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December 21st, 2005, 12:32 PM
Well, this morning on my way to work, my car hit a patch of ice and round and round we went and we landed in the ditch!:mad: Luckily, we are fine and didn't hit anything. I had Copper with me at the time and thank God he is fine. It didn't even phase him. As I'm on the phone with my fiance, another vehicle hits the same patch and away she goes. She took out a sign and had some damage done to her van.

Two men stopped to help me out and the one man let me and the other lady sit in his truck until we got help. It wasn't safe to stay in our vehicles. I asked the man if Copper could go in his truck too as I didn't want to leave him in the car alone in danger. He said that would be fine as long as he doesn't bite! I put his muzzle on him anyway because the cops were supposed to show up. But my honey came and pulled me out and we went on our way before the cops arrived. And Copper was so good in the guy's truck and tried to give him kisses(as usual). We couldn't pull the other lady out as she had damage to her van and the cops had to be there first.

It's always been a big fear of mine - having an accident with Copper in the vehicle. I'm just so thankful we didn't hit anything and there was no harm done to him.

I hate that intersection. Now I know why I always see other people in that ditch!! Even the guys behind me who stopped, had a hard time stopping. It was a sheet of ice. And of course from that point on, the roads were in the best condition!! I drove 40 kms in crappy ice and snow and it was at the end of it all I ditched the car!:mad: I still can't believe it happened to me! Oh well! C'est la vie!! I guess, comparing everything else that has been happening to us this month, this is nothing. As many problems that we have right now, I know it could be worse. I have a funeral to attend on Friday for a relative and all I can say is I'd rather lose everything we own than to lose someone you love.

Sorry folks, I just needed to vent a little!:o

December 21st, 2005, 02:05 PM
Oh, how terrible, Copper's Mom! Thank God you and Copper were both okay!
Winter driving is so full of dangers... and no matter how careful we are.. things like this can happen.

A very upsetting thing for you...glad you are both safe and sound! Your are so right - material things can always be replaced.:grouphug:

December 21st, 2005, 02:11 PM
Aww Copper's Mom, that's no fun at all! I'm glad you are ok and even if it's just material stuff, I'm glad you don't have to pay for anything major right before Christmas....

Maybe since you called the cops that intersection will be a bit better shovelled? Maybe...:rolleyes: