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my vomiting dog

October 12th, 2003, 10:05 AM
My 9 month old dog has been throwing up for about 12 hours, but he is still wanting to got outside and stuff. He wants water and food, but I don't want to give it to him. I allowed him to have a few sips, but he threw it back up. Should I call my vet. or wait until the morning?

October 12th, 2003, 08:03 PM
If he's not dehydrated (a possibility) or depressed, you are probably OK to wait until morning. If he acts ill or has any other symptoms & acts real sick, I'd take him in tonight.

This is what I would do if it was one of my dogs - I'd definitely get to your vet asap on Monday morning, though! Good luck, hope he's OK.