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So? How was your Christmas?

December 26th, 2005, 01:17 AM
Story telling time! How was it everybody? I know it's not over for a lot of people (we still have 2 more family parties at least). But so far?

Mine was a little bipolar... My immediate family got really great gifts, very thoughtful and funny, but the dinner was a little cruddy because the step siblings kept trying to prove they were smarter than us.

We had a good laugh when my bf got the biggest present and it ended up being a big pack of fiberglass insulation...:D My dad really went all out this year and despite his decision that presents were a pain in the hiney and he wasn't going to do it again, he got us really personal gifts- he never really used to do that. It was really neat. (I guess all of you who wished me well got your wishes. :love: )

Today, we wanted the day off but I felt bad, so we went to my dad's and it was pretty bad. My step sibs were horrible. After a few references to us being low class, they tried their best to exclude us from the conversation by talking about my stepbro's thesis, hoping we'd be too dumb to understand, but when we weren't dumb enough, they resorted to laughing at us in Polish.:rolleyes: My brother and I tried to liven up the evening by talking about the purpose of cleavage (hey, what's more interesting than cleavage? It's something everybody wants!), and I mentioned something about doing my part for global warming by not fixing my muffler and letting the harmful gases ooze into my car so my lungs can filter them out and release them into the atmosphere as clean air.:D But no. Nothing took. It all just rebounded back to them pretending to be smart.:rolleyes:

The evening tonight ended when my step sister (30 years old) was teasing her dog and my dad's and a fight broke out and she tried to break it up with her feet (:rolleyes: ) and got bitten by my dad's toothless JRT. (Did I mention he's toothless? I mean he has a couple, but most are gone...)

I thought it was funny because my bro and I, the only experienced dog people in there (the bro with the 2 pitties), had JUST left the room. It was like the dogs knew there were no alpha people left in there and decided to figure out who was next in line... Doggies, eh? I just wish the step sibs had let them fight till we got back. There would have been less damage.

Anyway, that's the fun. By the end of the night we were dying to leave and my dad was trying his best to come with us.:D I can't imagine my dad's cabin fever in that apartment right now. I felt bad for my dad because this is OUR family Christmas and the step sibs, who had their own Christmas yesterday, ruined it. Their snobby comments and talking behind our backs in front of our faces? At one point, my step sister asked my brother and bf with super tone "You're not even going to put your beer in a glass?" and I jumped in and said, "Hey, this is our Christmas. Our Christmas is not anal.":D

Who's next? (sorry for the long chat...)

December 26th, 2005, 08:15 AM
Prin,you will get the price for "entertainer of the year"here at the Forum,you always make me giggle no matter what the subject:D
Our Christmas was surprisingly good,I got a couple of nice surprise presents from non-family members and it made me feel really appreciated:love:
I had people here,Christmas Eve and Christmas Day,today will be a day of rest and I need it!!!

December 26th, 2005, 08:34 AM
Mine was interesting. We opened our gifts xmas morning, only to discover that my kids took, their gifts and my gifts opened them and hid them, then couldnt remember where they were. After about an hour of searching they finally found them and gave me my gifts that they opened. (darn kids:D )

After their 1/2 hour long time out to contemplate their actions. We opened my husbands gifts.

Then Joey got his gifts a coat from walmart, which I need to exchange, some beggin strips, and a new squeakie toy.

Dinner was just the 4 of us and I did everything. We had turkey (duh) mashed potatoes, beans, carrots, squash, fancy bread, stuffing and pumpkin pie and apple pie for dessert.

My husband wouldnt let me give joey the gizzards. :( I cut off a some little bits off the neck . As I accidently cooked it in the turkey :eek: then gave Joey a small amount of gravy as a treat with his dinner. I was going to buy him some nice canned that was mentioned on but forgot and realised last night just before dinner. :sad:

December 26th, 2005, 09:21 AM
It was like the dogs knew there were no alpha people left in there and decided to figure out who was next in line.


It's not over for me since hubby's family celebrates christmas the 24rth and 25th and my family opens gifts on the 31rst and celebrates christmas on the 7th! We still have a week of christmas shopping!

December 26th, 2005, 10:30 AM
Sometimes steps can be such a pain!:rolleyes:

My Christmas was pretty nice, the kids were nice to each other, al one can hope for on such. The twins got a million toys from grandma, which is what I asked her to do ( not a million though, I just said she could buy the toys this year), I got to give them the boring clothes that they need and not feel bad about lack of toys. I got a lovely robe and some money and gift cards from my mum and step dad and my eldest daughter. Hubby gave me a new vaccuum, nothing says domestic house wife like a new vaccuum, yeesh! Doesn't matter, I like it anyways. He gave me a beautiful set of earrings for my birthday, overruling domestic gift giving mistakes.;) At least he didn't buy me blinds!

We had an awesome dinner, my mum bought one of those turkeys you cook from frozen, so it was a nice calm day. We were basically asked to leave around 5, this morning we opened the rest of the kids' toys so they could check them all out.

All in all a good day. I don't have to do any more visiting until next week when we go out of town to see auntie at the farm. And later this week my uncle is coming to town, but luckily the really big stuff is done.

December 26th, 2005, 11:22 AM
My biggest adventure was getting that little girl from the PICU to a regular hospital room (outlined here - - sorry but gifts don't do it for me. I give and get them but that is not what it is about for me, it is about GIVING!!!!! Of yourself. It is the small gifts that mean the most to me, a mousepad with YY's picture - from the nurses on the unit and a great drawings of YY by the kids.

And of course we are awaiting the imminenet arrival of my niece - hoping she will be the first baby of the new year. Cross your fingers!!

December 26th, 2005, 03:26 PM
What can I say? It was peaceful, uneventful...what more can you ask for? I had to work, of course.

Prin, it makes me so angry to read about your stepfamily. What an obnoxious bunch of pseudo-intellectual idiots. People like that really rev me up. And I've never really gotten the deal with drinking out of the bottle. I would've really impressed them with my intelligent and articulate statement: BITE ME!

December 26th, 2005, 03:36 PM
LOL Shannon, I think the deal is that if you make your servants do more dishes, you are rich... So if you use a glass for no reason, you are rich...:rolleyes:

Joey's mom, I don't know what to say about your kids... All I know is more than one Christmas, we "weak taped" our gifts (i.e. slowly untaped them so there was no evidence, but tape doesn't stick so well the second time- hence "weak tape"...). I wudda been mad though!

More stories!:)

December 26th, 2005, 04:48 PM
Mine was good for the most part. BF's family opens on Christmas eve which I hate, but what can you do?

I got something unexpected from my BF which is always nice. I can usually predict what he will get me, but I had no idea this time. My blender broke a few months ago, which sucks because i love makings smoothies and sauces and such. So he got me the red kitchenaid blender to match my kitchenaid stand mixer. I am so HAPPY! I am going to make pumpkin pie filling and salmon mouse in it tomorrow (not at the same time though!)

December 26th, 2005, 08:11 PM
Our day was very quiet. I didn't try to duplicate past Christmases. Before, we always went to my inlaws for Christmas Eve for ham. Then we would have turkey at Mom's on Christmas day. Raingirl, be happy that your BF's family celebrates the night before. It was always easy to be able to attend both celebrations without hurting either family's feelings. Hubby and I would open our stockings at our own home. Now, both fathers are gone, Mom is gone, and my mother-in-law is in a rest home. My sister-in-law was relieved when I suggested foregoing the Eve ritual. She doesn't cook! Instead I fixed a ham, an artery-clogging killer Macaroni & Cheese, roasted green beans with red bellpeppers and mushrooms, rolls, and pecan pie, lemon meringue pie & chocolate mint cream pie. Mom didn't eat pork so the holiday was a good compromise of both families, not that we have a large family. My brother came with his Akita, my sister-in-law brought a friend from New Jersey, and we had a bachelor friend who has no family. He brought his new GSD/Rot mix that he just adopted 2 weeks ago. The two big dogs loved each other. OMG! The hair! I'm used to small poodles that don't shed. But the small inconvenience of having to vacumn after they left was worth it. At 45, my brother is the youngest in the family. The four dogs kept things lively. Den-Den was jealous of the big dogs and protective of Corky. Luckily the big dogs were good natured. Corky was just a typical little kid oblivious to anything but his toys. No gifts except for the dogs. We all have too much stuff. Just the getting together for good food, fellowship, and play for the dogs was enough.

