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Cat Eye translucent membrane

October 6th, 2003, 07:16 AM
I have a 6 Year old Tom cat, who has developed a translucent membrane above the eyeball.It first appeared in the right eye but now it's started to appear in the left eye also and the cat can hardly see.He said it is due an internal injury. The doctor earlier have him a antibiotic injections with (steroid? (if I heard right)). He also gave Dexona eye/Ear drops which i could not administer because of the cat's reluctance.

i want to know what more I can do in this situation, if surgery is possible or if it could be dealt with medication only. The doctor says that the eye should be OK in due time and treatment.

I live in a place where there's only 1 vet.
Please Help.


November 2nd, 2003, 11:24 AM
Hi Suraj,

If the cat can't see the treatment the vet gave you obviously isn't working. If the membrane is opaque (whitish looking, not clear, you can't see through it) and has developed slowly in both eyes it sounds like cataracts to me. These can be removed surgically and if they're not your moggy will go blind although they are not life-threatening). I find it strange that your vet prescribed antibiotics as the way you described it, there doesn't sound like an infection. Also why did he give you ear drops for an eye complaint?? The steroid injection is usually given to reduce inflamation and reduce the discomfort for the animal. However, if your cats eyes weren't inflammed, then I do not see why your vet prescribed this. If your cat does have cataracts and needs an operation, be sure to bring it to the vets attention that the cat has been on steroids. Animals should not be operated on directly after a course of steroids. It's a pity there is only one vet in your area, from the info you have given, I do not have much faith in him, he sounds like he's just out to make money and didn't give appropriate help and advice to you. I think it would be worthwhile travelling to get a second opinion if that was possible.
Let us know how you get on.