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New Dog!!!

December 18th, 2005, 08:56 PM
Well, I'm thinking that I'm adding a 3rd dog to my pack...

It all started a couple of months ago, when I decided to start fostering. My first foster was a Hurricane Katrina rescue, who was recently adopted into a great home. Through this rescue, I got in touch with another rescue who needed a place for a dog to stay for only a day since he was flying out to his forever home (an 11-week-old Border Collie X pup). So I spent the day with four dogs in the house, and that night both of my fosters were in their forever homes.

That day I talked to the rescue with the Border Collie X pup, and the lady told me about a 7-month-old Maltese/Chihuahua X (she's all Maltese except for her colouring, which is a sort of caramel colour). This dog was bought from a pet store by a lady who had a 2-year-old. Her kid dropped the dog, pulled on its tail, basically abused it, and the lady decided that she just didn't have the time to train it. Apparently that's a death sentence, because she dropped it off at the vet's to be euthanized. The people there couldn't bear to euthanize a healthy, young pup, and a woman who worked there liked her so much that she wanted to keep her. She took her home for a weekend to see how her current dogs would react to her, and she hoped to keep her.

Apparently the second this dog was put on the ground, her dogs mauled it. Her elbow was dislocated, her cheek was shattered, and her eye actually popped out. The lady rushed this dog to the vet, where the eye was put back in temporarily. At this point, the dog was finally given to this great rescue and was in responsible hands.

Two weeks ago tomorrow, the dog went in for surgery to see if her eye could be saved and to be spayed. Unfortunately, her eye couldn't be saved and had to be removed, but the other eye is in perfect condition (although they thought they hit an optic nerve and she would lose vision in her other eye too). This poor dog is now 7-months-old, and this is how much she's been through. However, she hasn't let it get to her and is a happy puppy, and is completely healthy other than her eye.

Anyways, a week ago the lady from the rescue called again to update us on the puppy we watched for the day, and started talking about the Maltese X again. About halfway through the conversation, she asked if we would consider adopting her. She knows that we love small dogs (I currently have a Shih tzu X and a Maltese), and are very involved in rescue. She doesn't want to adopt her out to just anyone, and would like her to go to a home she knows and likes. I thought about it for a couple days and discussed it with the family, and eventually we decided that we had the space, time, and money to welcome another dog into our home.

So now she's going to be here in just over an hour. It's a trial adoption, just to make sure that my dogs are okay with her, and she's okay with my dogs, but if all goes well, I'm going to have three dogs.

Here's a picture of the little cutie, about a week after her surgery:

She only weighs about 5 lbs. (even smaller than my current dogs, she's half the size of my other Maltese!), and is still very much a puppy (she's going to be 8-months on Christmas Eve!). I still haven't chosen a name yet though. Her name is currently Peek-a-boo (since she has one eye), and we might keep it, we're undecided yet. If we do change it, I think it would be cool to stick with the dessert theme we already have (Mocha and Panna, which is whipped cream in Italian), so we're considering "Cannelle", which is cinnamon in French. That way we'd have the dessert theme and the language theme. Anyways, any suggestions for a name?

I'll be sure to post LOTS of pictures once she gets here. I can't wait!!!

Lucky Rescue
December 18th, 2005, 09:27 PM
Oh that poor little sweetie! I"m so glad her suffering and mistreatment are at an end.

She is adorable beyond words, and I think Cannelle is a lovely name for her!

Thanks for taking her in - she sure could use a friend!:)

December 19th, 2005, 06:05 AM
awwwww, you're SO great for taking this little girl in. She's adorable. I love the name Canelle. Poor little huney's been through so much -- but now she can relax 'cause she's found the best home ever!!
I don't understand how she could have gotten mauled so bad? I guess the lady couldn't seperate the dogs?? Imagine how scary that must have been....poor little thing...:(

December 19th, 2005, 06:12 AM
OH, she's adorable. Such a tiny little one. So glad to hear that she'll have a place to call her own for the holidays!

December 19th, 2005, 08:01 AM
What a very sad beinning for this little dog,I cross fingers and toes(with difficulty:D )that everything will work out in your home,which seems perfect for her.Please keep us updated!

December 19th, 2005, 08:42 AM
What a darling little girl. I hope she has found a loving home with you and your other pups.:thumbs up
I also have a llittle fellow who has lost an eye. He's just as loving as ever but we have to watch him, he likes to jump on the bed/couch/nearest lap and his depth perception is off, so everybody is keeping ready with a helping hand.

December 19th, 2005, 09:32 PM
Well she's been here for just under 24 hours now, she's doing great!

I don't understand how she could have gotten mauled so bad? I guess the lady couldn't seperate the dogs?? Imagine how scary that must have been....poor little thing...

The attack was apparently very brutal. I talked to the rescue lady again tonight, and she said that she's alive by the skin on her neck. During the attack, one of the dogs punctured her neck and picked her up, and she screamed and the dog dropped her. The vet said that if the dog had shaken her, she would've been killed. I seriously don't know what that woman was thinking when she decided to put her down with all of her dogs around, and she can't even be charged or anything.

However, now she's doing absolutely great! She asks like such a little puppy and is constantly on the go. She's a bit mischevious too, she'll steal things and then play keep away. She peed outside twice today and is fitting in very nicely. My dogs are still a bit unsure about her, but they're doing better than I thought they would be.

I also have a llittle fellow who has lost an eye. He's just as loving as ever but we have to watch him, he likes to jump on the bed/couch/nearest lap and his depth perception is off, so everybody is keeping ready with a helping hand.

That's interesting. The vet said that although there was a good chance that she'd go blind in her other eye, it's fine now. Has he always had problems with depth perception, or was it gradual? If you don't mind me asking.

I was trying to find some information about this on the internet, but I couldn't find anything, so it's good to know someone who also has a one-eyed dog!

Anyways, we're thinking that we're going to stick with Cannelle. We don't want a name that draws attention to her eye, since she's just a normal dog and should have a normal name.

I posted some pictures here:

She's absolutely adorable! :D

December 19th, 2005, 10:33 PM
Oh the poor baby !!! I'm so glad she is finally at home with you. She is just so darling. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

December 21st, 2005, 10:25 AM
Buster lost his eye this summer and has been bumping into things from day one. I think he forgets that he can't see out of both eyes and just jumps, he usually falls short of his goal, thats why I'm trying to get him to wait for a boost. He has a lot of truble. even when I give him treats, if I don't hand them to him where he can see, he can't seem to find them. Oh, since I tried hiding his medicine in "extra special " treats he won't take anything unless its inspected first to make sure it's medicine free.

I think Cannelle is a great name:love: she is so cute. One thing I would suggest is to keep the hair around her good eye very short. It's amaxing that she isnn't afraid of other dogs concidering what she went through.