over health and she got her first vaccination. The vet says she is healthy and seems happy.

Now its Sunday and she has been limping for over a day and a half and sleeping alot. I make sure there is always food and water near her and the litter box is close by. She is eating, she is using her litter box but tries not to walk so much. I checked her over so many times and I can't find anything. Except she tries to avoid using her front paw. I've been worried sick and I can't seem to leave her side. My first pet and I feel rotten. I'm trying not to shed tears because then my kids will think there is something seriously wrong with the kitty.

When she woke up this morning(Sunday still) she limped twards me and I got excited because maybe she is getting better. I refilled her food and water, she ate, went to the litterbox, then we started to play and I felt better that she was at least awake. She rolled off a pillow on the floor and hurt her paw again and now she is sleeping again.

I just can't figure it out what is going on, she is an indoor kitten, someone is always watching over her, there are no high places for her to jump off of. I've also called a good friend of mine who is a cat lover and has had cat all her life. I suggested, to take the kitten to the animal hospital and she says not to (from experience), my friend says she'll be fine.

Help!!!!! I'm sooooooooo worried, am I just being a worrywart.