Rick C
December 26th, 2005, 08:45 PM
Funny husband story that was committed by myself.

Carol, very patient spousette of 20.5 years, phones me on Friday and hints it would be keen and worth my while if a gift certificate to Linens & Things would be under the Christmas Tree in her name.

After work, but with admittedly many things on my mind, I dash over to a nearby mall and park outside "Linens & Things," race into the nearest doors, purchase a $100 gift certificate, sign for it and leave with a self-satisfied smirk on my face, yet another task prioritized, compartmentalized and well executed.

As I'm wrapping it up that night, I notice to my horror it says "Michaels" on it, the store next to "Linens & Things."

I wrap it and sign it to "Carol, love Stupid."

Fortunately, the diamond crusted bracelet seemed to adequately cover-up my faux pas.

Lots of relatives passing through and staying over the last few days, the last of them leaving this morning to many huzzahs.

And warm, warm, warm here, a brown Christmas.

Convincing Keeper, slayer of mice and gophers, to murder an inanimate object can be difficult. Here she lays with a new Christmas woobie, apparently disinterested in the snowless surroundings.

As God Is My Witness, Neither Me Nor My Kinfolk Will Ever Go Without Woobies Again!!!

Rick C

December 26th, 2005, 09:59 PM
LOL Rick, the pics are a great story.:) What is Michaels?
OMG! The hair! I'm used to small poodles that don't shed. But the small inconvenience of having to vacumn after they left was worth it. [....] The four dogs kept things lively.
Glasslass, I wish my family thought like you do!:) My doggies have to stay home because of the hair...

December 27th, 2005, 07:14 AM
Michael's is an arts and craft store. Sorta like Loomis and tolls or Lewis Craft (if you have them).

We did a secret santa as well with my BF's family, and I got his sister in law again this year. We did some cake decorating classes last year together, so I got her a bunch of cake/cookie themed stuff (silicone bakeware, cookie cutters, and some nice holiday dessert plates to put the stuff on).

Well, turns out she got ME as well! So she got me a food sealer (which I have wanted for a while) and some baking pans, and a bulldog cookie cutter! We so think alike!

My family's party is tomorrow, which kinda sucks as I have to work until 5, which means I won't get there until 7, then I have to leave at 9, because I have to work on Thursday too.

December 27th, 2005, 08:45 AM
We have loomis in Halifax - I buy stuff for the kids - great for keeping young minds busy and occupied while they are not feeling well. Plus there are some keen games for adults, ahem, as well, lol I always think of Michaels as not quite as high end as Loomis, at least not as the one in Hfx which is near the NS College of Art and Design. Michaels's has lots of junk by comparison to Loomis which has good quality stuff. But the Micheal's I've seen have been in Fla - good for buying not the best material or buttons or low end banting for quillts. I prefer Joanne's in the US to Michael's and love Loomis - love thier high end wood for carving or framing and plus, they even have Dover colouring books (the themed ones, birds, flowers, Picasso, that kind of thing. LOVE Dover anything - they make wobderful giftts!!

I have thiese (that I can find online, lol): these are in my office,

anyway, you get the idea. Prin, your Xmas narrative reminds me of that horrid song, "Please Daddy don't get drink this Xmas" for some reason. Ony the words weould be something Please Daddy, not those relatives for Christmas!

December 27th, 2005, 11:02 AM
Once again, my Christmas was spent with oodles of relatives over a couple of days. Fortunately, for the first time ever, I didn't have drive anywhere!

