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My work is having the lamest xmas party

December 17th, 2005, 09:29 PM
I work for a company that basically makes billions of dollars. Guess what we are doing for our xmas party. There are aproximately 300 people employed there.

We are having our usual 1/2 hour break and having a turkey lunch of which we are supposed to cook and supply the turkeys and the side dishes. So we are expected to work all day go home cook and bring it back the next day so we can heat it up in the microwave.

Considering that we work our butts off to help these customers all day long and put up with some not so happy ones either. You would think they could give us a real xmas party at a real venue. No the company is either too cheap or to disorganized to actually do anything for xmas for us. I am planning to bring Timbits to this party.

December 17th, 2005, 09:37 PM
Yeah, that's pretty sad. This is where I chant: Call in sick! Call in sick! :evil:

December 21st, 2005, 07:03 AM
I work at the County Jail in the kitchen. With the help of the trustees, I cook enough meals for 900 servings per day. I'm scheduled to work Christmas eve and Christmas because one of my co-workers some how managed to take her vacation on a holiday week (Christmas eve was my normal day off).

One of my other co-worker's suggested we cook a dish and bring it in for Christmas. I'm with you Joey.E.CockersMommy, I don't feel like cooking for this so called event. Because I work from pay check to pay check I feel the need to think of my family first. Isn't it Ironic how we can help our employers make the big dough while we do all the work.

December 21st, 2005, 07:25 AM
Yeah, that does suck. BUT, at least your work didn't cancel their Chistmas party. Mine did...and I'll be waiting for my ticket price refund for a long time--in fact, I've already waited a long time...

So, bah humbug!

December 21st, 2005, 07:33 AM
Why did they cancel your party. Many places will schedule a party for after christmas.

December 21st, 2005, 07:48 AM
I work in a political environment. :rolleyes:

December 21st, 2005, 09:01 AM
I guess I shouldnt be so bummed about it. There was never a party planned which in itself is a big let down. Its tommorow and I have one day off, so what ever I bring will be bought from safeway. Also there is two parties so everyone can go there will be about 150 people at each party that will last 1/2 hour. We are supposed to bring casseroles etc... There are no stoves, no ovens, all there is are 4 microwave ovens. So I am really not sure how this is going to work.

Anyways I am now thinking of starting a xmas party committee so we can have a real party next year, thats if I am still working there.