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Petition to Keep Montreal Children's Hospital Departments

December 14th, 2005, 04:22 PM
Subject: Montreal Children's Hospital

As many of you are probably aware, the future of the Montreal Children's hospital is at stake. The effect of the proposal of the Quebec Government is to take away crucial services from the Children's (including Cardiology and Oncology) and reallocate those services to the Sainte-Justine's hospital. The overall effect is that the Children's will lose crucial grants and funding so that it will be unable to continue to offer top quality care to the children of Quebec.

We cannot let this happen. Many of us rely on the crucial services offered by the Children's and unfortunately, if you are not a patient there already, you may need to rely on these services in the future. The staff at the Children's are asking all patients and members of the community to sign the petition below in support of the proposals put forth by the Children's.

Please forward the link below to all of your contacts so that they can sign the petition to save the Children's hospital and let the government know how important the Children's is to us and our community.

December 14th, 2005, 10:54 PM
The bf and I signed it.:thumbs up

December 15th, 2005, 12:10 AM
I agree completely with your view!! With all due respect to St. Justine, Mtl Children's - tho they have had probs in diagnosing some illnesses I have seen (but I think all hosptals do - no dr is perfect), has a wonderful record of research - the ties to McGill et all and their service to the Anglophone )and Francophone) children - tho if anyone does not think linguistic politics is not at play here does not understand politics.

That said, I know from personal experience that petitions do not work - and if I sign it, I do not count since I do not live in Quebec and they wold recognize my name, lol (Not that I care but they would wonder what biz it is of mine and el me to look after my own oncology unit, lol) .

My suggestion is to lobby the MNA's from Montreal - esp those from the west island, most of whom are Liberal and make sure they work to preserve these units. There has been a worrying trend to try to integrate children's hospitals with larger complexes - ask me, I have been there but we managed to keep our hospital out of a larger district but it took substantial political and economic pressure. The Board of the Mtl Children's must talk to the Min of Health and Jean Charest and really figue out some creative lobbying tactics. Politicians do not like petitions and they toss them. (I know - I have been there too - it is easy to sign your name). If you really really care about the issue, write a letter to your MNA and send copies to as many ppl you think Will help, the Chair of the Hospital Board, the Min of Health, the Dean of the of the McGill Medical school who opposes this (but has been constrained to say anything too publicly), the media if you are so inclined. That will help, a petition will not.

Just my own thoughts from having seen petitions tossed and having successfully saved a Children's Hospital to be retained as an independent entity twice now. I would stress the fact that St J does not practice Family Centered Care while Mtl Children's does (There are other medical agruments and research ones that also must be made by the physicians and researchers there and I do hear they are doing just that)- and it is much more highly recognized in NA THO I know that is touchy because it is that same old thing we have here, linguistic politics that simmers and bubbles below the surface all the time, sigh!

I wish you luck!!!!!!