My mom, step-dad and sister came up on Saturday afternoon to exchange gifts. Gracie got to open her first ever gift. I was a little disappointed, because I was really hoping to do it with her, but "Grandma" didn't want to give her up. Then we had an early dinner of roast with my parents and in-laws (who have been with us for the two week Florida vacation, and since we got home). Then my parents left. Played cards with Cheryl and the in-laws, and Gracie went down about 7. She woke up around 11:30 pm, wide awake and giggly. We still had to wrap her gifts. Cheryl kept saying she wouldn't notice, so why bother. This made me quite excited, but I wouldn't wrap them because Gracie was still awake and I didn't want her to see. Cheryl told me I was wierd, then sent me to bed about 1:30 am just after Gracie finally fell asleep, as I too, was falling asleep in the chair (they said the snoring was bothering them).

The next day, Christmas, Gracie woke up early, and Cheryl brought her into our bed. I kept waking up, Gracie was still sleeping, so I went back to sleep. Finally, at 11:30 am Cheryl came in and woke us both up. Went downstairs, and helped Gracie unwrap her presents. She got just what she wanted--wrapping paper! She loved it! I got my adult size SpongeBob shirt and a few other things. I also got a book signed, "From the cats, not the d*** dog!". (I so wish they wouldn't exclude her like that) Also got pictures of Gracie and I in our respective "Christmas" clothes, me decked out in SpongeBob, her in her "My First Grinchmas" sweatshirt I bought her. Gracie got exactly what she wanted...shiny wrapping paper. Then we had a dinner of stuffed mushrooms, shrimp and steak. You know, traditional...

Then yesterday, was Gracie's "dedication", which is like a baptism. We had it at our house, so we had Cheryl's family over for a big turkey buffet, then we had the dedication. Just before that, my second favourite part of Christmas...Best Buy for the boxing day sale!! Got me some booming speakers for my computer.

All in all, generally I rated it okay, but it being Gracie's first put it over the top.

December 27th, 2005, 02:13 PM
Aww Schwinn, that's great. Just so you know, I hide from my doggies when I'm wrapping their presents too, but they can probably smell what each one is before they open them anyway.:rolleyes:

(And don't feel bad for the dog- I hear that not a lot of cats are willing to share the credit for long hard shopping excursions...)

December 28th, 2005, 11:23 AM
Well, my juicy story'll come on New Years day since that's when I go to my mom's family for dinner. They're a real snooty bunch. Kinda like your steps, Prin! Backhanded compliments all around -- Last year my aunt told me how surprised she was that I stuck through this long in Law school (uhhhh, thanks!!)

Christmas was nice -- a little hecktic, but nice. We went for lunch at my bf mom's (a huge italian meal, with lotsa wine and presents and kids screaming and running around) then at 4, we leave there and head to my mom's for dinner (a huge turkey dinner with all the fixings) -- I don't think I'll be able to eat all week.

The only bad thing about Christmas this year was my bf's brother in-law. I hate him. He's a sexist pig. Just to give you a hint as to what kind of guy he is : a few years ago, on Christmas, his son runs up to me and says: 'I know what daddy wants for Christmas!' (he was about 4 or 5 years old at the time) and I say :'really? what does he want' and the answer nearly knocked me off my feet : 'daddy wants a pretty girl who's younger than mom for Chrismas'
What a jerk. So this year he kept telling my bf's sister that she had gained weight (which she hasn't -- she's BEAUTIFULL) and kept repeting the same joke over and over : ' My wife went from hoochey-mama to poochey-mama!'
What a jerk.

Other than that Christmas was awesome!

December 28th, 2005, 01:11 PM
Some relatives should really be banned at Xmas or Hannukkah or whatever one celebrates.

Re: "Last year my aunt told me how surprised she was that I stuck through this long in Law school (uhhhh, thanks!!)" I would be so tempted to say - "but it will be so unfortunate that you eon't be able to afford my rates for some of your usual activities." Or something like that. Next to aberrant and nasty relatives, I abhor ppl who list all the gifts THEY got, What about what they GAVE???? Isn;t that the point!

Love your story Schwinn! I admittedly did send my bf to buy me a new Pocet PC (my Casio has been acting up) and IPAQ by HP was on sale and it has SD Ram, same as Casio. Came with a kbd too! And I also sent him to Petsmart to get some circled gifts for the kitties. Another bed, toys, sale items. Sweaters for the Syphnx Girls at WalMart in the Infants dept. (I had to work, such a great excuse - it meant I got to colour with thiose aforementioned Dover books with the kids on the oncology unit, haha - well not all day but for awhile, lol) Oh, sent him to Loomis too - my dad wants new frames and Loomis also had a sale.

