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Weird continued Nursing (?) Behavior at 5mo

December 11th, 2005, 02:25 PM
We kept a litter of 5 furbabies and they are now over 5 months old. They were weaned naturally by the Mom at around 6-8 weeks. Since then they get in a pile and will suck on each others bellies, sides, or where ever they can reach. They all get attention and even demand it from my Sister, my Niece and I when they want more "special lovings".

Now is this something they will out grow? Or because they are all related they find it a way to get comfort and loving from each other? Its kinda funny and we have called them vampires as it can get rather loud. We have checked them and they aren't leaving any "hickie" marks on each other when they do it. The Vet doesn't have a clue only thing he's said is they are healthy and doing well (and we must be insane to have kept them all). Has anyone else run into this kind of behavior?

The reason we kept all of them is when they were born we resucitated 2 of them to get them breathing (the runts), helped break open the sacs etc... as it was the Mom's first and last litter. We just became too attached to the lil furballs and after they earned their names they became Family. (Garfield, Ab-Nermal, Alahoi, Archer and the lil Female Odie)

December 11th, 2005, 06:03 PM
Ah, is this a familiar sight? ;)

Booster loooves to suck on Remy. He's not as old as your kitties (3 months), but is fully weaned. He just likes nursing on him! I asked the vet about it yesterday when they were in for vaccinations and he said not to worry about it. And Remy doesn't seem to mind and isn't getting hickies (Booster sucks on spikes of fur), so I just let them be. ;)