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Cat attacking my other cat

xFire Angelx
December 12th, 2005, 11:39 PM
hey guys so sorry i havent been around much lately the virtual world chat program im a staff member of has kept me so so darn busy
but i have a growing problem i havent been able to fix
smokey my 18 pound 4 y/o cat keeps intimidating and chasing and sometimes attacking my cat baby who is 9.5 pounds and 8 y/o baby had a nearly fatal accident leaving some perminent nerve damage in his hind leg back in september... but even before that smokey would go afk baby although maybe once a week so we didnt think much of it
well its getting really bad.... baby wont go to parts of thehouse that smokey is in and if smokey is on the stairs or in the hall baby will not walk past him hes terrified of smokey
my mother told me that i have 2 weeks to stop smokey from going after baby if by the end of the 2 weeks he still does it i will have to find smokey a new home
i've tried reintroducing them but it didnt work
ive tried spraying him with a water bottle... didnt work
i REALLY do not want to find smokey a new home but thats not fair to baby to have to live in terror like that
is there anything at all that anyone could suggest?
ive tried giving them treats at the same time and petting them both at the same time also whenever im there and they're in the same room i pay attention to both not just 1 of course though i never see the problem anymore... its always my mom or grandma yelling for me to take care of smokey because hes chasing baby
could it just be a jealousy issue or smokey wanting to be the alpha or what? i have no idea whats going on or why smokey does it
anyone have any ideas at all whatsoever?:confused: :confused: :confused:

December 12th, 2005, 11:53 PM
Have you tried rubbing them with each others scent? Or do you not have an other cat? Do they get along with him? Maybe his scent could be the clue.
With some dogs you can try the open cupboard/shut cupboard trick. When cat/dog number 2 is near shower cat/dog number 1 with treats that stop when cat/dog number 2 leaves. I've heard that this works with dogs. Hope it works for you.

xFire Angelx
December 13th, 2005, 12:07 AM
thanks for your response
when i reintroduced the cats again i kept the cats separate for a few days then took a blanket and rubbed it all over baby and even let him sleep on it then i took it to smokey and he slept on it for a few days and then took it back to baby and the next day let smokey sleep on it and then i opened the door and they were fine
im just worried because smokey doesnt do this infront of me but he does infront of everyone else
and sometimes when im in my room on the computer both of them are asleep on the bed perfectly fine
i make it a point to pay equal attention to both of them when they're in the same room together
i told my mom and grandma to do that as well and my grandma said(in her own words "if you think im going to give smokey as much lovins as i give baby you are nuts"
my mother then said that she wont give smokey as much lovins either
i cant help but think that he feels the hate everyone has for him and he gets jealous then goes after baby
but when i suggest that to my family they literally call me an idiot for saying smokey could EVER notice or would ever notice because hes so fat and dumb
i know guys i REALLY need to get out of this house asap and get baby and smokey away from these people i am forced to call family but until then... what do i do?

December 13th, 2005, 12:36 AM
Sorry that scent exchange didn't work.
Maybe Smokey needs to be confined or separated from Baby when you're not home? I'm not suggesting he be put in a kennel for 8 hours but maybe leave him in your room where he is comfortable and then reward him with lots of attention and treats when Baby is let into the room. I don't know about you but I find food(treats) to be a great motivator for my pets.