December 28th, 2005, 02:31 PM
We went to my Mom's on christmas eve she's a little anal about her new laminate floor so we ran around after the kids with paper towel.
She lives in a condo and rented the rec room for christmas eve. We set up tables and ate down there. We still had to clean up after but could relax without paper towels. Only had one fight with my mom and it was just a little one. Can you believe I put the pickles in the wrong place. Then she wanted me to put the mustard beside the ham (how hard could that be !)Apparently she didn't mean beside the ham just in the same general area. Go figure!!

Prin I'm relatively new come to step sibs. but I realy get what you mean. I don't even know some of my step dads children we are all adults and none of them realy come to visit my mom and Bill. Poor Bill has been diagnosed with Alheimers and his kids don't even visit at all. They won't admit that he's sick and I and my sisters are the ones who look after both mom and Bill. His kids are missing out on knowing Bill and soon he may not know them.:pawprint:

December 28th, 2005, 06:44 PM
This Christmas was hard and I am looking forward to going back to work. My father passed away earlier in the year (I didnít post it as I was having a hard time with it) as did Alisonís Mother in February so it was the first Christmas without the both of them.

Compounding that was a deep sense of sadness for the families affected in the Gulf Coast States. Cyber Kitten once suggested that I may suffer some form of PTSD from being down there and although I dismissed it because I wasnít feeling it at the time it has caught up with me. Possibly because of Christmas time emails I received from those I met down there it has been at the forefront of my thoughts.

Interlaced with that were some great moments of joy and gratitude but overall I am glad it is over. On to the New Year.

December 28th, 2005, 08:30 PM
This Christmas was hard and I am looking forward to going back to work. My father passed away earlier in the year (I didnít post it as I was having a hard time with it) as did Alisonís Mother in February so it was the first Christmas without the both of them.

So sorry to hear you had such a rough year. :grouphug:

December 28th, 2005, 09:42 PM
Twodogs, I don't know what to say. It's saddening to think that you went down there to do something so great and you've come home with PTSD and can't enjoy yourself as much. I wish you only the best for the new year and I really hope things get better for you.:fingerscr :grouphug:

meb, what a crappy bf's brother in law. That crappens everything up, doesn't it? (my new word: crappens) I'd probably end up punching him. You can't blame it on PMS if you're passed out on the floor.:evil: :D

CK, too bad you had to work on Christmas, but I'm sure you being there brightened up some of those sick kids' Christmas.;)

Bushfire, I think we have the same family. Whatever happened to letting floors be FLOORS? And isn't laminate flooring supposed to be next to invinsible?

I get to see my step sibs again on Friday for my dad's b-day and we'll see. One of my bros and I are already on edge and my dad is not too patient anymore, so somebody might get punched. :D :evil: (lotsa punching going on tonight...)

December 28th, 2005, 11:00 PM
Thanks to those that posted and those that PM'ed me.

I donít want to bum anybody out but I am surprised that Iím feeling the way I am as I came back on such a high note. I went down to help animals assuming that in large the human misery was well handled by professionals and aid organizations but I wasnít prepared to see entire neighbourhoods laid to waste or people lining up for food. CNN was focusing on New Orleans and in reality the water made it look pretty clean on TV as it hid a lot of the debris.

While down there I allowed tears to run down my face just once as I looked out over a destroyed neighbourhood and the sheer magnitude of what must have gone through there hit meÖ.and then I got back to work. To have a man whom I know had lost his home wish us a Merry Christmas online tears at me. I so feel that I have left someone or something behind down there.

Iíll be fine though and I would do it again in a minute. I just have to learn that I canít change the world but that I can only play a small part and thatís it. I work in IT and I get paid well to fix things quick so itís hard when you canít do that in real life.

December 29th, 2005, 08:25 AM
"You're not even going to put your beer in a glass?"

Shoulda told 'em it already comes in a glass. Ugh, I hate snobs.