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Happy Holidays

December 26th, 2005, 09:52 AM
Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to everyone!! Hope you holiday is happy. I am working both today and yesterday though I mostly played wth some of the kids who were feeling well enough - tough job, lol Alas, one child was admiotted with leukemia on Christmas day, NOT the best present needless to say! But life goes on - One of the highlights was bringing a child out of the ICU (with all her stuff, this kid has accumulated so much stuff!!!) to a regular room - we had a huge celebration in the new room. The PICU can be a strange place sometimes so I think she'll so better now. We giggled like school girls as we navigated the halls - YOU try going through halls with 4 poinstella plants, toys and stuffed animals, a real cat (Yin Yin) on a leash tho she sat on the bed to give my little patient some kisses (she takes her therapy cat role seriously, lol), a central line, an arterial line, a couple other lines, oxygen..... it can be fun if you makwe it!! We almost lost a plant but it survived and YY hissed at one man who asked rather loudly "What is THAT?". But otherwise.... Other than that, life is just a peach and the rest of the Maritimes is having a storm we hear!!