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Laser Surgery & where in North GTA

December 8th, 2005, 09:02 PM
I have adopted a kitten since July... Pebbles was adopted when she was 3 weeks old and had a broken tail. She has overcome her earlier life and has grown from a semi-feral kitten to a nice time for spaying. Our vet practices the traditional spaying method, and others recommend laser surgery.

i am very concerned with Pebbles' health because she had a slight heart murmur. Because of her some what "wild" behaviour at the vet, she was never fully checked out... The vet is somewhat scared of her hissing and biting. (Note: Pebbles no longer bites at will, but she simply does not like the vet)

Can someone share their experience using laser surgery? i was recommended to a clinic up in North Toronto Canyon Hill.

Help>>>>>>> Pebbles is scheduled for her spaying next week.....

Lucky Rescue
December 8th, 2005, 09:12 PM
Laser or traditional surgery - your cat will still have to anesthetized and I assume that's what worrying you with the heart murmur. A different kind of anesthetic is used on animals who have any kind of health problem, or are very old or small. It's called Isoflurane and is very safe since it doesn't permeate the organs as traditional Halothane does.

Laser surgery incisions heal more quickly and there are other benefits, but even regular spay surgery on a young healthy cat seems to cause little to no pain and recovery is rapid.

If your vet is fearful of aggressive cats or doesn't know how to handle them, best to find a vet who knows how so no health problems will be missed!