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Cat Sick, she has 6-1 week old kittens Help Please

October 11th, 2003, 06:55 PM
I read through all the posts about sick cats and none of them helped me. My 2-year-old cat gave birth to her 2nd litter on October 2nd. She had 7 kittens, and after the last one, the after birth, I am not sure if it came out or not. Well she has been sneezing for the last couple of weeks, but was eating and drinking. After she had the kittens, she started having diarrhea but not on a regular basis, maybe once a day. 2 days after she had the kittens, one of them died. We do not know how or why the kitten died. The other 6 kittens seem to be doing fine. Well in the last 2 days we have noticed that she seems to be panting a lot. And when she eats, she seems to be chocking on the food, but she continues to eat. She also seems to only be eating when I am around her. Today Oct. 11th I have not noticed her drinking anything, but eating. And she seems to be hiding a lot. I have not noticed her feeding her kittens either, but they seem to be ok. They are sleeping, they are hardly whining (except when we got pick them up to make sure they are ok). She does not have a runny nose, does not sound congested, her coat is shiny but flaky.
She is on Science diet Kitten. We have 6 other cats and they are all fine.

My finances are not all that great right now because my child support seems to have stopped and this put us in the hole, I can not afford to take her to the vet or she would have already been there. How can you tell if a cat is dehydrated? And what could be wrong with her?

I live in the Toronto area, and if any body knows of someplace I could take her that would not charge much of anything I would be grateful.

Thank you for any help someone can give me

October 11th, 2003, 07:14 PM
Will she eat canned cat food, or canned fish like mackerel or salmon? I'm sure she needs as much nutrition & fluids as possible, pregnancy and nursing take a lot out of a cat.
I know that eating afterbirth & such can give animal mothers diarrhea...and her kittens may be ready to wean at six weeks, so her retreating from them is normal.

Dehydrated animals will have skin that doesn't immediately spring back when you pinch it gently. Their gums may often be very pale.

Your local Humane Society should be able to put you in touch with low cost vets - they might actually help, too. You really should get your cat spayed; ask the Humane Society about low cost spay clinics They have a vested interest in helping with spay/neuters, since they have to kill thousands of healthy animals every year. Or at least keep her in when she's in heat, until you can afford to get her fixed.

Good luck with her, hope she's OK.

October 11th, 2003, 08:04 PM
First, I do know she is feeding the kittens cuz I saw her doing it.

ok now she really has me freaked out!!.... she came bolting from upstairs and tried climbing our porch screen. So we decided to move her from our sons room (she & the kittens were under his bed) to our room, kicked all our other cats out of the room and closed the door. Well since then she started to poop all over the floor. She is acting like she is totally freaked out. We just don't know why. I don't know if she is scared or sick... some one help please.

Carina, thank you for the advise, I did check her gums and it does look like she is dehydrated. Do you know how I can help her drink some water....or because of the way she is acting right now should I just let her be for now?

I haven't tried canned food, we only feed them dry. But it just did remind me that canned has water, and that would help with the dehydration. I will pick some up tomorrow, since everything here is now closed.

And the kittens are 1 week old, not 6... there are 6 of them though. sorry if my statement was confusing.

October 11th, 2003, 08:23 PM
Oh - well if they are a week old, of course she's still nursing them!
Geez - I don't know what to tell you. I don't have much experience with momma cats. If she is nursing, this is a good thing, at least for the kittens. I hand reared a kitten once, and it was a LOT of work! I can't imagine doing this for six of them.

Can you just leave food (whatever you can think of that she might eat or drink?) and a litter box and give her some quiet time? Maybe that's all she needs..perhaps moving her & the kittens freaked her out and she needs a little time alone.

I hope everything goes OK with mom & kittens - keep us posted. If it gets real worrisome, I'd call an emergency vet and just say you can't afford treatment, but you have some questions. Usually they're leery of giving a lot of info without actually seeing the animal, but that's always an option.

October 13th, 2003, 10:45 AM
Well, Friday night we had to feed the kittens by hand because she would not feed them at all. That wasn't fun cuz we had to use an emergency mix of milk and egg yolk, they did not like that so much. LOL, we had to do this twice in the night. Then at 6 am (when I set my alarm clock to get up to feed them again) So I came downstairs to get everything ready, and then went back upstairs to get them, and I found mommy feeding them. :D YIPPIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! But as the day went on, she really wasn't interested in feeding them anymore... :( I had to coax her into doing it. So my husband and I went out and got some kitten bottles, and KMR. We also asked about her diarrhea. Which btw seems to have gotten a little better. She only had it once yesterday, and once this morning at around 3:30 - 4:00 am. They told us to give her some of the KMR to help with the lack of nutrition, and give her acidophilus to help with the diarrhea. Well she won't touch either of them. This is just making me want to cry. The only time she eats is when I am around her, and the only time she feeds the kittens is when I coax her to do it. She don't even stimulate them to go to the bathroom, But thankfully we have 3 kittens (all girls, and 4 months old, that are Spazís (mommy kitty) kittens from her 1st litter) and they love to play mommy and constantly lick the 1 week old kittens to get them to go to the bathroom.
Ok Spaz is a very small cat to begin with, really small for a 2-year-old cat. She only weighs eight pounds right now; I am not sure how much she weighs normally (pre pregnancy) but its not much more than eight. Her first litter, she only had 3 kittens, which I think was plenty for her size. This litter she had 7 kittens. One died a day and a half later. I am wondering if 6 kittens is just to much for her body to handle for her to take care of them all, and she is rejecting them because of this. And add into the loss of one of them. Plus we also have 6 other cats, which we try and keep away from her, but she flips out when we close the door to our bedroom. She has also moved them into my sons room, and my husband didnít want them there, so we moved them back into our room, then she moved them into a cat scratching post we have, but that was way to small for 6 kittens and her so, I moved them right out side of it, and she seemed to be ok with that for awhile. Then the other day, she moved 4 of them behind our bed, one under my husbandís nightstand, and one under my sonís bed. So I decided to move them to under my sonís bed, because this is where she seems to want them. And this is when she started freaking out, she started panting like a dog, and this is when her diarrhea started and not wanting to take care of the kittens. Could this be because we kept moving the kittens to where we wanted them?

If anyone has any information (besides a vet, whom I canít afford right now) that I could try I would be grateful. I am going to get her spayed as soon as I can. And Spaz is an indoor cat, never goes outside.